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My daughter is a Ravenmaniac. She’ll wake up this Sunday in her purple pajamas because she will have insisted on wearing them to bed Saturday night. She “needs to wake up on Ravens Sunday wearing purple” (her words, not mine).

After breakfast, she’ll race to her room, put on her Joe Flacco jersey, jeans, purple socks, and purple Ugg boots (knock-offs of course, because who buys the real ones for a 3-year-old??? But I digress…).

So this Sunday won’t be different than any other Sunday except that she’ll be a big, bad FOUR year old. That’s right, it’s her birthday. As season ticket holders, we had a big dilemma on our hands. Do we stick her with a sitter all day on her actual birthday? Or do we sell our tickets to a very important divisional game and plan a birthday party instead?

We met in the middle. We did sell our tickets for this Sunday (to good friends who are fellow purple people), but we’re not doing a birthday party. The Birthday celebration will be on Saturday with grandparents who are local (pizza, cake, done).

And on Birthday Sunday, we’re going to lay low at home, maybe have a few neighbors over, and watch the Ravens do some damage in our division.

She’s actually quite excited about it, telling everyone she’s having a “Ravens Birthday Party”. Sure, kid! It’s just that nobody is actually coming. We think it will be cool when one day she can say…

I spent my 4th birthday with Mom and Day, watching the Ravens win their 3rd division game of the season, the year they swept their division, became the AFC North Champions, and went on to win their 2nd Superbowl.

Happy 4th birthday, little Sprout. And GO RAVENS!!!

So, what say you, Ravens Chix? Would you have gone to the game or sold your tickets? Be careful what you say, because I have a few words about Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve games in another post in a few weeks…

Mind your x’s and o’s

The Purple Maven


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