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Show your Purple Pride!

Posted by Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Do some Ravens fans go too far?

Ola Chicas!

I am in a PURPLE loving mood this week! If the season were to end tomorrow I‘d say the Ravens had one of their best! How can it be that winning against the Steelers (twice) can bring such joy to an entire city?

In the midst of my Purple Haze, I have begun to take a closer at some of the Ravens gear that I and others wear. Some of it seems pretty silly and outrageous. Guys dressing in fan wear are the worst. There is nothing more ridiculous than seeing a group of grown men displaying purple painted faces and flabby chests while standing in a freezing cold stadium! UGH! And then there are those fans dressed in tons of beads, feathered capes, and goofy beer can hats! Fan wear definitely puts the “man card” in jeopardy. Oh my, some men need their mothers or wives to help save them from themselves!

On the other hand female fans look to wear purple attire that is fun but also fashionable. On game day women love our cute little tees, NFL logo jewelry, and purple feather hair accessories. But what do you wear to that Purple Friday business meeting? Thank goodness fashion designers have made shades of purple a trend on the fashion runways! It is so great that ladies have tons and tons of options! On any Friday, in any office throughout Maryland, you will see gorgeous purple pumps, sweet jeweled sweaters, and cute dresses! Yes Chicas, your Purple Friday top doesn’t have to have a number or a logo on it!

But I wonder do you think you can have too much Purple Pride? What is over the top? Could it be my purple suede knee high boots? No way! They are too hot! What about my purple and white tie dyed tattered jeans? Uh No! They rock! Then maybe too much is my hand painted Ravens bracelet, my big purple hoop earrings, the black and purple Burton hoodie, or the purple rhinestone cowboy hat. There are so many suitable Ravens items in my closest that my classic basic blacks have taken a back seat.

You know, now that I’ve analyzed the issue, I’ve decided you can never have enough Purple Pride! Every purple piece I own has been selected with the joy and excitement that comes from being a die-hard Ravens football fan and a fabulicious fashionista!

I’m keeping it all!

If our Baltimore Ravens can rock the socks off the Pittsburgh Steelers then my closest can continue to grow into a beautiful array of Purple Haze!

You’ll have to excuse me, I’ve got to run out to get a pair of those adorable purple boot warmers!

Rave On

“Purple” Kosmo Krys

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  1. Dawn Says:
  2. Hello Raven's Fans! I'm a newbie, my name is Dawn.Here's a bit about me. I'm a born and bred East Coaster(Cheers!)However somehow I ended up here in Fallon,Nevada.(They call it the oasis of Nevada)hahaha!Well, it is a I guess that works.However we miss our people, and long for home.I will make my way back home again, come hell or high water!But anyway, chatting with you all from back East is the closest I can get for now.So Merry Christmas&Happy Holiday's. Go RAVENS!!!! CHEERS!!!


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