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Some people will sell their souls to bump their web traffic. Some will even conjure up battles with their overinflated inferiority complex and boo-hoo, poor, poor pitiful me woes just to fan the flames of controversy and draw attention to a meritless blog or some cyber gadgetry.

You know who they are and they know who they are.

Yesterday I saw this headline from the online sports community’s Star Magazine – the Bleacher Report. It read, “Willis McGahee Disses Ravens Big Time!”

Without a doubt the headline captured attention here in Baltimore.

Oh boy, here we go. The scorned former Raven is now going to throw his former employer under the bus, right?


In the video below you will see the mild-mannered, happy-go-lucky Bronco with that boyish grin signing autographs and rebutting a fan’s verbal shot at McGahee’s teammate Tim Tebow in a calm, professional way.

That’s dissing the Ravens?


Some websites have nothing better to do than to waste your time with their disingenuous babble.

Hey Bleacher Report, ever hear the story about the boy who cried wolf?

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The Ride Ended Too Soon

Posted by Thursday, January 26, 2012 4 comments

Our hopes and dreams for this season were gone in the blink of an eye.

While I was standing in Gillette Stadium surrounded by screaming Patriots fans I felt sick to my stomach. How did this happen? We were so close; we played well enough to beat the Almighty Tom Brady. Looking down at the field I felt bad for our vets, the ones that have been through all the ups and downs with us as well as all the guys that came to our team for this opportunity, a chance to make it to the show. Now unfortunately we all know that we will never have this same 53 man roster ever again.

After the loss I banned all outsider sports media. I couldn’t listen to what analysts had to say about us or what the Facebook world of Ravens haters had on their minds. We get it, the Ravens lost, Lee Evans had the game winning touchdown knocked out of his hands, Billy shanked a kick he’s made a thousand times and the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl and we aren’t.

This one will sting for quite some time. I’m so invested in this team as so many of us are. When they win it makes our days brighter and when they lose we grieve with them. It’s sad to see it end this way after so many amazing moments the Ravens gave us over the course of the season. We are allowed to take a few days to mourn. We don’t need to play the blame game; you don’t think those guys already feel horrible about what happened? I know how I get when I make an error in softball, I feel like I let the whole team down and that’s just recreational softball not the National Football League.

As I try to look at the bright side, I had so many reasons to cheer throughout the course of that championship game (except every time they played an Aerosmith song and showed Steven Tyler on the jumbotron trying to sing along).

Our rookies made some spectacular plays which gives us hope of what is yet to come. Torrey Smith’s leaping touchdown, LaQuan Williams forced fumble and the amazing interception by Jimmy Smith. Joe Flacco led our team down the field like I knew he could and Anquan Boldin, Dennis Pitta, Lardarius Webb and Bernard Pollard all made some highlight worthy plays.

We have a team infused with youth and we can put our trust in Ozzie and company to add to the talent we have in Baltimore and only make us stronger for years to come.

Thanks to the Baltimore Ravens organization and fans for a great season!

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It Ain’t Easy Being Purple

Posted by Wednesday, January 25, 2012 0 comments

It is not easy being a Ravens fan. I am a diehard fan, I watch every game, I listen to Baltimore sports radio and I read about them online. My friends and family know about my purple passion, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I support them through thick and thin and I will always be a fan.

Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots was hard to swallow. It was hard to be so close to something, yet feel like you are so far away. The loss felt like a breakup that came out of nowhere. While I knew that a breakup was possible, I held out hope that our relationship would last a bit longer. Sadly it ended abruptly and I felt like someone ripped my heart out.

I was speechless and curled up on my couch and wanted to be left alone. I couldn’t deal with people, I had nothing to say and didn’t want to hear what they to say.

My beloved Ravens played their hearts out on Sunday. They weren’t perfect, they never are, but they looked pretty good and hung in there till the bitter end. The end was painful to watch, but it didn’t kill me, I’m still here to talk about it.

I won’t cry over spilled milk. I will make myself crazy if I question everything that went wrong at the end of the game. There is no sense in rehashing it, yes, I wish things ended differently, but what happened, happened, I can’t change the outcome, I have no
choice but to accept it and move on.

There are haters who like to poke fun of the Ravens for making the playoffs for four consecutive years and not reaching the Super Bowl. I let the bygones be bygones and ignore what they say. While it would be awesome to play in the big game again, I am just happy that the Ravens stay competitive to reach the playoffs year after year.

Before head coach John Harbaugh and QB Joe Flacco came on board, the Ravens were on a downward spiral and needed to be dug out from their impending doom. Harbaugh and Flacco are the pieces who turned the team around. Flacco has steadily improved each season and while he isn’t an elite QB, he is consistent and that’s what we need him to be.

This season we witnessed WR Torrey Smith emerge from a shaky rookie to a strong and reliable receiver. Next season he will no longer be a rookie and he will continue to grow, he has the potential to become an elite WR.

RB Ray Rice continued to explode on the field, he is the workhorse behind the Ravens offense and should have a new contract, one that will award him for his efforts and allow him to stick around for a long time.

The Ravens were undefeated in the division, a hard one to win when you have to play against two defensive powerhouses; the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. Sweeping the Steelers was a big deal, it is something that the Ravens haven't done since 2006 and it gave us hope that they will do it again.

Every game has a winner and a loser and unfortunately we were the losers in that game. LB Ray Lewis referenced a higher authority in the loss, that it was in God’s plan and he said that Flacco played his ass off. (Video here)

Flacco did play his ass off, he had a better game than Patriots’ QB Tom Brady and even though the Ravens lost the game, it was exciting watching Flacco go head to head with one of the league’s elite QBs. I have been a long time Flacco supporter and will continue to support him next season, I don’t expect him to be elite; he doesn’t need to be. He just needs to do his job effectively and consistently.

So my dear Ravens, get some rest, you worked your butts off this season and deserve the down time. You can be assured that your loyal fans will continue to support you and we look forward to seeing you next season.

Keep playing like Ravens. They say good things come to those who wait; we will continue to hold out hope that we will be top dog again.

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It’s Wednesday! And for those fans that have put the Sunday game behind them! Yeah! Hooray for you! Wish I could same the same.

The loss of the AFC championship hit me hard. Shocked and disappointed by the team’s last minute play calamities which led to a loss by 3 lousy points, I’m still stunned. It is just unbelievable that we came this far and missed the chance for another Super Bowl. Even more annoying are the constant smug and condescending comments by Patriot (Stee
lers too) fans and national media.

