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Recap, Regroup and Move On

Posted by Saturday, November 19, 2011

The second half of the Ravens season started last week in a disappointing and frustrating loss to the Seahawks.

To say it’s been a challenging season so far is an understatement. Before we can look ahead to the next seven games, let’s look back at the first nine.

The Ravens started the 2011 season with a bang when they demolished the Steelers in a spectacular win. We rejoiced and had high hopes for the rest of the season.

Week two burst our bubble when the Ravens imploded in an ugly loss to the Titans. The Ravens from week one were nothing more than a faded memory and we hoped that they’d return to their former glory.

Week three brought back the Ravens we all know and love when they put a hurting on the Rams and Torrey Smith had his breakout game with 3 TDs. Ray Lewis won the AFC Defensive Player of the Week and the fans rejoiced.

Then Rex and the Jets came to town. Rex did his usual smack talking, but the Ravens shut him up and sent him home with his tail between his legs. The game wasn’t pretty, but a win is still a win and we were happy to beat one of the top teams in the AFC (at that time).

After the bye week the Ravens played the Texans, a team that played without two of their best players (Andre Johnson & Mario Williams), but the Texans played a tough game and the Ravens had a nice win.

Then there was fright night in Jacksonville when the Ravens embarrassed themselves and their fans by imploding against the Jags. The ugly loss couldn’t be explained and it was painful to watch, but thankfully the defense held the Jags to field goals and no touchdowns.

Just when we thought we saw the ugliest game ever, the Cardinals came to Baltimore in week eight. The first half of the game was a nightmare for Ravens fans – it was almost too painful to watch. However, in the second half of the game, they turned things around with an amazing come back from being down 21 points to winning the game. And we rejoiced and had hope again…

Week nine brought the Ravens to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. This time it wasn’t a smack down, the Steelers put up a good fight and it was a typical match-up between these two defensive powerhouses. The Steelers pulled ahead of the Ravens late in the fourth, then Flacco did what seemed impossible…he lead the Ravens down the field, all 92 yards of it and won the game with a touchdown pass to Torrey Smith!

In week ten, the inconsistent Ravens headed to Seattle to play the Seahawks and again it was ugly, the offense was awful, Cam Cameron forgot that he has a star running back named Ray Rice and the defense couldn’t force any turnovers. The Seahawks, a team of young players and an injured quarterback, smacked the Ravens around and beat them in another embarrassing loss.

Sadly we’re getting used to the Ravens inconsistency. They take one step forward and two steps back. They keep beating the top teams and losing to the bad ones. The Ravens have some tough match-ups left on their schedule starting with a division game against the Bengals on Sunday and a Thanksgiving night game against the Niners, a team with one loss so far this season. If this trend continues, we *should* win both games, but since this team is all over the place, no one knows what will happen, we just have to pray that the “good” Ravens show up.

The second half of the season is here, step it up and play like a Raven.

We know you can do it, we’ve seen it before.

So do it again…please?

1 Responses to Recap, Regroup and Move On

  1. Kosmo Krys Says:
  2. Yeah Ravens,

    They must have heard you Melissa! The "good" Ravens showed up yesterday! Joe was a bit jittery but he settled down nicely! For this Thursday we need him to get a rhythm going and play 4 consistent quarters. Defense needs to be ready for some hard hitting smash mouth ball! Ravens need to get on top of the 49ers early and bring this win home!! If we do, the rest of our season will fall into place.
    Sunday's game was a much needed Win! Congrats to our Purple Mighty Men!
    Rave On!


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