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Should Suggs Lighten up on the Sizzle?

Posted by Wednesday, November 30, 2011 1 comments

Ola Chicas,

Thursday night’s Harbaugh Bowl was a true holiday feast for Ravens fans! The nation’s eyes were on Baltimore and our Ravens shined in the spotlight! Turkey dinners at home did not slow the Ravens fans down. They came wearing their purple pride and tailgated with turkey and all of the sides. All night M&T was loud and proud!

Amid the national hype over the competition between the Harbaugh brothers, our Ravens’ own No. 55 Terrell Suggs sizzled in the limelight on and off the field. Congratulations to “T Sizzle” on the distinction of being named AFC Defensive Player of the Week! He was definitely fired up and played an amazing game.

No doubt Sizzle was born to play defensive football. Nor any doubt that he loves the attention he gets from playing in NFL. With Ray Lewis on the sidelines this past week, Sizzle rose to be the team leader and energized not only the Ravens but the fans as well. When Sizzle looks up to stands and raises his arms up and down or when slaps himself up side his own helmet he gets the fans involved and pumped.

Suggs along with many other players use their field performances as a platform to draw attention to themselves. Most fans seem to enjoy it
but the NFL , the media and other fans are finding it a bit over the top. Sizzle’s antics have not gotten him into hot water but others in the league have. Players can’t seem to help showboating and over celebrating after a touchdown or much needed play. And referees don’t mind flagging them on their displays.

The question becomes does the “showboating” by the NFL players belong in the game? Sports commentator Bob Costa made a big deal out of this topic on the Sunday Night Football’s half time show. He referred to the NFL players who showboat as “knuckleheads” and suggested that they “confine their buffoonery”.

The antics of the players are a reflection of how NFL has grown to become a multi-billion dollar entertainment business. The field “antics” are a reflection of what is now acceptable as entertainment.

Are the player displays in line with the type of entertainment that fans want? It seems that way. The cameras are always on these displays and it draws reactions from fans and critics! Showboating has evolved into part of the game and is here to stay.

As long as it’s our T Sizzle sizzling across the field he can dance, smack his head and pump his chest all he wants!

Just bring home the “W”!

Rave On,

Kosmo Krys

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Boys Will be Boys!

Posted by Thursday, November 24, 2011 0 comments

Ola Chicas!

Don’t know what I’m more excited about; hosting Thanksgiving Dinner with my family, or watching the Ravens football game and the Harbaugh brothers go at it on National TV Thanksgiving night! Ravens need to pull this game off. It is a very important win, which will prove our dominance across the conferences.

Having family in the NFL isn’t all that uncommon. Some the most famous brothers are the Manning’s, Peyton and Eli, and the Barbers, Dominique who plays safety for the Texans and Marion Barber who plays running back for the Bears. Cousins are also common. Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson of the Bengals is related to former NFL Wide Receiver Keyshawn Johnson and Samari Rolle.

This Thursday matchup is a first in the NFL. There have been head coaches who are sons of former head coaches in the NFL, but never two brothers coaching in the same season for two different teams. How exciting is this game for the fans, the teams, and the nation? How stressful will this night be for their Mom?

My heart goes out to Mrs. Jackie Harbaugh. As a mother of sons I know the competitive nature that brothers engage in. I recall when my boys where young, the rage, fury and terror that resulted from a little loss in a video game, a name calling match or a backyard one on one lacrosse game.

There were wrestling matches on the living room floor, name calling and shouting from room to room, and ultimately my consoling the one who lost. Yeah boys are tough and they hate to lose, especially to their brothers. Mrs. Harbaugh’s sons are going to take sibling rivalry to a whole new level. They will display their aggression and resentment on national TV.

For my boys, I’d have to bring the ole’ wooden spoon to break them apart.

If the coaches were my sons, I don’t know that I could watch the game. I certainly know that I couldn’t watch my son’s face spread across the jumbo screen after a loss to his brother! That would just rip a mother’s heart out! After the game, I would be torn, who do I hug first? The son who wins or the one who lost? What a dilemma.