Yes no doubt Sunday’s loss was hard but it should not have surprised us diehard fans, our season has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions from beginning to end.

So Sunday night into Monday, I was numb, depressed and hurt. I couldn’t focus or even speak. I didn’t sleep well, even had bad dreams and woke in a fog that was heavier than fog outside my house. On Monday evening my husband, who woke on Monday whistling and smiling, took one look at me and said “Really Hon? It was a football game. It’s over. Move on!”

Easy for him and others, but my heart was still too heavy. I always get very emotional around game time. Whether win or lose those emotions carry me well into the week. It’s Wednesday and I’m forcing myself to face the reality...

Ravens fans invest much more than four hours on Sunday afternoons for five months of the year. We invest time reading up on player’s performance, learning our team’s game plan and reviewing team match ups. We take our pre-gaming very seriously, planning serious tailgate parties, attending to the details of fan attire and every Sunday we bring the 12th man/woman energy that our Ravens ask for!

Baltimore fans believe they make a difference in the game’s outcome. After all Coach Harbaugh has told us that Ravens fans are the ultimate 12th man/woman! We know What’s Our Name, how to Play Like A Raven and we have all studied at Ball So Hard University!

And yes we are RELENTLESS!

We may never touch the playing field but we have invested every ounce of our being (and a ton of cash) into making sure that the Baltimore Ravens succeed! Of course we are going to take this loss personally and feel depressed over the season’s ending!

When my sons played sports in school, every moment they were on the field, my heart pounded, my emotions were full tilt and I was raving maniac! When they had a good game I was on a high. When they played poorly, my heart just ached. My little guys were just like Mom, they wore their emotions on their sleeves.

Watching them walk off the field with their chins down and shoulders hunched was devastating. No matter how much understanding and compassion we chanted, their heartbreaking faces and sad moods lingered for hours and sometimes days. We tried hard to help them deal with their emotions. We encouraged them to use their disappointment to work harder and to appreciate each success as a building block to future success.

Hmmm here it is Wednesday after Sundays AFC Championship loss… think I should take my own advice!!

Okay here I go – I am pulling up my big girl purple panties and moving on!

There I’ve done it I’ve ranted and I’ve rambled! I’m ready to look on the bright side! I’m so thankful for an awesome team and an amazing season! I love being a Ravens fan!

Ravens football is never over…. Ravens fans are 24x7 365!!!! Think FREE AGENCY! Think DRAFT!!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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When Billy Cundiff missed the field goal that would have tied the AFC Championship Game and send it into overtime, I lost it. I can tell you without hesitation I had little confidence leading up to the kick. Maybe I’ve been programmed to think that whatever can go wrong will go wrong when it comes to the Ravens and important playoff games. And the apparent confusion and semi-chaotic state of the kicking team getting on to the field only served to heighten my expectation of disappointment.

We all know how that kick ended – a wretched duck hook left that made me think of my golf lessons and how my instructor encouraged me to get some right wrist action at the point of impact. Usually I did and usually I was playing out of the left rough or looking for my hot pink ball along the port side tree line – or worse.

Now “Cundiff” is a verb.

I feel bad for Billy. He had a stellar year in 2010 and 2011 has been anything but. We’ve been told he’s had a calf injury and judging from his accuracy and depth of kickoffs this season, I have no reason to doubt the diagnosis. It’s part of the game.

But honestly, I wasn’t as ticked off at Billy as I was Lee Evans. When Cundiff missed the kick, my immediate thought was F U Lee Evans. Had he attacked that ball and made the catch and gripped it like it was the opportunity of a lifetime (which it was), Baltimore would have some serious swagger right now, heading to Super Bowl XLVI.

Instead, we’re licking our wounds.

When Jim Nance stated the obvious, that Cundiff missed the kick (what an understatement), I got up, took a walk and went outside, dressed only in my Ravens’ Purple Haze tee-shirt. It was cold but for the first 15 minutes I didn’t notice. Eventually reality set in – I was freezing my ass off and the Ravens lost.

It sucked!

Sleep didn’t come easy on Sunday night and when I awoke the next day it took me a moment to realize Sunday wasn’t a dream – check that, wasn’t a nightmare. It happened.

Thankfully the founding father of this destination on the worldwide web opined about the loss and accompanied his editorial with the following video. Thanks TL!

After watching this video it’s hard not to think about who might not be back next season. Let’s face it, we attach ourselves to these players. They represent who we are and the ties that bind them to us are strong. And when they fail to reach the promised land, it stings a bit because you know this same group of 53 men will never ever be a team again. This is it!

And it’s hard not to like our guys. Not only are they tremendous athletes, they are also to a man, class acts who place team goals first, behave as role models for our children and are genuinely good guys.

How lucky are we?

And then there’s this – this video of Ray Lewis and his locker room speech to his teammates following the devastating loss to the Patriots. Do yourself a favor and click on this link.

How amazing is that? If you are a Ravens’ fan how can you not be a little misty after listening to Ray?

“Let’s make somebody smile when we walk out of here!”

How amazing is Ray Lewis? How blessed are we to have watched him here in Baltimore and called him our own for his entire career?


Reality bites and the 2011 season is over and done. Yet along with that cold hard truth, there’s reason to be optimistic about the future. But as the future nears, there will be change. That’s just the way it is in the NFL. I’ll leave the plusses and minuses of such change to our analytical boys on 24x7 but leave it to “Goob” to always help paint the picture with humor. If you don’t follow Goobvision (@RavenManiac on Twitter) you probably should. The guy is a hoot.

I’ll let you be the judge…

Finally, this video was brought to my attention today. It was done last year yet its humor is timeless. As a Ravens fan I can’t help but laugh at the numb-nut Steelers’ fans who don’t even realize they are being played for the tools that they are. Even funnier is their knee-jerk response to anything that challenges their team’s superiority or lack thereof.

Put a Steelers’ fan in his or her place and the automatic response is, “Six!”

Any criticism of the Steelers in the mind of a Yinzer is justified and offset by the word, “Six” as in their Super Bowl titles.

Ask an elementary student in Pittsburgh what 2 + 8 equals and they’ll say, “Six!” Teachers in the rust belt give extra credit for such responses.

