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He's just an average Joe

Posted by Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I’ve tried for a long time to keep the faith in Joe Flacco. Like the Ravens organization, I wanted to believe that he was going to be our franchise quarterback. But I just don’t see it.

It’s not that he’s bad. He does some things that make you go hmmm. But his inconsistencies drive me nuts. One day he’s leading the team 92 yards with about 2 minutes to go in a game needing a touchdown and delivers; the next he can’t even manage to direct the team to a first down until the midway point of the THIRD QUARTER!

With the Ravens history of outstanding defenses, we don’t need Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers (but wouldn’t that be sweet?). We just need consistently above average quarterback play.

A couple of years ago Ozzie Newsome sat at a press conference and told us all that on the days his defense can’t measure up, he wants to be able to win that shoot out. Well I don’t see it happening with Flacco I’m afraid.

During the broadcast of the Ravens @ Chargers on Sunday Night Football (there’s three miserable hours I won’t get back) NBC threw up a stat that the Ravens had lost 18 straight on the road when they trailed at halftime. Well that streak now sits at 19.

Now I didn’t bother to look but I’m guessing that some of those losses are on Kyle Boller and maybe even Steve McNair. And I’ll venture to guess that most of those deficits at the break during those losses had more to do with the team’s struggles on offense and not defense.

Do you think the Patriots or Saints or Packers will ever have such a sad streak?

I watch their quarterbacks and marvel with the same sort of “I wish I had one of those” gazes when I see that save-the-world-wench Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt. Sometimes I even think that there’s a better chance Brad will serenade me outside my bedroom window before the Ravens get a stud QB.

Is it too much to ask for consistency at QB?

Is it greedy on my part to want my team’s quarterback to kick ass during a playoff game against a tough opponent?

Is there more than a snowball’s chance that maybe, just maybe the offense could carry the defense in a postseason game? Hell I’ll even take an important season finale game.

I guess it could be worse. We could have New England’s defense and go one and done again in the playoffs.

Well, if you’ll excuse me I DVR’d this scene from Salt where Jolie gets beaten like a red-headed step-child. I’m sure I’ll even throw a challenge flag at the TV just so I can watch it again. Is that bad?

Go Ravens!

Go Joe the Quarterback!


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. What is this? Tila's lil sister throwing up on Joe Flacco with Brad Pitt references? Who Ok'd this crap article?

  3. ravensj5 Says:
  4. I cant wait to see how Joe does after Cam is fired in the offseason. I will personally pick Norv Turner up at BWI!

  5. Hey Anonymous, maybe if you were a bit more specific this might be a bit more interesting for me and for you, more educational. Did you read beyond the title and simply condemn the blog because you are a Flacco apologist?

    C'mon, I'm sure you can do better. Well on second thought maybe you can't.

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Apologist? I dont know how you got that from a couple sentences. You just have no clue about the big picture on your so called inconsistencies. Post about the whole offense not just one guy. The O Line is a different line every week. Some games receivers can't even come up with a simple catch on 3rd down to prolong the drive. Sometimes Flacco misfires. Sometimes 3rd and 1 and Leach and Rice cant convert. People easily forget when things are working around the whole offense we convert and drive down the field. The first game of the season I'm pretty sure you had your Flacco jersey on come week two. The Cardinals game that the offense carried the defense. The infamous Chargers game that you cant get back. Three hours without a punt. The big picture is so much nicer but may be a little hard to understand.

  8. Anonymous, I watched the Pro Bowl selection show. Let'd do some math shall we?

    Ok first you have to think that 2/3 of the vote (players and coaches) know a little more about football than either of us, right? Now if you go with Flacco being the 3rd alternate that means he's considered the 6th best AFC QB by fans, players and coaches. Let's not forget Peyton Manning's injury and if Matt Schaub wasn't injured chances are he'd be ahead of Flacco too. So let's place Joe the Quarterback at 8th best in the AFC.

    In the NFC I would say that Rodgers, Brees, Romo, Stafford, Ryan, Manning, Vick, Newton and arguably Alex Smith are better than Flacco. But we'll drop Smith from that list. That's 8 more QB's ahead of Flacco.

    So add it up. 7 are better in the AFC, 8 in the NFC, Flacco at 16th best and oh, how many teams are in the league? 32? Divided by 2 is 16? That seems about average to me.

    Average Joe!

