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So I’m at the mall looking for some new Ravens’ gear for MYSELF! You see I also am taking MYSELF to San Diego this week to watch the Ravens move another step closer to the No. 1 seed in the AFC. How bad ass would that be? The road to Indianapolis is through B’more.


Ok back to the mall…

I zeroed in on this hoodie and knit cap. Naturally after a Ravens win coupled with the “season to be jolly” spending, the lines were sick. So I’m waiting and waiting like I was in the bathroom line at M&T. Finally, I’m on deck.

Unfortunately it was my dumb “luck” that I was behind a Steelers fan who was returning a James Harrison jersey and the dude at the counter just so happened to be a Steelers fan too. My lucky day!

Before you know it, they are engaged in this discussion about how the NFL hates the Steelers and Harrison because of all the fines and how the league doesn’t protect Ben like they do Tom Brady. I thought I was about to hurl.

It took everything in me and the lessons learned from the road rage segment from The Doctors TV Show that morning to keep from tying the arms of that hoodie around the neck of this not so svelte chick in front of me who when considering her brown pants and matching sweater (who wears brown pants?) reminded me of a UPS truck.

Finally this pity party ends and that coupled with the lengthy line made this buying experience seem about as pleasant as a trip to the GYN. Now I’m thinking that this hoodie has bad mojo and if I could be certain that the same line and the same Yinzer behind the counter would NOT be there, I might return this thing like now!

Maybe I’ll wait until after the Holidays but I know at least two things: 1) I’m buying my gear online from this point forward; and 2) This thing ain’t going to SoCal in MY suitcase! I can’t be bringing that bad karma out there to Qualcomm Stadium. The Ravens need to go on a roll!

And hey, if the Ravens can manage to run the regular season table, I love our chances of going to Indy for SB XLVI! How ironic would it be that the BALTIMORE Ravens visit the city that stole our BALTIMORE Colts to claim a World Championship for BALTIMORE during the same season that their lame team makes history by going 0-16?

Talk about giving new meaning to the old cliché, “What goes around comes around.”

But really, why is the Super Bowl in Indianapolis? The NFL is all about making the Super Bowl the centerpiece of a vacation week in some fun, warm place like Miami or New Orleans. Indianapolis? In February? This might be the first time that the teams fly in the day of the game.

Well it could be worse I guess.

At least it’s not in Pittsburgh.


  1. CandyW Says:
  2. "Who wears brown pants ?" .. .priceless !!! <3

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Beware going to Harford Mall! They placed a Steelers kiosk right next to the kiosk for Ravens gear.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. You should be given credit for your patience. I surely would've had to speak up and be bitchy. ;) -Jessica

  7. Joe Blake Says:
  8. I used to like Tequila. Now I love it. Go Sheila!

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. I just wish all these Steelers fans would move to Pittsburgh! Why do they have to live in our city? Is their city that bad that they have to be here? GO RAVENS!!!


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