Talk about some back-assward rednecks…

Anyway, on that note and to help lighten the load you may be carrying following that loss on Sunday, here’s a laugh at the Yinzers’ expense.

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Jarret Johnson was spot on this week when he noted that he and the team don’t mind being seen as the underdogs. It’s okay for whatever reason we seem play better that way! That’s right Jarret! They can call us underdogs but we always seem to worry 'em!

Ravens are much like the residents of the city that they represent. Baltimore has a reputation for being a melting pot of blue collar workers who come from a variety of economic and ethnic backgrounds. Sitting in the middle of the east coast, between NYC, Philly and DC, Baltimore is often not even thought of as a Metropolitan area.

It isn’t a town that is recognized for cultural arts, high end commerce or economic wealth. It’s more often viewed as a poor city with a challenging poverty level, extremely high crime rate and questionable politics.

So the typical Baltimorean is familiar with being an underdog and is okay with having its team represented in the same way. As a matter of fact, it suits Baltimore fans just fine. Being the underdog is what gives Baltimore and The Ravens the drive to improve, to compete and to conquer.

The national media enjoys stirring the Ravens pot by focusing on the teams short comings, taking player remarks out of context, concentrating on eccentric off and on field behaviors and nagging about inconsistent play. No worries, this just makes us harder to predict and worries our opponents.

Baltimore is not known to follow the trends or go with the flow. Sitting just below the old Mason Dixon line and stretching from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean, Baltimore is a nation in itself… this is “Ravens Nation”.

Our Ravens don’t follow trends either. They play like Ravens; unconventional sometimes, unpredictable often but always with absolute heart and soul.

We are a town of fans that are the loudest-proudest cheerleaders for our team and there is no tougher group of hard nose critics in the league than Baltimore fans. That is who we are and that’s who our team embodies those qualities. We work hard and play even harder.

So Baltimore fans like our team let’s embrace being the underdogs. With Purple Pride we will Root, Rant and Rave for Baltimore to –PLAY LIKE A RAVEN!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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Let Them Play Football

Posted by Saturday, January 21, 2012 1 comments

A friend gave me a life lesson the other day by challenging me...

If you wake up one morning, and you only had the things that you were thankful for yesterday, what would you have?

If I wake up Monday, January 23rd, I’ll have an amazing family, awesome friends, and I’ll have a football team heading to Indianapolis to win their 2nd Super Bowl. But that last one will only be because the NFL officiators will do their job, and let these boys play…some…football!

We all know Tom Brady is a _______ (fill in your favorite derogatory slang here). He cries a lot, he begs for penalty flags (argh! pet peeve!!!), and let’s be honest, it’s worked for him over the years.

After watching the rehashing of the 2002 playoff game between the Patriots and the Raiders, the “Tuck Rule” has become my new favorite thing to hate in the NFL. If you gals don’t know about this game, check it out in the video below. They keep talking about it since the Patriots are only one of the 4 teams left. It’s unreal and if I were a Raiders fan, I’d still be harboring some pretty strong hatred against the “almighty” Brady.

Then, we have the “Brady Rule”, which is the un-official name of the revised language in the “Roughing the Passer” rule where you can’t hit a QB below the knees (there is some other language in there too, but I’m just simplifying). This rule (which has actual section and article numbers attached in the official NFL rule book) got re-worded and clarified after Little Bah-wady hurt his poor wittle knee. (OK, he got knocked out of the season with a busted ACL and MCL, wahh wahh wahh).

Just to make the Brady Rule more ridiculous, the Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, (circa 2009) said, “It's like if Peyton Manning were gone for a season, I think the whole NFL suffers, the same way the NFL suffered with Tommy out. So whatever we can do to protect quarterbacks and to minimize the opportunity of them being taken out with a year-ending injury I would support.”

Hmmmm, Peyton was out this entire season and the NFL did just fine. I think his brother would agree!

Anyway, guess who caused this Tom Brady season-ending knee injury in 2008? Bernard Pollard! Bernard Pollard was the Safety for the KC Chiefs at the time. But on Sunday, he’ll be dressed in purple since he’s now a Safety for the Baltimore Ravens. Just sayin’!

We also have “Spygate”, after which the Patriots got a slap on the wrist, a few minor fines (relatively speaking), and some inconsequential penalties. Like, for example, they had to give up their first round draft pick (which would have been #31 out of 32 overall) but they ended up getting a pretty good pick (10th I think?) because of a trade with another team…reallllly?).

Our Ravens have seen fines over the years for talking smack against the referees (coaches and players alike). But I have to agree with Ray Lewis, when he commented in 2009…“Without going off the wall here, it’s embarrassing to the game,” Lewis said. “Brady is good enough to make his own plays, let him make the play. When you have two great teams that are going at it, let them go at it…A personal foul and he isn’t even touched. He’s a man. They can be hit, just like us. It's embarrassing to even keep the momentum going like that when we go three and out, and then we stop them, and then you look back and see a flag or a personal foul, and Tom Brady is laughing. It wasn't no personal foul if he's still smiling."

Just sayin’, Chix!

Mind your x’s and o’s

The Purple Maven

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Ravens Flying High

Posted by Friday, January 20, 2012 2 comments

We all know the Patriots have a pretty good offense, but the Ravens have a pretty good TEAM.

Yes, we are well aware that the Patriots have a high powered offense behind the likes of Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski. And I understand that the media has an infatuation with the Patriots and they will continue to sing their high praises; so I think Ravens fans occasionally need to be reminded of all the good things we have going on in Baltimore since the media won’t.

The Ravens are one of the more balanced teams still remaining in the playoffs. We have seven Pro Bowlers, four on defense and three on the offensive side. Our Ravens have had a pretty darn good season up to this point, and here are some of the highlights…the rest is still unwritten.

* Offensive star, Ray Rice led the league in yards from scrimmage with over 2,000 including a 200+ yard outing against the Browns.

* Joe Flacco can register his 50th career win on Sunday, and he already holds the record for the most wins of any QB in his first four years in the league. And we can’t forget he also delivered the 92 yard drive against the Steelers that made each and every one of us jump off our couches in pure excitement and disbelief.

* Torrey Smith’s first three career receptions went for touchdowns, and he tied A.J. Green with the most TD’s for a rookie with seven.

* Against the Cardinals Anquan Boldin put this team on his back and helped deliver the largest comeback victory in franchise history.

