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All week the rivalry between Baltimore and Pittsburgh has been brewing. It’s been suggested that it is the biggest in all of football – some even say in all of sport.

It’s a rivalry exaggerated by the national sports media, a hype to get the nation to watch. Ravens fans don’t care about what the nation or the NFL thinks about this game. Fans know it is a rivalry of personal and hometown pride.

Why do we take this rivalry so personally?

Steelers Country is just across the Mason Dixon line and that’s too close for comfort. Drive around the beltway any time of day and you can find their silly looking logos on far too many cars. Steelers’ fans invade our town and bang through the gates of our HOUSE! They are loud and obnoxious. They have the nerve to tailgate on our lots and come waving stupid towels! Steelers are a mean and nasty team and they love to play Ravens kinda football. Our match ups are always smash mouth and hard hitting. Steelers’ players are big-headed, smarmy and they trash talk on us.

The nation and the media just love to talk up Steelers and love to find ways to put the Ravens down. Without even mentioning the wins to losses factor, Ravens fans have plenty of reason to make this rivalry big and personal.

So is this the biggest sports rivalry? – We are the Baltimore Ravens and you bet you’re a** it is!

So listen up Baltimore Ravens... Tomorrow is all about hometown pride! It’s our time to shut down Steelers Country! Joe and the boys must bring home a win for the town of Baltimore!


Kosmo Krys


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