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Boys Will be Boys!

Posted by Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ola Chicas!

Don’t know what I’m more excited about; hosting Thanksgiving Dinner with my family, or watching the Ravens football game and the Harbaugh brothers go at it on National TV Thanksgiving night! Ravens need to pull this game off. It is a very important win, which will prove our dominance across the conferences.

Having family in the NFL isn’t all that uncommon. Some the most famous brothers are the Manning’s, Peyton and Eli, and the Barbers, Dominique who plays safety for the Texans and Marion Barber who plays running back for the Bears. Cousins are also common. Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson of the Bengals is related to former NFL Wide Receiver Keyshawn Johnson and Samari Rolle.

This Thursday matchup is a first in the NFL. There have been head coaches who are sons of former head coaches in the NFL, but never two brothers coaching in the same season for two different teams. How exciting is this game for the fans, the teams, and the nation? How stressful will this night be for their Mom?

My heart goes out to Mrs. Jackie Harbaugh. As a mother of sons I know the competitive nature that brothers engage in. I recall when my boys where young, the rage, fury and terror that resulted from a little loss in a video game, a name calling match or a backyard one on one lacrosse game.

There were wrestling matches on the living room floor, name calling and shouting from room to room, and ultimately my consoling the one who lost. Yeah boys are tough and they hate to lose, especially to their brothers. Mrs. Harbaugh’s sons are going to take sibling rivalry to a whole new level. They will display their aggression and resentment on national TV.

For my boys, I’d have to bring the ole’ wooden spoon to break them apart.

If the coaches were my sons, I don’t know that I could watch the game. I certainly know that I couldn’t watch my son’s face spread across the jumbo screen after a loss to his brother! That would just rip a mother’s heart out! After the game, I would be torn, who do I hug first? The son who wins or the one who lost? What a dilemma.

Mom Harbaugh is gonna be stuck between a rock and an 800 pound offensive line.

But at the end of the night, I know the sense of pride that she will feel when her sons go to shake each other’s hands. If all goes our way, tradition will prevail and the older of the two will prove victorious. As for Mrs. Harbaugh, I’m sure she will be warmed to have her family under one roof for Thanksgiving night.

Counting my blessings,

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

P.S. Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Jackie and Jack Harbaugh! What an amazing holiday weekend!


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