* Terrell Suggs led the league in forced fumbles with seven and set a franchise record with his 82.5 sacks (14 this season). And not to mention he’s a top candidate for Defensive Player of the Year.

* Ray Lewis still led the team in tackles in his 16th season and became the first linebacker to register at least 40 sacks and 30 interceptions in his career.

* Ed Reed set an NFL record last weekend with his 8th career interception in the playoffs.

* Lardarius Webb has had an outstanding year; he led the team in passes defended and also recorded interception numbers six and seven last weekend.

* In dramatic opening day fashion the Ravens forced seven turnovers and scored 35 points which was the most ever against the Steelers.

* The Ravens 3rd ranked defense also scored three TD’s against the Jets and tied a franchise record with nine sacks against the 49ers.

* The Ravens went undefeated at home, swept the division, and didn’t have a single penalty last weekend, all which were firsts in franchise history.

So see? No matter how much we are disrespected by the media, Ravens fans have been able to savor a lot of moments so far this season. Our journey however, is far from over.

The Ravens have the defense that can fluster Tom Brady and knock down the Patriots offense. Not to mention an offense that will be able to pound the ball with Rice and Williams, and Flacco who will be able to pick apart their secondary. Boldin will expose you if you leave him matched up one on one and Evans and Smith are much faster than anyone the Pats can put on them downfield (receivers just need to focus on catching the ball).

So whether you will be joining me on the road to paint New England purple or watching from home or a bar across the country, lift up your glasses and toast to our boys bringing home that AFC Championship trophy!

Let’s go and show the world why we deserve to be Champions

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Stop Hating on my QB

Posted by Wednesday, January 18, 2012 7 comments

Well, I did it again. I mistakenly thought another playoff win would earn Joe Cool a little more cred. Alas, no such luck. I still wake up Monday morning to a whole new world of comments about “WHY JOE IS REPLACABLE.”

Well yeah, that’s easy. Watch anyone for long enough and you’ll start to be annoyed by something or another, but here’s the kind of fan I am: I give Unconditional Quarterback Love. Why? Because someone has to. Quarterbacks are either the hero or the pariah, and to say that Joe has been underrated is an understatement.

I could not agree more that the offense needs to step up to take on Brady and New England Sunday. With only 227 yards of total offense and 8 three-and-outs against the Texans, we relied heavily on the defense and the Texans’ turnovers that led to scores. But that can’t be a surprise to anyone—we’re the Ravens.

Joe Flacco finished 14-of-27 for 176 yards and two touchdowns. And while critics say he isn’t on the same level with the defense, can we honestly say that the quarterback rating really says it all?

How about the fact that we’ve moved on to the AFC championship for the first time since 2008. Or that we’re a run-dominated offense, that’s never relied on a Manning-type arm to win games. Besides, when Flacco throws often, we end up with turnovers.

Bottom line for me, Joe is a great game manager. And more than that, he has a fantastic arm. That Evans catch against the Texans? Pure insanity. He can make the big plays. We’ve seen it. It’s helped us get the record that we have. There’s absolutely no way we’d be going to the AFC Championships next week without Flacco.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s room for improvement, but there isn’t any empirical evidence that says to me: Replace Joe Flacco if you really want to win.

We’re always going to be the underdogs anyway… At least according to analysts (we know what’s up, though). I think Senor Sizzle said it best, “It wasn't really pretty, but hey, we're not really a pretty team. We got the 'W,' and on to the AFC championship."
B-more fans need to stop expecting Flacco to show up as a different QB. He isn’t Rodgers, Tebow or Manning; he’s Baltimore’s Quarterback.
And he may not be pretty, but I love him unconditionally anyway.

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The Ravens successfully jumped all the hurdles to reach the AFC championship game by beating the Houston Texans in the divisional playoff game on Sunday. Their win wasn’t pretty, but it was still a win and it was their first home playoff victory since 2000.

The game featured two defensive powerhouses and the Texans started their 3rd string QB T.J. Yates in lieu of injured starting QB Matt Schaub and backup Matt Leinart. The Ravens defense outshined that of the Texans and forced four turnovers to win the game 20-13.

Offensively the Ravens were weak and didn’t put up many points. QB Joe Flacco wasn’t great, but he got the job done and went 14 for 27 with two touch downs. RB Ray Rice was virtually non-existent; he had 21 carries for 60 yards and no touch downs.

This weekend, the Ravens will head north to New England to face the AFC’s #1 Seed, the Patriots for the right to play in the big game on February 5. These teams are complete opposites. The Patriots are an offensive powerhouse with elite QB Tom Brady and his many targets including WR Wes Welker. On the flip side, the Ravens have a mediocre offense, but they are a defensive powerhouse with star players including OLB Terrell Suggs, ILB Ray Lewis and S Ed Reed.

The game will answer the age old question about defense winning championships. In 2009, the Ravens faced the Patriots in a playoff game and won 33-14. It was the only time the Ravens beat the Patriots. Last weekend, great defenses proved that elite QBs can be stopped as evidenced by the New Orleans Saints loss to the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers loss to the New York Giants.

It won’t be easy and it may not be pretty, but hopefully the Ravens will follow suit and find a way to beat Brady. They must continue to run the ball and grind it out with RBs Rice and Ricky Williams. Defensively they must find a way to force turnovers and prevent Brady from marching his team down the field.

The road to the AFC championship game has been long and bumpy, but the finish line is in sight and the Ravens have come too far to head home on Sunday. And with Reed and Lewis retirement rumors circulating again, they need to come out on top and give Lewis another shot at the big prize.

Come on Ravens, stay focused and give it your 110%. You’ve had some hard fought wins this season, there’s one more hurdle to jump before you can reach the promised land of Indy, an ironic place for Baltimore fans to want to be in, but be there they must.

Keep playing like Ravens!

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Defense Wins Championships

Posted by Monday, January 16, 2012 0 comments

No it wasn’t pretty but there aren’t style points in the NFL

On my way to M&T Bank Stadium bright and early Sunday morning I was going over what the Ravens needed to do to win this game and what I feared the Texans would do to us to make my nightmares come to fruition. The Texans definitely brought their ‘A’ game and they didn’t need to come up with an elaborate game plan to do it. They ran the ball and played defense, exactly what you need to do to control the game to come up with a win; the only thing was they were also playing against a ferocious top ranked defense feeding off the home crowd.

