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It’s Wednesday! And for those fans that have put the Sunday game behind them! Yeah! Hooray for you! Wish I could same the same.

The loss of the AFC championship hit me hard. Shocked and disappointed by the team’s last minute play calamities which led to a loss by 3 lousy points, I’m still stunned. It is just unbelievable that we came this far and missed the chance for another Super Bowl. Even more annoying are the constant smug and condescending comments by Patriot (Stee
lers too) fans and national media.

Yes no doubt Sunday’s loss was hard but it should not have surprised us diehard fans, our season has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions from beginning to end.

So Sunday night into Monday, I was numb, depressed and hurt. I couldn’t focus or even speak. I didn’t sleep well, even had bad dreams and woke in a fog that was heavier than fog outside my house. On Monday evening my husband, who woke on Monday whistling and smiling, took one look at me and said “Really Hon? It was a football game. It’s over. Move on!”

Easy for him and others, but my heart was still too heavy. I always get very emotional around game time. Whether win or lose those emotions carry me well into the week. It’s Wednesday and I’m forcing myself to face the reality...

Ravens fans invest much more than four hours on Sunday afternoons for five months of the year. We invest time reading up on player’s performance, learning our team’s game plan and reviewing team match ups. We take our pre-gaming very seriously, planning serious tailgate parties, attending to the details of fan attire and every Sunday we bring the 12th man/woman energy that our Ravens ask for!

Baltimore fans believe they make a difference in the game’s outcome. After all Coach Harbaugh has told us that Ravens fans are the ultimate 12th man/woman! We know What’s Our Name, how to Play Like A Raven and we have all studied at Ball So Hard University!

And yes we are RELENTLESS!

We may never touch the playing field but we have invested every ounce of our being (and a ton of cash) into making sure that the Baltimore Ravens succeed! Of course we are going to take this loss personally and feel depressed over the season’s ending!

When my sons played sports in school, every moment they were on the field, my heart pounded, my emotions were full tilt and I was raving maniac! When they had a good game I was on a high. When they played poorly, my heart just ached. My little guys were just like Mom, they wore their emotions on their sleeves.

Watching them walk off the field with their chins down and shoulders hunched was devastating. No matter how much understanding and compassion we chanted, their heartbreaking faces and sad moods lingered for hours and sometimes days. We tried hard to help them deal with their emotions. We encouraged them to use their disappointment to work harder and to appreciate each success as a building block to future success.

Hmmm here it is Wednesday after Sundays AFC Championship loss… think I should take my own advice!!

Okay here I go – I am pulling up my big girl purple panties and moving on!

There I’ve done it I’ve ranted and I’ve rambled! I’m ready to look on the bright side! I’m so thankful for an awesome team and an amazing season! I love being a Ravens fan!

Ravens football is never over…. Ravens fans are 24x7 365!!!! Think FREE AGENCY! Think DRAFT!!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


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