Mom Harbaugh is gonna be stuck between a rock and an 800 pound offensive line.

But at the end of the night, I know the sense of pride that she will feel when her sons go to shake each other’s hands. If all goes our way, tradition will prevail and the older of the two will prove victorious. As for Mrs. Harbaugh, I’m sure she will be warmed to have her family under one roof for Thanksgiving night.

Counting my blessings,

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

P.S. Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Jackie and Jack Harbaugh! What an amazing holiday weekend!

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This is an interesting week for the Baltimore Ravens. Sunday they had a home win against the Bengals and on Thanksgiving Day, they have another home game against the Niners. It is the first Thanksgiving Day game in the history of the team and will once again feature the Ravens in the national spotlight.

At 7-3, the Ravens are currently leading the AFC North, though it’s been a bumpy ride with inconsistent games all season. They played tough against the better teams and fell short in losses to teams with little to no wins. They played well against the Bengals despite the absence of middle linebacker, Ray Lewis. Although Lewis was missing from action, his presence was still felt from the sideline and he helped to rally the team.

The offense looked good, Cam Cameron adjusted his play calling and Ray Rice ran the hell out of the ball with 20 carries for 104 yards and two touchdowns. Joe Flacco looked jittery at first, he eventually calmed down and went 17 for 27 with two touchdowns. Rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith was outstanding with six catches and one touchdown.

Thursday’s game, dubbed the “Harbaugh Bowl”, is unique as it is the first time two brothers will face each other as head coaches of opposing teams. Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh, is in his fourth season and has taken the team to the playoffs every year since he started in 2008.

John’s younger brother, Jim Harbaugh, is in his first season as the head coach of the Niners. It is interesting to note that Jim is a former NFL quarterback and played with the Ravens in 1998. This season, Jim has done an outstanding job coaching his 9-1 Niners. Quarterback Alex Smith, like Flacco, is not elite, but manages to get the job done. The teams’ crown jewel is their defense, who some say are reminiscent of the Ravens defense in 2000, the one with Super Bowl rings.

The Harbaugh brothers have been competitive their entire lives, but this will be the greatest competition they’ve faced to date and it will be interesting to see how the game unfolds and who wins the battle of the Harbaughs.

Ravens fans are tired of the Jekyll and Hyde act this season, they’ve seen enough and are ready for the consistency that should be evident by this time in the season. If the assumption that the Ravens only play tough against the “good” teams holds true, then they should play tough and walk away with a win (fingers crossed).

On this Thanksgiving holiday, we have lots to be thankful for, but another win would make us even more thankful.

What do you think? Who will win the battle of the Harbaughs?

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Recap, Regroup and Move On

Posted by Saturday, November 19, 2011 1 comments

The second half of the Ravens season started last week in a disappointing and frustrating loss to the Seahawks.

To say it’s been a challenging season so far is an understatement. Before we can look ahead to the next seven games, let’s look back at the first nine.

The Ravens started the 2011 season with a bang when they demolished the Steelers in a spectacular win. We rejoiced and had high hopes for the rest of the season.

Week two burst our bubble when the Ravens imploded in an ugly loss to the Titans. The Ravens from week one were nothing more than a faded memory and we hoped that they’d return to their former glory.

Week three brought back the Ravens we all know and love when they put a hurting on the Rams and Torrey Smith had his breakout game with 3 TDs. Ray Lewis won the AFC Defensive Player of the Week and the fans rejoiced.

Then Rex and the Jets came to town. Rex did his usual smack talking, but the Ravens shut him up and sent him home with his tail between his legs. The game wasn’t pretty, but a win is still a win and we were happy to beat one of the top teams in the AFC (at that time).

After the bye week the Ravens played the Texans, a team that played without two of their best players (Andre Johnson & Mario Williams), but the Texans played a tough game and the Ravens had a nice win.