“Ohhhhh… Oh..Oh..Oh..Ohhhhh…Oh”, the Seven Nation Army chant was echoing throughout the stadium, there was no way we were going to let the Texans ruin our dreams of getting one step closer to the Lombardi trophy. Ray Lewis was flying around the field making plays left and right, who said he lost a step? And you can’t say enough about Lardarius Webb he was by far one of the biggest Pro Bowl snubs, good thing the Ravens will be busy that week anyway. And how about good old Ed Reed, he dropped two interceptions earlier but the third time was the charm and he made the play when the Ravens needed it most.

We weren’t able to sack T.J. Yates let alone put much pressure on him all game, but it looked like that was part of the scheme Chuck Pagano drew up. Stop the run, which they had trouble doing but also make Yates beat you through the air which turned into three interceptions and a win for the Ravens.

Call me old school but I love defense and seeing players get hit in the mouth. I used to watch NFL Primetime just for their “Jacked Up” segment. However, the NFL is turning tides and becoming pass happy while the ref’s are throwing yellow flags all over the field for unnecessary roughness (or so the NFL calls it now). I have feared with this new league that the defense that all of us Ravens fans have loved for so many years would eventually be buried right next to that “Jacked Up” segment.

It drives me crazy week in and week out when all I hear is Drew Brees threw for 300 yards again, the Packers and Patriots have unstoppable offenses and there is no way that they aren’t going to the Super Bowl. Then when those teams get beat it’s “what happened?” I will let you in on a little secret it’s called defense, when you consistently play against defenses ranked in the bottom half of the NFL of course you are going to put up high numbers. Try playing over ten games against top 10 ranked defenses in one season like the Ravens then come talk to me.

But then the miraculous happened, defense showed up all over the place this weekend and I loved every minute of it! The weekend ended with two of the most talked about offenses getting knocked out by stellar defense. The 49ers forced five turnovers, and the Giants and Ravens each forced four of their own.

A smothering defense is what it is going to take next weekend in New England. Create turnovers, pressure Tom Brady and give your offense a chance to succeed with great field position.

It’s time to take our act on the road and show Tom Brady and his 31st ranked defense who’s boss and why DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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Let’s d0 it all year Hon!

We live in a great football town! Everyone has been painting Baltimore with purple excitement. This is one time when I don’t mind our local news stations going overboard on their coverage! I could listen to hours of Ravens Fever!

The city government even steps up and lights up the city in a purple haze. All of the radio stations are hosting fan contests, interviewing players, fans and just chatting everything Ravens! Photos of fans young and old wearing jerseys, purple hair, face paint and the new chu fantashes are being posted all over the internet and television. Bars, restaurants, businesses and even grocery stores are hosting Ravens pep rallies and parties.

The Ravens super fans are roaming from one side of town to the other spreading goodwill. The Playoff Purple Friday caravan of cheerleaders was out and about yesterday greeting fans and rallying support. Ravens Chix were at Looney’s Pub North to host their Let’s Bleed Purple Party. On hand were a roomful of beautiful purple adorned ladies who came to rave, root, shop and enjoy each other’s company.

Yes Baltimore has Ravenmania and I love it!

I vote to have this level of fan enthusiasm all season long. I truly love the exhilaration and the sense of being connected to something so positive and huge. The energy and excitement has even touched the ever so critical local sports media and their fans. It is so refreshing to have all the talking heads and the Monday morning QBs say positive things about our team! Thank goodness!

Baltimore is fortunate to have a great football team on and off the field. The Baltimore Ravens organization is one of the best in the league. They work hard for the fans and the community. They really do give their fans a quality product. We need nothing but good mojo from here on out!

Being a fan in Balwmer is so much fun it can bring out the HON in yuse! Anything goes and does. Take the Flacco Fu Manchu… it is now a piece of purple felt! And on Sunday it will be pasted on every fans upper lip. Only in Balwmer hon.

Need pants? Oh the purple camo are just da ones to get! Don’t furget to wear a purple Natty Boh or Balls So Hard tee wit em! Oh yeah hon paint your face half black and purple and top it off with a purple construction helmet that’s got a hole fur yur beer! Yep you’re a Baltimore Ravens Fan now!

On to the AFC Championship baby and we are only getting started!

Rave On

Kosmo Krys

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Should the Ravens win today they will travel to Foxboro next Sunday (3:00 kickoff) and it is not outside the realm of reason that the game against the Texans could be the last time we see Ray Lewis and Ed Reed emerge from the tunnel at M&T Bank Stadium.

If the Ravens are successful and they run off a three game winning streak on their way to a second Super Bowl title, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of reason – many might even say it’s probable, that both of these locks for the Hall of Fame will retire.

And you know what, that is exactly how I would like to see it unfold.

These two greats, two players from “The U” who helped change our lives with their athletic prowess, leadership and attachment to the community could not only go out as world champions but also be enshrined in Canton together on the very same stage. The thought of that makes me a little misty – really!

There is no doubt that Ray is showing signs of aging and diminishing skills. Ed has been struggling with that nerve impingement for no less than 3 seasons, hanging on because he loves the game and yearns for that ring. Add another year to the mix and consider that teams in the modern era rarely go to the playoffs five consecutive seasons.

Do we want to remember their final days struggling, hurting and aging before our eyes?

Of course we would miss them. “The Dance” would be forever gone and the electric chants of Reeeeeed while echoing in eternity in our minds would no longer fill M&T Bank Stadium. Wouldn’t it be better to see them exit in a blaze of glory?

So while you are in your seat tomorrow or you are somewhere watching the game on TV, take pause and watch both of these men a little longer, soak it in and try to remember and appreciate how blessed we’ve all been to call these men “ours.”

Because if this season ends the way we all hope, tomorrow could be their Baltimore swansong.

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Have you heard all these reports of Houston Texans fans coming to M&T Bank Stadium? Grrrrrr!

My first reaction was to get really ticked off and to start hurling expletives towards those wine and cheese fans who sit in the club level and lower level sipping their chardonnay and are more concerned about their cell phones or who else is there or if they painted their nails the right shade of purple.

You know who they are. They sit nearby you I’m sure. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not everyone in those sections who display such obvious traits of narcissism. But these empty Capri-pant-wearing trophy wannabes and their whipped male sidekicks don’t supply energy anyway.

Thankfully the cold weather weeds out some of these poser fans but in the process, it opens the door to visiting fans.

