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That’s what my brother calls them. The PTFI. It’s appropriate. I can’t blame him. He was a huge fan when the old team left in ’83. I was still a kid (and a chick) so I don’t have the deep scars like my brother and Dad.

That PTFI has had our number since their first meet with the Ravens in October of ‘96and so my battle scars around that damn blue horseshoe are much more recent and raw. Since the Ravens were born, they’ve beaten us NINE times (I’m hearing Ed Rooney’s voice from Ferris Bueller in my head right now). Twelve matchups, nine losses gives us only 25% win percentage against them. And if it feels like our other nemesis beats us a lot? We’ve actually won 40% of our games with those black and gold punks. Not impressive but it’s still better than 25%.

I was in Indianapolis when the Ravens played there in October of 2002. We were down most of the game until the 4th quarter when we pulled ahead 20-19 only to lose to a field goal in the final seconds.

We went on to have two more losses to the PTFI in 2004 and 2005.

Then, it was the end of the 2006-07 season. We had posted our best record ever (13-3). We had clinched the AFC North Division. We had a first round bye. We were feeling the power of our Ravens and knew this was our year to get back to the big game. And to sweeten the deal, that PTFI was coming to OUR house.

I was sitting in Section 543 of Ravens Stadium in January of 2007 when we played the PTFI in that divisional round of the playoffs. Once the battle of the kickers was over and we lost 15-6, I slurped out of the stadium with 70,000+ other fans and listened to the crickets chirp because not one fan…said one word…the entire way down the ramp. (Of course, this is the season the PTFI went on to win their only Super Bowl).

Then we had 4 more years of losses between 2007 and 2010, which I’ve pretty much blurred out.

Which leads us to this past Sunday.

I was at Ravens Stadium this past Sunday. I watched. I waited. We played against an 0and 12 team that doesn’t even deserve to be in this elite league called the NFL this year. A Ravens “W” is always a great day, but this “W”? Against that Professional Team from Indianapolis? It felt kind of hollow to me. Maybe it was because their Captain was watching from the sidelines. Maybe it was because I feel those boys are throwing their season on purpose just to get a little “Luck” next year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that we racked up another win in this amazing season. But in my mind and memory, this year’s “W” against that PTFI gets a little asterisk next to it.

Mind your x’s and o’s

The Purple Maven


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