Then there was fright night in Jacksonville when the Ravens embarrassed themselves and their fans by imploding against the Jags. The ugly loss couldn’t be explained and it was painful to watch, but thankfully the defense held the Jags to field goals and no touchdowns.

Just when we thought we saw the ugliest game ever, the Cardinals came to Baltimore in week eight. The first half of the game was a nightmare for Ravens fans – it was almost too painful to watch. However, in the second half of the game, they turned things around with an amazing come back from being down 21 points to winning the game. And we rejoiced and had hope again…

Week nine brought the Ravens to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. This time it wasn’t a smack down, the Steelers put up a good fight and it was a typical match-up between these two defensive powerhouses. The Steelers pulled ahead of the Ravens late in the fourth, then Flacco did what seemed impossible…he lead the Ravens down the field, all 92 yards of it and won the game with a touchdown pass to Torrey Smith!

In week ten, the inconsistent Ravens headed to Seattle to play the Seahawks and again it was ugly, the offense was awful, Cam Cameron forgot that he has a star running back named Ray Rice and the defense couldn’t force any turnovers. The Seahawks, a team of young players and an injured quarterback, smacked the Ravens around and beat them in another embarrassing loss.

Sadly we’re getting used to the Ravens inconsistency. They take one step forward and two steps back. They keep beating the top teams and losing to the bad ones. The Ravens have some tough match-ups left on their schedule starting with a division game against the Bengals on Sunday and a Thanksgiving night game against the Niners, a team with one loss so far this season. If this trend continues, we *should* win both games, but since this team is all over the place, no one knows what will happen, we just have to pray that the “good” Ravens show up.

The second half of the season is here, step it up and play like a Raven.

We know you can do it, we’ve seen it before.

So do it again…please?

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My daughter is a Ravenmaniac. She’ll wake up this Sunday in her purple pajamas because she will have insisted on wearing them to bed Saturday night. She “needs to wake up on Ravens Sunday wearing purple” (her words, not mine).

After breakfast, she’ll race to her room, put on her Joe Flacco jersey, jeans, purple socks, and purple Ugg boots (knock-offs of course, because who buys the real ones for a 3-year-old??? But I digress…).

So this Sunday won’t be different than any other Sunday except that she’ll be a big, bad FOUR year old. That’s right, it’s her birthday. As season ticket holders, we had a big dilemma on our hands. Do we stick her with a sitter all day on her actual birthday? Or do we sell our tickets to a very important divisional game and plan a birthday party instead?

We met in the middle. We did sell our tickets for this Sunday (to good friends who are fellow purple people), but we’re not doing a birthday party. The Birthday celebration will be on Saturday with grandparents who are local (pizza, cake, done).

And on Birthday Sunday, we’re going to lay low at home, maybe have a few neighbors over, and watch the Ravens do some damage in our division.

She’s actually quite excited about it, telling everyone she’s having a “Ravens Birthday Party”. Sure, kid! It’s just that nobody is actually coming. We think it will be cool when one day she can say…

I spent my 4th birthday with Mom and Day, watching the Ravens win their 3rd division game of the season, the year they swept their division, became the AFC North Champions, and went on to win their 2nd Superbowl.

Happy 4th birthday, little Sprout. And GO RAVENS!!!

So, what say you, Ravens Chix? Would you have gone to the game or sold your tickets? Be careful what you say, because I have a few words about Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve games in another post in a few weeks…

Mind your x’s and o’s

The Purple Maven

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Sheila…Chica, Sweetie ….Did you have bit too much coffee this am? Whew Girl… you were on fire in that blog today!

You sound a bit crazed but you are So Right On!

Who can predict our season? This isn’t the first season that we have been so unpredictable. So why all the ranting and raving? Sheila, I agree fans need to take a chill! We’ll make it through.

We are in a league where any given Sunday your team can be on the top or on the bottom. We have seen the Ravens play their best game against our toughest opponents only to let the worst of teams beat us down. Still we have a NFL power ranking of 6 after all the ups and downs!