I get that opportunity and capitalism drive our country; supply and demand can pave the way to fame and fortune. But why would a Ravens fan who vents his or her spleen throughout the season supporting the team sell out to the highest bidder when opportunity is knocking at your door? Where are your principles? What happened to your code of fan ethics?

Those few hundred dollars of profit, are they really worth your newly-earned reputation as a sellout? Years from now, should the game be an epic and the experience of a red-letter day in your life lost, where will those couple of Benjamins be then? Loooooooong gone baby! Mwah, kiss those bucks goodbye.

Boy that chaps my Ravens’ tattooed a$$!

And then there is the issue of ticket brokers who buy up all of these PSL’s and when the playoffs roll around, there they are to test your loyalties and drain your wallets.

Or sell the tickets to visiting fans willing to overspend…

When I think back to the last Texans game in October, I may have seen a couple of Arian Foster jerseys, perhaps an Andre Johnson but overall I could count the fans on 2 hands. So I can’t believe that suddenly we’ll have a Yinzer-like invasion like those of the late 90’s.

So here’s what it boils down to – just go nuts at the game. Every one of you! Give it all you’ve got as a fan. Make it so painfully uncomfortable for Houston’s QB TJ Yates that even if there are thousands of fans dressed up like Heinz Ketchup bottles in their “Battle Red”, if Yates is struggling and the Ravens are rolling, they’ll be as quiet a Steelers’ fan taking a verbal IQ test.

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For those Chix attending M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, here are a few ground rules about attending a Ravens home game in January!

1. Purples on your Nurples – Playoffs, Chix! This isn’t Week 6, hosting the Texans, looking to stretch out our third string Kickers’ hamstrings. Put on every Ravens and Purple piece of clothing you own (because it WILL be cold on Sunday). If you can afford a ticket to be here, you can certainly afford the performance gear to keep you warm for a few hundred minutes or so.

2. Dress Smart, Not Tart - Chix, don’t dress to impress your fellow skanks. Sunday is NOT the day to tout your new 4-inch heeled streetwalkin’ boots you got for your birthday. Dress to stay warm, so your lungs can work properly for maximum noise making purposes.

3. Positive thoughts, positive words - It’s a known fact that successful athletes create a mental image of their desired outcome. Billy Cundiff visualizes the pigskin passing through the uprights for the game-winning field goal…in the 2012 AFC Championship Game…against the Denver Broncos…at home…BUT I DIGRESS. Ravens Chix, if we send 70,000+ passionate purple people into the crib on Sunday with positivity exuding from their minds, bodies, and spirits? I guarantee there is no way we can lose. (Yup, I said guar-an-tee).

4. Tailgate and get on Ravens24x7 – Even if you don’t know anyone with a tailgate, you’ll find people to lend you a beer and a dawg (as long as you’re bleeding purple). So head down early. And if you’re hot? Well then, Tony will put your picture right here on this very web site.

5. Read the Rules – When you come to the stadium, there are MALE lines and there are WE-ARE-FEMALE-HEAR-US-ROAR lines. So don’t piss us Chix off by bringing your backpack full of umbrellas and weapons. (Here is the full list of prohibited items…)

6. Don’t Be a Jerk – We want a safe, fun place where opposing fans can enjoy themselves up until the point where we send their team home in body bags. Sending fans home that way is frowned upon. (At least that’s what my lawyer says.)

7. But Be Safe – Put this number into your cell phone (NOW, that’s an order, Chix!!!…78247). This is Ravens “Fan Assistance” to anonymously TEXT your Section and Row Number to report issues. Don’t overuse it (you WILL encounter drunk people, just so you know) but if you feel un-safe don’t hesitate. We never want Ravens stadium to end up on the news like some other sorry places.

8. LOUD, LOUD, LOUD – When the DEFENSE takes the field, we stand and SCREAM our dang fool heads off.!!! It doesn’t matter if it’s first quarter, or if we are 3 TDs ahead. If our DEFENSE is on the field, we are LOUD! Otherwise, shut your mouth. I better not hear one fan who attended M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday calling into the radio stations on Monday, because as far as I’m concerned, you should NOT have a voice after Sunday’s game.

9. Watch This – If I haven’t inspired you (or even if I have), you must go watch this video. It’s called “Death on Wings” uploaded to YouTube on Sep 11, 2007 by painkiller12345678. If this doesn’t turn you into a 12th (Wo)man for the Ravens, then turn in your jersey at the next toll booth. (As a disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this video or its creator but I have it bookmarked and I watch it whenever I have doubts.) If you’re going to the game Sunday, please spend 6 ½ minutes watching “Death on Wings” on You Tube. And bookmark it. Believe me, you’ll want to revisit it even after Ray retires.

10. And Then Come Home – If you haven’t seen the new video “
Coming Home” on the Ravens home web page, go check it. Our boys are COMING HOME! And we are the 12th (Wo)man, so let’s make sure we do our part to bring home the “W”!

Mind your x’s and o’s

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And then there were 8 – the Elite 8 as they like to say during March Madness.

Four games were played this past weekend and guess what? The home team won each of them! You know what that means B’more? Look if you are asking the Ravens to focus, not overlook the Texans and leave it all on the field, then each and every one of you 70,000 crazies better be prepared to do the same.

And all you people who spent $800 per ticket for lower bowl seats between the 20’s, don’t even think about asking the folks in front of you to sit down. Put down the wine and cheese and get up! If you want great seats and you want to sit in them, go buy a Lazy Boy and a new TV, stay home and you’ll probably still have money left over to buy a bottle of chardonnay, some brie and gourmet crackers.

How lame!

I read TL’s blog about the steps to the Ravens hosting an AFC Championship. I get the logic but fandom isn’t always logical and to suggest that Ravens fans need to root for the Steelers? C’mon TL! I think I’d rather donate an organ without the anesthesia than root for the Steelers.

But I’ll cut you some slack. Friends of mine tried to do the same thing and couldn’t bring themselves to do it. Now that I think about it, your suggestion could be a great Fear Factor challenge for someone from Baltimore.

Back to the Steelers for a sec, didn’t Ben Roethlisberger just get married? And his wife let him out of the house looking like Dick “Douchebag” Tracy. Don’t they have mirrors in the Steelers’ locker room? Oh that’s right, they opted for 16 year old girls instead.

