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Should Suggs Lighten up on the Sizzle?

Posted by Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ola Chicas,

Thursday night’s Harbaugh Bowl was a true holiday feast for Ravens fans! The nation’s eyes were on Baltimore and our Ravens shined in the spotlight! Turkey dinners at home did not slow the Ravens fans down. They came wearing their purple pride and tailgated with turkey and all of the sides. All night M&T was loud and proud!

Amid the national hype over the competition between the Harbaugh brothers, our Ravens’ own No. 55 Terrell Suggs sizzled in the limelight on and off the field. Congratulations to “T Sizzle” on the distinction of being named AFC Defensive Player of the Week! He was definitely fired up and played an amazing game.

No doubt Sizzle was born to play defensive football. Nor any doubt that he loves the attention he gets from playing in NFL. With Ray Lewis on the sidelines this past week, Sizzle rose to be the team leader and energized not only the Ravens but the fans as well. When Sizzle looks up to stands and raises his arms up and down or when slaps himself up side his own helmet he gets the fans involved and pumped.

Suggs along with many other players use their field performances as a platform to draw attention to themselves. Most fans seem to enjoy it
but the NFL , the media and other fans are finding it a bit over the top. Sizzle’s antics have not gotten him into hot water but others in the league have. Players can’t seem to help showboating and over celebrating after a touchdown or much needed play. And referees don’t mind flagging them on their displays.

The question becomes does the “showboating” by the NFL players belong in the game? Sports commentator Bob Costa made a big deal out of this topic on the Sunday Night Football’s half time show. He referred to the NFL players who showboat as “knuckleheads” and suggested that they “confine their buffoonery”.

The antics of the players are a reflection of how NFL has grown to become a multi-billion dollar entertainment business. The field “antics” are a reflection of what is now acceptable as entertainment.

Are the player displays in line with the type of entertainment that fans want? It seems that way. The cameras are always on these displays and it draws reactions from fans and critics! Showboating has evolved into part of the game and is here to stay.

As long as it’s our T Sizzle sizzling across the field he can dance, smack his head and pump his chest all he wants!

Just bring home the “W”!

Rave On,

Kosmo Krys

1 Responses to Should Suggs Lighten up on the Sizzle?

  1. Dawn Says:
  2. Heck no! Keep up the good spirit and positive attitude. Suggs is darn good.(we nick named him Sudds,cause he's slick as soap)lol! All in good fun.Go Ravens!!
    Oh yea...another thing, this excessive celebration thing is so STUPID! It's awesome watching the guys "Battle Cry"! On all teams.


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