Coach H is right (not just because he is cute), the end of the season hasn’t been written yet . BUT Coach we are half way there! And we don’t seem to be learning from our errors!

We need to pull together the loose ends. And you said it Sheila T, the key to completing this season with a Big W is determination and consistency! Our coaching staff needs to adjust the game plan to our opponent but also to reflect the best use of each player’s strengths and talents. We have amazing athletes on the field. Each player has an individual skill set to offer. We need to gather those abilities and turn them into Ws. Let Rice run, put Joe in shot gun if that’s where he plays best ! We need to play the rest of the season with a consistent use of these vast gifts that are The Baltimore Ravens!

It’s not over Ravens fans! We need to stop crying for heads to roll! We need to let our team know we believe in them. We need to keep our energies and momentum focused on the PRIZE! The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but when she does, she’ll be wearing Purple and Black!

Raising my shot glass to Sheila T! Let’s bring it back this week!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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I am so fed up with all the talk about Harbaugh, Cameron and Flacco. I am tired, tired, tired of the wide emotional swings with our fan base from week to week. Last week we could have punched our ticket to the Super Bowl and now this week fans are predicting upcoming losses to the Browns and the Colts.

People will you please get your sh*t together and stop for one moment and look at the big picture.

Do the Ravens have warts?

Of course they do!

Are there flaws?


Can the Ravens still win their division and finish with the conference's best record?

You bet your ass!

Think back to this time last year. Raise your hand if any of you thought Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were going to be World Champions. You know you didn't!

Now I'm not saying Joe Flacco can become Aaron Rodgers but I am saying that the Baltimore Ravens can become last year's Green Bay Packers. But they have to start developing momentum AND consistency.

Let's take a look around the conference…

The Houston Texans are currently the top seed and now their quarterback is done for the season. Do you think Matt Leinart is going to keep them at the top? Not a chance plus the Ravens hold a tiebreaker over them.

The New England Patriots – can a one dimensional team last long in the NFL? I don't think so…

The New York Jets, please…we've already de-feeted them!

The Pittsburgh Steelers…hmmm, Roethlisberger has a broken thumb now and the Ravens have beaten them twice. Why can't the Ravens finish ahead of them? A win against the Bengals puts the Ravens back in first and back at the top in the AFC.

Yes the Ravens have sucked against bad teams this year. Maybe it's part of the growth process. I didn't care for what John Harbaugh had to say during his press conference for the most part (yes girls I get it…he's hot) but he was spot on when he said, "The story of the season is going to be written at the end. I am not writing that story now. The story for us as a football team is this week. You look at last week, and you correct it."

Now go and do it coach and get this Sybil-like team back on track – and while you're at it, ditch Sybil, she's a bee-atch!

Maybe a speech like this might help Harbs or if you can't deliver it, just bring your DVD player and show it. I know it makes me want to scratch and claw for that extra inch of advantage.

I'm out…

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Ravens Jersey-Gate

Posted by Sunday, November 13, 2011 2 comments

Happy Sunday, Ravens chix! As I get all purpled up this morning, I reach for my jersey with a pang of nostalgia…

The Ravens’ 2003 season had turned out to be a season of firsts for the franchise and for me (work with me here).

· Steve Bisciotti took over full ownership of the team for the first time just after the season ended (we still love you Art!).
· Jamal Lewis ran for over 2,000 yards for the season, with almost 300 yards in just one division game (v. Browns, snicker snicker).
· Kyle Boller. ‘nuff said? (Hey, I know, he was really, really pretty, but he sucks in the NFL.)

But the best “first” of all, was when the Baltimore Ravens became the AFC North Division Champs for the first time in franchise history. And despite our run-centric offense, our “new” tight end named Todd Heap could catch the football and he was exciting to watch.

So in the Spring of 2004, after the season had ended, it was time for my “first” Ravens jersey. I had been wearing my husband’s spare Ray Lewis jersey over my sweaters for the past few years. And no disrespect to Ray Lewis (because I love me some Ray-Ray), but I wanted a different name on my jersey.