And what’s with the different colored spikes Ben? You are such a drama queen and for all you Steelers fans who troll these blogs, don’t throw up the protective shoe theory. You don’t think that Nike could have provided a matching shoe? Go on Nike’s website and you can get shoes in pretty much any color including the lame combination of black and yellow.

Lastly, I’ve heard rumblings that the Flacco Manchu might get sentenced to death by Gillette and word is fans are concerned because it just might bust up Flacco’s playoff mojo. Really? Seriously? All these superstitions crack me up – no offense Kosmo Krys.

Some fans think that if they don’t wear their lucky jersey that somehow it can actually affect the outcome of a game. But hey, I still love you as long as you are wearing and bleeding purple.

And don’t forget, bring it strong you 70,000 Ravenmaniacs!

I better get going now. I need to get my Ravens parka to and from the dry cleaners before Saturday so I’ll have it for Sunday. Otherwise one and done is a near certainty for Harbaugh & Co.

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I was born to be a cheerleader. Not your average, run-of-the-mill Rah-Rah that jumps and yells on the sidelines, but the kind of cheerleader that catches you up in the moment; that makes you forget you aren’t actually the 12th man on the field.

So tell me then, why was I born in Milford, Delaware? With no home NFL team to speak of, let alone a tradition of fandom, of obsessive dedication to a city and its team.

The answer: Baltimore and the Ravens were waiting for me.

As soon as I stepped foot in this purple city, I was swept away by the spirit of football season. Before I knew it, I’d been to my first NFL game ever (Ravens vs. Cards, 09/23/07). Being there, chanting for them to move the chains, screaming HEAP for the first time and feeling the purple passion in the air as we won in the last seconds of the game. It was the closest I’ve even been to feeling a part of a professional team, like the Ravens really needed me to win.

And then the obsession set in.

If I don’t wear my Ravens underwear and socks, it’s almost certain that we’ll lose. If I don’t watch the game, or listen in the car, it’s my fault when we lose. My current hair color is brown and purple. My Christmas Tree is lit up purple and gold (and it becomes the Ravens Festivus Tree after Christmas, staying up for the remainder of the season).

I have been quoted (on more than one occasion) saying that I could never date a Steelers Fan. I had a roommate once that tried to tell me One Tree Hill would be watched over the Ravens game one Monday. She moved out at the end of the lease.

I spent four hours last Friday night cutting tons of felt Fu Manchu for a friend’s first-grade class. Not a Ravens fan? I don’t care, you’re still getting a “Ball So Hard University” Hoodie for Christmas.

Now I’m the girl that scouts non-football fans – to make them Ravens fans. There’s approachability to our team that not many other cities can claim. Ever been the new guy? So have the Ravens. Ever had a bad day? The Ravens have had bad seasons and managed to stay positive. Been called names? Yeah, the Ravens have, too.

With the playoffs upon us, I have the following thoughts as a five-year Raven fan…

First, I may not have been a fan during the 2000 run, but this is the most prepared I've seen us look since I signed up for Raven-Nation.

Secondly, as someone who was originally a bandwagoner myself, let's have open arms to new football fans and Ravens fans this week, you never know who the next Capt. Dee-Fense will be.

And finally, let's enjoy this week and Sunday in purple. We've all seen how well our boys play when they're having fun, and playing for Baltimore. We may not be on the field but we can affect the game. 

And we’ll wear our purple with pride, because some girls were just born to be Ravens fans.

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It is an exciting time to be a Ravens fan. Still celebrating their AFC North championship, Baltimore will host the divisional playoff game against the Houston Texans on Sunday. It is their fourth consecutive trip to the playoffs and their first home playoff game under head coach John Harbaugh.

The Ravens beat the Texans on October 16 by an impressive score of 29-14. This time the Texans will look a bit different, as they will be with star WR Andre Johnson. However, they will be without injured starting QB Matt Schaub and will start 3rd string QB T.J. Yates.

The Ravens have been successful in beating teams twice this season; they did it with every team in their division. The Texans have a tough defense and a strong RB in Arian Foster, but their passing game has been weak.

This is the playoffs, where regular season records no longer matter; the present is all that matters now. Lose a game in the regular season and you have next week to come back and win. You only get one shot in the playoffs, there are no second chances, this is the time to step up and show the world what you’re made of.

The Ravens have the all the pieces they need in their playoff run. More than half of the Ravens roster has played in the playoffs. Their first round bye week gave the injured players a chance to heal and now the offense will have the help of veteran WR Anquan Boldin, back in the line-up after having knee surgery to repair torn cartilage.

The fans are bursting with excitement. The city is painted purple and they are primed to watch and support their team on Sunday. The Ravens gave their fans a home playoff game, now they just need to give them a home playoff win.

Good luck Sunday. Give it all you’ve got and Play like a Raven.

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Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three, four and five times, well that is just ridiculous.

I literally jumped out of my seat screaming like a crazed Bronco fanatic on that final play when Tebow burned them for the fifth time over 30 yards. The Steelers completely underestimated the Tebow effect and overvalued their man-to-man deep coverage. But who wouldn’t when you have a QB coming into a game with an 18% completion rate on throws over 15 yards going against a defense that had only allowed six receptions over 30 yards in 16 games.

If we learned anything from our battered AFC North bitter rival Pittsburgh on Sunday it was that you cannot underestimate any team and the Texans are no exception.

The Texans rode a three game losing streak on the back of a third string QB into the playoffs but that didn’t stop them from running the ball down Cincy’s throat. The Ravens will have their hands full when this second ranked rushing team comes to town. Even though we are ranked second against that feared attack, a lingering question remains: “Can we stop the run when Foster or Tate bounce to the outside?”

The Ravens have been vulnerable falling close to the bottom of the pack in the NFL giving up an average of 5 yards per rush on the outside.

But after witnessing the foolish Steelers do nothing on Sunday night to adjust to a repeated aerial barrage led by D. Thomas, Chuck Pagano needs to remember not to put all his eggs in one basket either. While the Ravens need to make stopping the run their top priority we can’t afford multiple big plays over the top in the process. Yates can throw when he has to. He didn’t have a jaw dropping 466 or an angelic 3:16 yard day, but the mere 159 yards did include 90 yards and a TD to A. Johnson who didn’t play in Baltimore the first time around.

On Saturday the Texans were balanced on first downs rushing and passing for nine times each, so the Ravens can’t find themselves guessing and getting burned, like on a certain overtime play. We’ve been good at putting pressure on the young QB’s, intercepting them seven times along with 24 sacks this season; now let’s see if the Ravens front can outmuscle the Texans again who kept their young QB upright against the Bengals and didn’t allow a sack.

