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Indianapolis Bound

Posted by Thursday, December 8, 2011

First and foremost, this is the year Baltimore goes all the way. The Ravens started out their season with a bang, defeating our rivals the Steelers 35-7. Sitting in the nosebleeds that game, it gave me chills to see Roethlisberger throw 3 interceptions leading to a rumbling stadium of fans cheering for the Ravens. Last season, the AFC divisional playoff game ended with a heart breaking loss to Pittsburgh. It left a bad taste in every Baltimore fan’s mouth and now we are out to bring it home.

The Ravens were able to bring out the broom for the first time since 2006 and sweep Pittsburgh in the season series. Coming off that incredible win and going into the Seahawks game, I had no clue it would end in a 22-17 loss. Luckily we were able to redeem ourselves in a nail-biting win against the Bengals. Torrey Smith gained 165 yards that game which is the third highest in Ravens history.

Moving on, it was time to get ready for the Harbaugh Bowl on Thanksgiving. With the heart and soul of the Ravens on the bench, Ray Lewis, Baltimore had to keep mistakes to a minimum and play with high intensity leaving it all on the field.

The Thanksgiving game was built up on emotion and the players were proud to bring home the W for their coach against his younger brother. Terrell Suggs had a big game the second half and the Ravens tied their franchise record with 9 sacks in one game.

Going into the game against Cleveland, some fans may have been nervous because of the saying “the Ravens are only as good as the team they are playing.” Baltimore sure proved that statement wrong. Ray Rice set a new record for himself rushing 209 yards with 29 carries and a score. Granted the Browns defense is not top-notch, Baltimore took advantage of this and played to their potential.

The Ravens next opponent is the 0-12 Colts at M&T Bank stadium. Baltimore has not lost at home all season. A loss at home is not a possibility because the way the Ravens feed off their fans energy. After the Colts, we play the Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium, The Browns at home and the Bengals in Cincinnati. It is never good to look past any team, but it is fair to say the remainder of our schedule could be cake if we can get our heads in the game against Cincinnati. If the logistics work out to Charm City’s liking, there will be 2 playoff games in Baltimore and the Ravens will be Indianapolis bound.


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