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The Blame Game!

Posted by Thursday, December 1, 2011

I just broke a freakin’ nail!

My dog just whizzed on my new throw rug!

I’m hustling to my next appointment, get my heel caught in some sidewalk vent and now my left leg is two inches too short!

And of course the worst – THE WORST! I wait in some un-godly long line at a world famous coffee shop, finally get my Caramel Machiato only to find that I was mistakenly handed someone’s rock gut caffeine explosion that could probably burn rust off any corroded pipe.

It’s all Cam Cameron’s fault!

There, I said it!

Freakin’ Cam Cameron!

Surely I jest but I’m sure there’s a clueless Ravens fan out there somewhere ready to blame Cam for most if not all of his life’s miseries.

Go to any game or visit any sports pub dialed into the Ravens that day and as certain as Entertainment Tonight will headline a Kardashian forehead pimple some fan will blame Cam Cameron when Joe Flacco does his version of the Hokie-Pokie in the pocket.

C’mon people!

Now I’m not suggesting that Cam doesn’t have flaws. The dude has more flaws than Joan Rivers has face lifts and that chick has had so many she should be able to dunk on LeBron James by now.

I get that he’s the coach and ultimately someone needs to be held accountable. You can’t fire all of the players but there needs to be accountability with them too.

Joe Flacco can lock in on a receiver like Maverick does an enemy MiG in Top Gun; Ray Rice can at times look like a blind-folded hyperactive child who skipped his Ritalin meds and opted for a case of Red Bull instead; Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin sometimes look like they are playing hot potato out there; and of course the offensive line has resembled a team of accommodating matadors allowing the “bulls” to stampede their quarterback.

So the next time Flacco throws to the wrong color or Rice is dropped for a 2 yard loss on first down or our star receiver Boldin drops a touchdown pass, just remember – it’s not always Cam’s fault even though he is B’more’s scapegoat of choice for all things wrong in Ravens Nation.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to choke the cute little Starbuck’s girl behind the counter.

And please note, it's not the manager's fault…


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