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. I love the RAVENS - BUT - UNFORTUNATELY - I tend to agree with SHeila.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Did ya read anything I just posted or did you just read anonymous and try to back your average joe theory up with a pro bowl selection show instead of actually having the intellectual conversation you wanted. Thought you could do better then that. Well on second thought you can't.

  13. Read it all Anonymous. I get that the QB gets an undue amount of credit when things are good and more blame when things are bad. But don't you think above average to great quarterbacks find a way? Do you think all of those QB's are supported by a defense like the Ravens? A backfield like the Ravens (starting Pro Bowlers)?

    You want intellect? How about football intellect? Not mine and clearly not yours but coaches' & players' opinions and votes; stats; come from behind wins on the road. It's all there for you to look up. Tell me which of the aforementioned 15 quarterbacks aren't better than Flacco. Seriously. I'd love for you to convince me otherwise. Someone? Anyone? Please tell me why my favorite QB isn't just an Average Joe!

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. yeah everybody blame it on the offensive line...Cam Cameron... ohhh love this one, "he has no weapons to throw to" bottom line is Flacco looks absolutely lost at key moments in the game. He's average at best, it's a shame because this is a really good Raven squad this year.

  16. Sandy Says:
  17. Sheila, I've backed Flacco from day 1, with the great hope that by now, he'd be close to some of the "elite" quarterbacks you've mentioned above. Unfortunately, that has not happened. Granted, the offense has so many dropped passes, which certainly contributes to our sometimes floundering offense, but when all is said and done, Joe is just as you say, average. I don't know how wise it would be to keep him as our 1st string QB if we could acquire a great QB in the draft.

  18. Anonymous Says:
  19. All the sudden he is your favorite quarterback? Totally goes against the whole article you just wrote. You mentioned your favorites and salivated about them in the article. Dont back peddle now. The Ravens can be your favorite team. But Joe cant be your favorite quarterback after you just said he was not the franchise QB you thought. Stats are for people not watching the whole game. For the people who dont truly get it. Drew Brees? Hes a great QB right? His first four years in the league are identical to Joe's under Cam Cameron. Our play calling is horrible to say the least. Cam is regarded around the league as a dictator and thats why Joe doesnt have a wrist band. Think for yourself not what you think other people know. THE BIG PICTURE is the moral of this story. Joe plays in one of the toughest divisions for a QB. Which he has the shot to sweep this coming Sunday. Fair weather journalists make me laugh. HAHAHAHA

  20. ravensj5 Says:
  21. Wow Sheila kicking some butt! This weekend will be a good test for Joe.
    I probably am a Flacco apologist but it is hard to argue anything that Sheila is saying.
    Like I said next year will be more telling once Cam is gone. There will be 0 excuses left.
    Go Joe!

  22. Anonymous, it's called objectivity. I can objectively conclude that Flacco is average but still cheer for him more than any other quarterback. What's so fair weather about that? I still buy my tickets. I still have a hard time sleeping when they sh*t the bed. But on every successful snap I can assure you I cheer for Flacco just as much as you. Only I'm willing to see him for what he is and still love him.

    You see Anonymous, it's like a child in a way. He might not be the best athlete or the smartest student and he might even get in trouble every now and then. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't correct him nor does it mean I'll love him any less.

    There's a time and place for tough love. But what would you know about that, offering your lame and misplaced criticisms while trying to mask your weak arguments by blaming others behind your cloak of anonymity.

    Try growing a pair.

  23. The topic is a polarizing one here in Baltimore. At the end of the day the "W" is what counts the most and in that category, Flacco is elite. The frustration in my opinion is grounded in two areas: 1) inconsistency; and 2) a lack of faith in Flacco to carry the team in a playoff game.

    Sunday will be much like a playoff game. A win and the team only will need to take just 1 more game to reach the AFC Championship. A loss and the team will have to travel again, something they haven't done very well this season.

    And then the opinions and frustrations expressed here will be further exacerbated.

    Let's go Ravens.


  24. Anonymous Says:
  25. Flacco's career in baltimore is better then average. Your taking one year and making him out to be average with a lot of adjustments and new faces. Joe has 57 touchdowns and 14 INTs with a 97.8 QB rating during wins which would tell you hes not being carried by just the defense. Above average I would say. You? He is right now tied with the most wins in the league since 08 with Drew Brees @ 47. Above average once again. Hes still a young QB that is developing and will have BAD games that seem to overshadow his good ones this year. Being objective here did you see that? I dont think Flacco is elite at this point but he is better then average. And to tell me to grow a pair because im anonymous is laughable. This is the internet and everyone is anonymous. Im sure thats not even your real name so yours should just say anonymous too.