I left the store that day with a Heap jersey in my bag. I washed it gently and wore it to the next home game which happened to be against the Steelers (September 19, 2004). We won that game 30-13 so I knew my jersey had the good mojo. I’ve loaded it with pins over the years, collected from the cities of the various road games we’ve traveled to. It’s never washed during the season, but gets a Spring cleaning every year before it’s put away in my Ravens bin for summer hibernation.

I felt good about my purchase. Todd Heap would become a Ravens franchise player, or so I thought.

When we released Heap this past summer, I was shocked…hurt…bummed. And I fretted about my jersey situation. As if my dilemma wasn’t bad enough, the kid signs with the Arizona Cardinals who are scheduled to come to Baltimore this year for a game. Can I still wear a Todd Heap Ravens jersey when he’s on my field in red?

I turned to the only guy I knew would have the right answer, my brother Don. He’s the biggest sports aficionado I know. I asked him if I could wear it, since Heap was playing at M&T this weekend. He said I could for 2 reasons:

1. I’m a chick. (still not really sure what this one is all about but I got the answer I was looking for so I didn’t pry)
2. Todd Heap is a classy guy.

And then I saw the ad Heap placed in the Baltimore Sun that Friday before the Arizona game. I got a little teary-eyed when I read it, not because my jersey was outdated, but because I really like the kid. And I miss him. I understand why we released him but I’m hoping we can buy him back for a day at the end of his career, and place him in the Ring of Honor where he belongs.

Todd, you’ll always have a purple jersey on in my mind. And I’ll continue to wear my Heap jersey every Sunday, even if you can’t.


Mind your x’s and o’s

The Purple Maven

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I have a confession. I’m the wife of a football team owner. If I’m not spending my days on the tennis courts, I’m being pampered at the salon. My limo driver thinks I’m crazy, and my personal chef wants me to get fat.

OK, I’m totally lying, but my husband does “own” a team. It’s just a fantasy team. My REAL confession is that I despise fantasy football. There, I said it. And I’ll say it again. I. Hate. Fantasy. Football.

I’ve heard all the arguments – it makes Sunday more exciting… it’s fun to have the rivalry with your buddies…it gets you interested in games other than your own team’s…you learn a lot about the players from other teams…blah, blah, fricking, blah. It’s BS and I’ll tell you why.

1. There is no “fun rivalry” when 10 grown men fight like little school girls on draft day. If a guy takes too long to pick, or eats the last chicken wing, or takes a top-ranked player that he doesn’t even need just to screw the rest of the league – watch out, ladies. You’ll want to become a preschool teacher just to be around more maturity.

2. If the Ravens play at the coveted (to me) 1 o’clock spot, there are tons of other games at the same time, so the boys have their eyes on their fantasy scores more than the TV screen. A few Sundays ago, I was in the kitchen grabbing the next course of appetizers when I heard my husband cussing in the living room. Thinking I had missed yet another false start by Michael Oher, I ran into the living room to find that the source of his ire was because Stat Tracker wasn’t working. Give me a heart attack, would ya?

3. I do have to give my husband some props because he’ll bench one of his stronger players if they are playing against the Ravens that week. While his focus might not be 100% on the Ravens game, his loyalty is thankfully purple through and through. Or so I thought! My husband’s FIRST pick this year for his fantasy team was a running back from that team-who-must-not-be-named. Ah hellfire, we can say it out loud now that we SWEPT them this season. He picked Rashard Mendenhall from the Steelers.

Really? So some part of you every weekend has to ROOT for our mortal enemy. Really? It was the first round of the draft, there were surely other good players still available!

I could go on, but I doubt any of you want to listen to me whine any longer so I’ll wrap it up. I suppose if my husband ends up in the money, the fantasy football thing might be OK for me. But even if he wins his league this year, we won’t break even.