As for Joe and company, not only did they already beat the Texans, we saw them struggle down the stretch against non-playoff teams. Back in Week 6 it was Boldin who lit up the Texans for 132 yards, and going into this weekend they are going to try to preempt that and get after Flacco just like they did with the four sacks and three interceptions against Dalton. But as long as Oher and McKinnie stop themselves from getting dumb penalties the Ravens could continue the success they had in the final two weeks where they only allowed two sacks.

The Texans are going to make sure that Boldin doesn’t have another big day which I can see opening things up for Flacco’s Fu Manchu soul mate Pitta. However, more than anything we all know when the Ravens give the rock to our playmaker Rice at least 20 times a game we succeed. Score points and not turn the ball over and we win plain and simple.

If Cam learned anything from attending the Texans/Bengals game it had to be stop with the conservative play calling and let your boys fly. These are the playoffs both teams are coming to play and won’t go down easily. It will come down to which team can make the necessary in game adjustments to control the line of scrimmage.

I’m sticking with guys in purple and black.

I know M&T will be rocking so here’s to a playoff win and getting one step closer to Indy!

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Who Needs Guarantees?

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I guarantee we will win the Super Bowl!

Sounds like a pretty bold statement, yet three years in a row the boisterous Rex Ryan has made that claim for his NY Jets. Yes he went to the AFC Championship two years in a row but this season things went in a downwards spiral faster than Charlie Sheen’s career. After the Jets lost on Sunday (which I have to admit I enjoyed watching a little too much) it just showed everyone there are no guarantees, especially in the NFL.

The third time wasn’t a charm and instead of bringing a team together Ryan’s comments seemed to drive the Jets apart; when you have your captain getting benched on a possible game winning drive, and another captain giving reporters the bird it shows that you have a team full of a bunch of “me’s” instead of “we’s.”

Just think about where we would be if the Ravens had hired the aforementioned Ryan, and then realized that the fiasco that has erupted in NY is exactly the reason why we didn’t. I for one at this point in time couldn’t be happier that we hired Harbs who brought our team together instead of Ryan who drove his team out of the playoffs.

Yesterday, my day was brightened when I heard that Balls So Hard University Founder, Sizzle was going to be on First Take. Now for those of you who have never watched the show, don’t start. Skip Bayless has to be one of the most senile sports commentators on television, he wouldn’t know a football if it hit him in the face, actually hey Flacco why don’t you try that one out.

Anyway, the always entertaining Suggs went at it head to head with Bayless defending our Ravens for the umpteenth time. Bayless likes to poke and prod Sizzle, trying to get him to admit he doesn’t believe in Joe Cool, as well as trying to get him to make guarantees. Yesterday was no exception when Skip repeatedly asked Sizzle to guarantee a win against the Steelers and Pats and ultimately guarantee a Super Bowl win.

Our beloved T-Sizzle was having no part in that, as always he exuded confidence in his team (Pitta for MVP). He couldn’t be baited by Skip, because Harbaugh has united this team where we don’t have to make guarantees to try to make others believe in us. We know if we play Ravens football we can beat anyone.

I have respect for the team that we have built over the last four years; everyone has each other’s back, whether they are a rookie or a veteran – thanks Harbaugh. We may never get the recognition by the national media that we deserve, like the golden boy Brady but I’m trying to learn how to accept it instead of cursing at the TV during every sports show in which we aren’t even mentioned.

This season we are 12-4, the #2 Seed, AFC North Champs, swept the division, 6-0 against playoff teams, 8-0 at home, have seven Pro Bowlers, have a top three defense and have arguably the best defensive player and running back in the league in Suggs and Rice. We have one heck of a football team that fans of the other 20 teams sitting at home this week would love to have!

Guarantees are for attention seekers.

I will just leave our playoff run and the ultimate raising of our second Lombardi trophy in God and Tim Tebow’s hands.

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The Chix are Ready!

Ola Chicas,

As I awoke each morning this week I’ve had to pinch myself! Like many fans I had prepared myself for the worst last Sunday! But our Ravens dug deep, held onto their lead and brought us home a BIG Win! How could any fan complain about 12-4 season that includes winning every home game and sweeping all 3 divisional opponents!

Congratulations Ravens and fans we are the AFC North Champions!

Last week also included another exciting event for me and many other female Ravens fans. Ravens Chix hosted a holiday celebration that brought out beautiful Ravens ladies and their wonderful friends. The evening event included a bit of all of the things that females enjoy most. There were delicious specially priced appetizers and drinks, shopping for attire and chic accessories, raffles with great door prizes, girl- friend time, and dancing. The event also included a local non-profit organization. Ravens Chix donated gently worn Ravens gear that will be consigned for Blankets for Warriors of Mercy Medical Center. The successful evening confirmed that Ravens Chix events are a great “girl’s night out!”

Ravens Chix began two years ago as a Facebook page and this blog site. Our motto says it all: “Where ladies like to root, rant, rave and shop!”

Today it has over 3000 fans and several bloggers. We are have increased our presence in the community by hosting events in a variety of area venues. Ravens Chix would like to become an organization that meets the desires of all of its female fans. We need you, our Ravens Chix, to help us grow.

We are looking for female writers that like to root and rant. Our blog is a space where we can share our female perspective of football. You don’t have to stay on the playing field! Blogs can be about anything; tailgating parties, the fans, attire, a player, whatever you think about when you think Ravens! Yes you can even write about shopping!

Ravens Chix is also an important networking resource. Chix that have services and goods to offer can come together to rave about their businesses. With well over 3,000 female Raven fans Ravens Chix events and internet sites are excellent venues to share female related services and goods.

Ravens Chix recognizes the importance of community service and support for those in need. We are interested in promoting programs and projects that improve the lives of Ravens Chix and their families. Some of the non-profits that Ravens Chix have rooted and raved for include Susan G Komen Foundation, Packard Center for ALS, and Mercy Medical Center.

So Chicas, if you haven’t done so, friend us on Facebook at Ravens Chix. Send us your thoughts and comments at the bottom of this blog, in a facebook message or in an email to Stay tuned to join in on the next Ravens Chix event (we’ll have an announcement soon on Facebook) where we’ll rant, rave, root and shop!


Kosmo Krys

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