  26. If there are 32 teams and a QB happens to be the 16th best, isn't that average? Which of the 15 quarterbacks that I think are better than Flacco do you disagree with? If you say none, then he's the 16th best and therefore average. Can we agree on that?

    You know this Nyquil has had a reverse affect on me tonight and is keeping me awake. But suddenly, this once riveting debate (rolling eyes) is now doing what I hoped the Nyquil might do.

    Would it be ok to call you Lunesta?

  27. Anonymous Says:
  28. Seems like anonymous is quite clueless. Flacco is definitely just an average Joe. I just hope that Harbaugh doesnt hang on to his "project" the way that Billick did to his. It will cost him his job.

  29. Adam Says:
  30. Flacco has been inconsistent this year, but let's face facts.

    1. There is ONE receiver on this team that Joe had a rapport with, and that's Boldin.
    2. The rest of our receivers are either rookies, or getting their first real taste of playing time (Pitta, Dickson)
    3. There was a lockout that certainly didn't help our team develop a rapport with some of these guys. I'm sure Joe didn't know Mason or Heap was going to be cut.
    4. The O-Line has been all over the place this year. Asides from opening day where we had our best o-line and most healthy, it's been a lot of patchwork.
    5. The Jacksonville game, our receivers were getting MUGGED by guys like Mathis. When Joe had the game on the line and HAD to throw, what happened? Got picked off. If he had made those same throws earlier, the same thing would have happened.

    This fanbase has gotten extremely spoiled, and is extremely quick to forget all the bad years of QB play we had. Frankly, Joe DESERVES to have a pass on this inconsistent year. Our "elite" defense has disappeared at times, and we've gone long stretches of games where there is ZERO pressure on the QB. If Joe was our QB back in 06, this team wins a Super Bowl, hands down. People forget how inconsistent McNair was in 06.

    People need to stop with the Joe bashing, it's frankly embarrassing to see everyone's knee-jerk reactions. Stop watching highlights of Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers, and sit and watch an entire game against a GOOD defense and watch how they play.

  31. Anonymous Says:
  32. Going for a different qb in the draft? Worse than vick??? I'm Baltimore we are some spoiled fans! Ever since flacco came in 08 it has been back to back post season spots (not to mention afc championship his first year) along with that his whole career has been revolved around dropped passes! Cam Cameron trying to make him into a trigger happy tom Brady or matt Ryan. With a defense as great as ours (sometimes) we don't need to worry about shootouts! I myself totally believe flacco along with our defense (and 100 plus yards from rice) can keep us in games if our coaching staff (mainly cam Cameron) allows our offense to do that! Put flacco in the shotgun more give him more play action,quick passes, not trying to throw to torrey smith deep every game. I rather have "average Joe" and a great defense with good key players as to having a Matt Ryan with a not so great defense. Take a look at each qb in the league if you look at all of them they always have a security blanket! Flacco lost his (heap). Matt ryan has tony gonzalez, roddy white while guys like rivers have a Antonio gates tony romo with Jason witten,dez bryant just take a look at how flacco has lost his comfort zone and then consider rather he can hang with great quarterback's.

  33. richieG Says:
  34. I guess you'll call me a Flacco apologist; BUT... 1. He has elite skills but not elite consistentency - ergo, the frustration. 2. He transferred from a D1 school where the guy who beat him out for the starting job was...just benched by the Chefs. Soooo, playing at a D2 level just might require another year or two of experience for him to "elitize" his consistency/skills. 3. When TomBrady or PeytonManning are pressured consistently, they look inconsistent too!

  35. ravensj5 Says:
  36. A quote from Flacco.....
    “I wish you guys (reporters) would help me out a little bit and start complaining a little bit that we play a little too conservative and put pressure on our coaches to not do that.”

    A definite slight to Cam! I am telling you...this match is not made in heaven! Cam is a control freak. Look Phillip Rivers,he excelled when Cam left! I cant wait for Cam to leave this year to see Flacco excel. Mark my will happen! That and getting the receivers another year under their belt.

  37. Patricia Says:
  38. Y'all need to knock it off with the Flacco bashing. He's a terrific talent and a great part of the Ravens offense. If you don't like it....root for another team! I'm sure there's plenty of room on the Steelers, Packers and/or Patriots bandwagons! Good luck with that!

