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Ravens Jersey-Gate

Posted by Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Sunday, Ravens chix! As I get all purpled up this morning, I reach for my jersey with a pang of nostalgia…

The Ravens’ 2003 season had turned out to be a season of firsts for the franchise and for me (work with me here).

· Steve Bisciotti took over full ownership of the team for the first time just after the season ended (we still love you Art!).
· Jamal Lewis ran for over 2,000 yards for the season, with almost 300 yards in just one division game (v. Browns, snicker snicker).
· Kyle Boller. ‘nuff said? (Hey, I know, he was really, really pretty, but he sucks in the NFL.)

But the best “first” of all, was when the Baltimore Ravens became the AFC North Division Champs for the first time in franchise history. And despite our run-centric offense, our “new” tight end named Todd Heap could catch the football and he was exciting to watch.

So in the Spring of 2004, after the season had ended, it was time for my “first” Ravens jersey. I had been wearing my husband’s spare Ray Lewis jersey over my sweaters for the past few years. And no disrespect to Ray Lewis (because I love me some Ray-Ray), but I wanted a different name on my jersey.

I left the store that day with a Heap jersey in my bag. I washed it gently and wore it to the next home game which happened to be against the Steelers (September 19, 2004). We won that game 30-13 so I knew my jersey had the good mojo. I’ve loaded it with pins over the years, collected from the cities of the various road games we’ve traveled to. It’s never washed during the season, but gets a Spring cleaning every year before it’s put away in my Ravens bin for summer hibernation.

I felt good about my purchase. Todd Heap would become a Ravens franchise player, or so I thought.

When we released Heap this past summer, I was shocked…hurt…bummed. And I fretted about my jersey situation. As if my dilemma wasn’t bad enough, the kid signs with the Arizona Cardinals who are scheduled to come to Baltimore this year for a game. Can I still wear a Todd Heap Ravens jersey when he’s on my field in red?

I turned to the only guy I knew would have the right answer, my brother Don. He’s the biggest sports aficionado I know. I asked him if I could wear it, since Heap was playing at M&T this weekend. He said I could for 2 reasons:

1. I’m a chick. (still not really sure what this one is all about but I got the answer I was looking for so I didn’t pry)
2. Todd Heap is a classy guy.

And then I saw the ad Heap placed in the Baltimore Sun that Friday before the Arizona game. I got a little teary-eyed when I read it, not because my jersey was outdated, but because I really like the kid. And I miss him. I understand why we released him but I’m hoping we can buy him back for a day at the end of his career, and place him in the Ring of Honor where he belongs.

Todd, you’ll always have a purple jersey on in my mind. And I’ll continue to wear my Heap jersey every Sunday, even if you can’t.


Mind your x’s and o’s

The Purple Maven


  1. Kosmo Krys Says:
  2. Purple Maven,

    You go Girl! Wear that number 86 till the threads are worn.
    We were blessed to have Heap as a Raven! He was an amazing Raven player who brought class and character to our team. He continues to be one of the most inspiring football players on the field.

    There isn't a Ravens fan, who would see you in your jersey and question your loyalty to our team. Heap is a Raven icon! His recent public statement to his Ravens family is proof.

    I was just sorry that he wasn't on the M&T field for the game. The stadium missed the opportunity to show him the love and respect that we have for him. He will always be our HEEEEAP!

    I 'll be looking for you in your lucky 86 jersey next Sunday!
    BTW you might want to reconsider that "not washing it all season" thing...just saying..

    Raven On

    Kosmo Krys

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I wear my Heap every Sunday too!


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