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Ola Chicas,

Yep! It’s the holiday season and I’m packing my suitcase with tons of purple tees and shorts! Ravens are on the road to Indy by way of San Diego and Ravens24x7 is tagging along! On this cold and frosty morning, the West Coast sounds like the place to be.

As I’m throwing in all of my lightweight Ravens purple apparel in my bag I’m wondering “have I lost my marbles?” It’s December for gosh sakes! Just two weeks before Christmas! I ‘m a mom and wife with Holiday shopping to do, cookies to bake, presents to wrap, eggnog to make and tons of decorating left! Santa will be here before you know it! I have children and a family expecting me to make the Holidays bright jolly. Here I am flying across the country to watch a football game?

Well, it sounded great when we booked our flight back in September.

So now I have to try to rationalize this trip. I’m not crazy. I am a die-hard Ravens fan!

But when did I become such a fanatic?

It might have started with my childhood. Everyday my parents would rearrange the living room furniture so all 9 of us (YES 9) could watch the Colts game on our tiny rabbit eared TV... Our traditional Italian pasta family dinners were served during half time and clean up postponed to the end of the game.

Maybe I became a fanatic when I attended by first professional game. I fell in love with the excitement that I got from the roar of the crowd, the horns in marching band and the grunts and groans on the field as the players banged up and down the field.

My best friend took me to my very first game on my 21st Birthday. The Baltimore Colts beat the Jets at Memorial Stadium. It was the first of only 5 wins that year. Bert Jones (aka Hurt Bones) was out again and starting in his place at QB was an aging Greg Landry. By the end of the year Coach Ted Marchibroda was out, much to my dad’s dismay.

Loving Baltimore football back then was akin to loving Orioles baseball today!

Years of football despair came next when we lost our beloved Colts. Trying to find a replacement was impossible. I waited patiently until that wonderful Sunday in 1996 when I returned to Memorial Stadium to welcome our new Baltimore Ravens.

It felt great to be back amongst the fans. Early on fans had to work to embrace the Ravens as our own team. When the thrill of a Super Bowl victory came in January, 2001even the most obstinate Baltimore fan became a believer in the purple and black.

That super year has been followed by years of hanging onto the edge of triumph. Fans like me expect and thrive on the ups and downs the highs the lows. The team rivalries and the player antics on and off the field all make the sport appealing.

We can rant, rave, and root for this unpredictable but always engaging and entertaining team. How could I not be a fanatic Ravens fans?

It’s not that crazy that I am jumping on a plane to see our Ravens! YES! I am a die-hard fan! I may not study play formations, know all of the rules (does anyone anymore) or track the stats of each player (I know enough that Sizzle has 13 sacks). However I do have the most important element to being a football fan, I have the 12th (wo)man enthusiasm and adoration for the game! I know enough to know that this trip to the west coast is ever so important to our rankings in the playoffs.

So here I go ready or not! This is my first trip to an away game but I know it won’t be my last! Bah Hum Bug I may not have all my Holiday list complete! Cheers to basking in the warm west coast sunshine with my awesome travel companions! We have great seats right behind our Ravens bench where, wearing my Ravens Holiday hat, I will rave rant and root us onto victory!

This year presents, cookies and decorations are taking a back seat! This little side bar trip is my present to that very special Ravens fanatic I know and love…ME!!!

San Diego or Bust!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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  1. Purple Maven Says:
  2. Have a great trip! I've been to a few road games and they are a blast, when the fans play nice. Can't wait to hear the stories from the game and the city...


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