  39. Anonymous Says:
  40. Interested in who you would like to have over Joe that the Raven's could reasonably have gotten:

    Andy Dalton - Picked 35th overall in 2011 draft. Ravens could have had him at 27. Would have to give up Jimmy Smith. You'd have to argue that you wanted Dalton and Flacco over Flacco and Smith.
    Colt McCoy - 85th overall pick in 2010. Ravens could have him.
    Ben Roethlisberger - 11th Pick in 2004, Ravens traded 21st pick. Tough to move up 10 spots. He's never been traded so not realistic.
    Peyton Manning - 1st pick in 1998, Ravens picked 10th. He's never been traded so the Ravens realistically could not have him.
    Blaine Gabbert - 10th pick in 2011. Ravens picked 27th. Not realistic.
    Matt Hasselbeck - 187th pick in 1998. He's been traded and signed as a free agent so the Ravens could have him.
    Matt Schaub - 90th pick in 2004. He was also traded. Ravens could have him.
    Tom Brady - 199th in 2000. Ravens could have him. Every team missed on him.
    Mark Sanchez - 5th pick in 2009. Ravens picked 23rd. Not realistic.
    Matt Moore - Undrafted free agent in 2007. Ravens could have him.
    Ryan Fitzpatrick - 250th pick in 2005. He's been traded and signed as free agent so Ravens could have him.
    Philip Rivers - picked earlier in same draft as Roethlisberger so not realistic.
    Tim Tebow - Ravens could have him as they traded out of this spot. We later picked Kindle, Cody, Dixon, Pitta.
    Matt Cassel - 230th pick in 2005. Ravens could have him.
    Kyle Orton - 106th pick in 2005. Ravens could have him.
    Carson Palmer - First pick in 2003. We took Suggs at 10. Traded to Oakland for a boatload. Not realistic.
    Jason Campbell - 25th pick in 2005. We took Mark Clayton at 22. Ravens could have him.
    Aaron Rodgers - 24th pick in 2005. We took Clayton at 22. Ravens could have him. 23 teams missed on him.
    Jay Cutler - 11th overall pick in 2006. We took Haloti at 12 and because of that I'll say it is not realistic that the Ravens could get Cutler. Plus they traded for McNair that season.
    Christian Ponder - 12th pick in 2011. Not realistic.
    Matthew Stafford - 1st pick in 2009. Not realistic.
    Drew Brees - 32nd pick in 2001. We took Heap at 31. He also signed as a free agent. Ravens could have Brees.
    Cam Newton - 1st pick in 2011. Not Realistic.
    Josh Freeman - 17th pick in 2009. We took Oher at 23. Ravens could have possibly traded up for him.
    Matt Ryan - 3rd pick in 2008. Ravens took Joe at 18. Not realistic.
    Eli Manning - picked earlier in same draft as Roethlisberger so not realistic.
    Michael Vick - 1st pick in 2001. Difficult public relations on free agent signing. Not realistic.
    Tony Romo - Undrafted free agent 2003. Ravens could have him.
    Rex Grossman - 22nd pick in 2003. We took Boller at 19. Ravens could have him.
    Alex Smith - 1st pick in 2005. Not realistic.
    Sam Bradford - 1st pick in 2010. Not realistic.
    Tavaris Jackson - 64th pick in 2006. We took Chris Chester at 56 so the Ravens could have him.
    Kevin Kolb - 36th pick in 2007. We took Grubbs at 27. Ravens could have him.

    Realistically the Ravens had the opportunity to get the quarterbacks below. Of these 18, Rodgers, Brees, and Brady are definitively better than Joe. I'd be comfortable with Romo, Schaub, and Dalton at Quarterback. Hasselbeck is on the edge because he is 36 and I'd rather have Joe for the long term. I think Joe is better than the rest. From a personnel perspective. Your in the top 1/3 of what was available to you, which is pretty good. Interested in where Joe fits on your list. Don't think Luck or RGIII will be available to Baltimore in the upcoming draft. Any other's you'd like them to go after? Matt Flynn or other backups to go after?

    Aaron Rodgers
    Drew Brees
    Tom Brady
    Tony Romo
    Matt Schaub
    Andy Dalton
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Colt McCoy
    Matt Moore
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Tim Tebow
    Matt Cassel
    Kyle Orton
    Jason Campbell
    Josh Freeman
    Rex Grossman
    Tavaris Jackson
    Kevin Kolb

  41. Nice break down. All I know is that Flacco is ranked 18th this season in QB rating. Now I get that isn't the end all, be all or the definitive measuring stick but last time I check 18 is below average when you consider there are 32 teams.


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