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I Love My Ravens Flaws & All!

Posted by Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am so fed up with all the talk about Harbaugh, Cameron and Flacco. I am tired, tired, tired of the wide emotional swings with our fan base from week to week. Last week we could have punched our ticket to the Super Bowl and now this week fans are predicting upcoming losses to the Browns and the Colts.

People will you please get your sh*t together and stop for one moment and look at the big picture.

Do the Ravens have warts?

Of course they do!

Are there flaws?


Can the Ravens still win their division and finish with the conference's best record?

You bet your ass!

Think back to this time last year. Raise your hand if any of you thought Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were going to be World Champions. You know you didn't!

Now I'm not saying Joe Flacco can become Aaron Rodgers but I am saying that the Baltimore Ravens can become last year's Green Bay Packers. But they have to start developing momentum AND consistency.

Let's take a look around the conference…

The Houston Texans are currently the top seed and now their quarterback is done for the season. Do you think Matt Leinart is going to keep them at the top? Not a chance plus the Ravens hold a tiebreaker over them.

The New England Patriots – can a one dimensional team last long in the NFL? I don't think so…

The New York Jets, please…we've already de-feeted them!

The Pittsburgh Steelers…hmmm, Roethlisberger has a broken thumb now and the Ravens have beaten them twice. Why can't the Ravens finish ahead of them? A win against the Bengals puts the Ravens back in first and back at the top in the AFC.

Yes the Ravens have sucked against bad teams this year. Maybe it's part of the growth process. I didn't care for what John Harbaugh had to say during his press conference for the most part (yes girls I get it…he's hot) but he was spot on when he said, "The story of the season is going to be written at the end. I am not writing that story now. The story for us as a football team is this week. You look at last week, and you correct it."

Now go and do it coach and get this Sybil-like team back on track – and while you're at it, ditch Sybil, she's a bee-atch!

Maybe a speech like this might help Harbs or if you can't deliver it, just bring your DVD player and show it. I know it makes me want to scratch and claw for that extra inch of advantage.

I'm out…


  1. Jennifer Says:
  2. well said, sheila! it's been a frustrating year for sure, and i take the wide emotional swings (mine included!!!) for the passion our fans have.

    we're not fair weather, but we DO bleed purple so we wear our emotions right out there for the world to see and feel. am i annoyed that we lost to 3 bad teams? you betcha.

    do we have to play those teams again WHEN we get to the playoffs? nope, not likely. there is a lot of football left in the season. let's get those inches. and let's hope ray rice has more opportunities to help us get them.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. You're absolutely correct. However, the Ravens need to get their shit together and realize that those pathetic losses left them with little wiggle room available now. Further losses at this point is going to start costing us home field advantage and possibly the division title. From here on out, we need to be playing much better ball.

  5. Thank you Sheila! Can we just move on to the next game and tame these little kitties coming into town. Isn't there another name for little kitties?

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. This weekend is critical. In the past 12 years (since 1999 when Browns got their new team), we've only swept Ohio (Cinci + Cleveland) three times. We have a tough game on Sunday and then have to play on the national stage (again) just 4 days later. Tough couple weeks. I know we can do it, just need to be focused.


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