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It’s that time during the football season when fans and players alike heighten their belief in superstitious actions and belief. My son, on college break, brought his Ray Rice jersey home. After he wore it to Saturday’s game, I wanted to toss in the wash. In an attempt to grab it he leaped over a pile of dirty clothes and he exclaimed “You can’t wash my jersey! That would bring us bad luck! I haven’t washed it all season!”

Eeeew, he has worn this jersey for 15 games plus every Purple Friday and every Monday win or loss! Ugh, that means it hasn’t seen soap in 15 weeks! I was about to disregard his plea and toss it in for its first well deserved washing when I started to wonder, “If I wash it, will I be the one to put a jinx on this Sunday’s game?”

We haven’t we won in Cincinnati in three years and only once in the last 6 years.

Let’s face it, we need all the luck we can get.

Yep the very superstitious bug had me too! I tossed the stinky jersey back to my son – there was no way I was going to take a chance.

Everywhere I turn there are signs of superstition. We have invited friends to come watch the game on Sunday. Our guest’s responses have included “I‘ll be there as long as I can sit in the same spot on the sofa as I did the last time.”; “We’d love to, but we have to watch the game at my brother’s house – that’s where we were the last time we won!”

For the past 3 years my husband wears the same tattered gold Ravens hat and the same long sleeve shirt for every game. He is sure that if he wears something else it will bring
bad mojo to the team. How soon he forgets that we have both won and lost games since he started wearing the gear. There is no reasoning with a fan and the realities of his or her superstitions!

Even players don’t want to rock the boat. Players have routines and traditions that they follow before each game. Common rituals that athlete’s follow include eating certain foods, warm up routines and wearing specific gear. This year it’s the “hair thing” that many players have gotten hooked on. Long dreads and even longer locks of hair are hanging out of the bottom of the helmets of many NFL players. Even our beloved yet always controversial, Joe has grown a Flacco Manchu!

Back in November Joe started growing the stash that surrounds his mouth and drops to his chin. Fan reactions to the Flacco Manchu are mixed. Most females favor him getting a close shave ASAP! Though you can bet he isn’t shaving it off this weekend!

Nope! No way, no how!

It doesn’t matter that even since wearing the stash he has lacked consistency. We may think that the key to playing well is athletic talent and teamwork. Joe is not about to leave his team’s future in just plain talent, hard work, determination or coaching. He appears to have added in the notion in that superstition also plays a part in winning.

Maybe Joe’s superstitious idea is that growing a bit of facial hair will bring the Ravens the success they need to achieve home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Well we are in the Playoffs! You go Joe! With the crazy season of play that we have had anything is possible and every kind of help is needed.

Call it illogical, gullible and delusional. I’m not about to mix with our QB’s mojo. If the Flacco Manchu gives Joe the extra confidence he needs to take us into the Super Bowl… I’m Whacko for Flacco! Coach H and the entire team should sport the Flacco Manchu!

Do you have thoughts on Joe’s Fu Man Chu? Share your comments here or meet Ravens Chix at Liberatore’s Perry Hall this Thursday Dec 29 8-11pm. We will be interviewing fans about their thoughts on Joe and the Ravens!

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  1. Ok well I hate to admit it but I do have certain silly superstitions. For instance if things aren't going well it's musical chairs in my house. I make people sit in different places until things begin to go our way and when they do, they can only leave their chairs during a commercial. I also can't walk on lines or say the word Steelers during game day, opting instead for pissburgh although that is admittedly and insult to urine, but I digress.


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