So for this Ravens Chick, I’ll just stick to watching my Ravens. This season’s roller coaster ride is about all I can handle any given Sunday. I know a lot of you ladies out there have your own fantasy teams, so I’d love to hear your comments.

Mind your x’s and o’s...

The Purple Maven

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Show your Purple Pride!

Posted by Wednesday, November 9, 2011 1 comments

Do some Ravens fans go too far?

Ola Chicas!

I am in a PURPLE loving mood this week! If the season were to end tomorrow I‘d say the Ravens had one of their best! How can it be that winning against the Steelers (twice) can bring such joy to an entire city?

In the midst of my Purple Haze, I have begun to take a closer at some of the Ravens gear that I and others wear. Some of it seems pretty silly and outrageous. Guys dressing in fan wear are the worst. There is nothing more ridiculous than seeing a group of grown men displaying purple painted faces and flabby chests while standing in a freezing cold stadium! UGH! And then there are those fans dressed in tons of beads, feathered capes, and goofy beer can hats! Fan wear definitely puts the “man card” in jeopardy. Oh my, some men need their mothers or wives to help save them from themselves!

On the other hand female fans look to wear purple attire that is fun but also fashionable. On game day women love our cute little tees, NFL logo jewelry, and purple feather hair accessories. But what do you wear to that Purple Friday business meeting? Thank goodness fashion designers have made shades of purple a trend on the fashion runways! It is so great that ladies have tons and tons of options! On any Friday, in any office throughout Maryland, you will see gorgeous purple pumps, sweet jeweled sweaters, and cute dresses! Yes Chicas, your Purple Friday top doesn’t have to have a number or a logo on it!

But I wonder do you think you can have too much Purple Pride? What is over the top? Could it be my purple suede knee high boots? No way! They are too hot! What about my purple and white tie dyed tattered jeans? Uh No! They rock! Then maybe too much is my hand painted Ravens bracelet, my big purple hoop earrings, the black and purple Burton hoodie, or the purple rhinestone cowboy hat. There are so many suitable Ravens items in my closest that my classic basic blacks have taken a back seat.

You know, now that I’ve analyzed the issue, I’ve decided you can never have enough Purple Pride! Every purple piece I own has been selected with the joy and excitement that comes from being a die-hard Ravens football fan and a fabulicious fashionista!

I’m keeping it all!

If our Baltimore Ravens can rock the socks off the Pittsburgh Steelers then my closest can continue to grow into a beautiful array of Purple Haze!

You’ll have to excuse me, I’ve got to run out to get a pair of those adorable purple boot warmers!

Rave On

“Purple” Kosmo Krys

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All week the rivalry between Baltimore and Pittsburgh has been brewing. It’s been suggested that it is the biggest in all of football – some even say in all of sport.

It’s a rivalry exaggerated by the national sports media, a hype to get the nation to watch. Ravens fans don’t care about what the nation or the NFL thinks about this game. Fans know it is a rivalry of personal and hometown pride.

Why do we take this rivalry so personally?

Steelers Country is just across the Mason Dixon line and that’s too close for comfort. Drive around the beltway any time of day and you can find their silly looking logos on far too many cars. Steelers’ fans invade our town and bang through the gates of our HOUSE! They are loud and obnoxious. They have the nerve to tailgate on our lots and come waving stupid towels! Steelers are a mean and nasty team and they love to play Ravens kinda football. Our match ups are always smash mouth and hard hitting. Steelers’ players are big-headed, smarmy and they trash talk on us.

The nation and the media just love to talk up Steelers and love to find ways to put the Ravens down. Without even mentioning the wins to losses factor, Ravens fans have plenty of reason to make this rivalry big and personal.

So is this the biggest sports rivalry? – We are the Baltimore Ravens and you bet you’re a** it is!

So listen up Baltimore Ravens... Tomorrow is all about hometown pride! It’s our time to shut down Steelers Country! Joe and the boys must bring home a win for the town of Baltimore!


Kosmo Krys

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