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Defense Wins Championships

Posted by Monday, January 16, 2012

No it wasn’t pretty but there aren’t style points in the NFL

On my way to M&T Bank Stadium bright and early Sunday morning I was going over what the Ravens needed to do to win this game and what I feared the Texans would do to us to make my nightmares come to fruition. The Texans definitely brought their ‘A’ game and they didn’t need to come up with an elaborate game plan to do it. They ran the ball and played defense, exactly what you need to do to control the game to come up with a win; the only thing was they were also playing against a ferocious top ranked defense feeding off the home crowd.

“Ohhhhh… Oh..Oh..Oh..Ohhhhh…Oh”, the Seven Nation Army chant was echoing throughout the stadium, there was no way we were going to let the Texans ruin our dreams of getting one step closer to the Lombardi trophy. Ray Lewis was flying around the field making plays left and right, who said he lost a step? And you can’t say enough about Lardarius Webb he was by far one of the biggest Pro Bowl snubs, good thing the Ravens will be busy that week anyway. And how about good old Ed Reed, he dropped two interceptions earlier but the third time was the charm and he made the play when the Ravens needed it most.

We weren’t able to sack T.J. Yates let alone put much pressure on him all game, but it looked like that was part of the scheme Chuck Pagano drew up. Stop the run, which they had trouble doing but also make Yates beat you through the air which turned into three interceptions and a win for the Ravens.

Call me old school but I love defense and seeing players get hit in the mouth. I used to watch NFL Primetime just for their “Jacked Up” segment. However, the NFL is turning tides and becoming pass happy while the ref’s are throwing yellow flags all over the field for unnecessary roughness (or so the NFL calls it now). I have feared with this new league that the defense that all of us Ravens fans have loved for so many years would eventually be buried right next to that “Jacked Up” segment.

It drives me crazy week in and week out when all I hear is Drew Brees threw for 300 yards again, the Packers and Patriots have unstoppable offenses and there is no way that they aren’t going to the Super Bowl. Then when those teams get beat it’s “what happened?” I will let you in on a little secret it’s called defense, when you consistently play against defenses ranked in the bottom half of the NFL of course you are going to put up high numbers. Try playing over ten games against top 10 ranked defenses in one season like the Ravens then come talk to me.

But then the miraculous happened, defense showed up all over the place this weekend and I loved every minute of it! The weekend ended with two of the most talked about offenses getting knocked out by stellar defense. The 49ers forced five turnovers, and the Giants and Ravens each forced four of their own.

A smothering defense is what it is going to take next weekend in New England. Create turnovers, pressure Tom Brady and give your offense a chance to succeed with great field position.

It’s time to take our act on the road and show Tom Brady and his 31st ranked defense who’s boss and why DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!


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