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Oh Sheila! You go girl about our Ravens!

Posted by Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sheila…Chica, Sweetie ….Did you have bit too much coffee this am? Whew Girl… you were on fire in that blog today!

You sound a bit crazed but you are So Right On!

Who can predict our season? This isn’t the first season that we have been so unpredictable. So why all the ranting and raving? Sheila, I agree fans need to take a chill! We’ll make it through.

We are in a league where any given Sunday your team can be on the top or on the bottom. We have seen the Ravens play their best game against our toughest opponents only to let the worst of teams beat us down. Still we have a NFL power ranking of 6 after all the ups and downs!

Coach H is right (not just because he is cute), the end of the season hasn’t been written yet . BUT Coach we are half way there! And we don’t seem to be learning from our errors!

We need to pull together the loose ends. And you said it Sheila T, the key to completing this season with a Big W is determination and consistency! Our coaching staff needs to adjust the game plan to our opponent but also to reflect the best use of each player’s strengths and talents. We have amazing athletes on the field. Each player has an individual skill set to offer. We need to gather those abilities and turn them into Ws. Let Rice run, put Joe in shot gun if that’s where he plays best ! We need to play the rest of the season with a consistent use of these vast gifts that are The Baltimore Ravens!

It’s not over Ravens fans! We need to stop crying for heads to roll! We need to let our team know we believe in them. We need to keep our energies and momentum focused on the PRIZE! The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but when she does, she’ll be wearing Purple and Black!

Raising my shot glass to Sheila T! Let’s bring it back this week!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


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