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Don’t Underestimate the Texans

Posted by Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three, four and five times, well that is just ridiculous.

I literally jumped out of my seat screaming like a crazed Bronco fanatic on that final play when Tebow burned them for the fifth time over 30 yards. The Steelers completely underestimated the Tebow effect and overvalued their man-to-man deep coverage. But who wouldn’t when you have a QB coming into a game with an 18% completion rate on throws over 15 yards going against a defense that had only allowed six receptions over 30 yards in 16 games.

If we learned anything from our battered AFC North bitter rival Pittsburgh on Sunday it was that you cannot underestimate any team and the Texans are no exception.

The Texans rode a three game losing streak on the back of a third string QB into the playoffs but that didn’t stop them from running the ball down Cincy’s throat. The Ravens will have their hands full when this second ranked rushing team comes to town. Even though we are ranked second against that feared attack, a lingering question remains: “Can we stop the run when Foster or Tate bounce to the outside?”

The Ravens have been vulnerable falling close to the bottom of the pack in the NFL giving up an average of 5 yards per rush on the outside.

But after witnessing the foolish Steelers do nothing on Sunday night to adjust to a repeated aerial barrage led by D. Thomas, Chuck Pagano needs to remember not to put all his eggs in one basket either. While the Ravens need to make stopping the run their top priority we can’t afford multiple big plays over the top in the process. Yates can throw when he has to. He didn’t have a jaw dropping 466 or an angelic 3:16 yard day, but the mere 159 yards did include 90 yards and a TD to A. Johnson who didn’t play in Baltimore the first time around.

On Saturday the Texans were balanced on first downs rushing and passing for nine times each, so the Ravens can’t find themselves guessing and getting burned, like on a certain overtime play. We’ve been good at putting pressure on the young QB’s, intercepting them seven times along with 24 sacks this season; now let’s see if the Ravens front can outmuscle the Texans again who kept their young QB upright against the Bengals and didn’t allow a sack.

As for Joe and company, not only did they already beat the Texans, we saw them struggle down the stretch against non-playoff teams. Back in Week 6 it was Boldin who lit up the Texans for 132 yards, and going into this weekend they are going to try to preempt that and get after Flacco just like they did with the four sacks and three interceptions against Dalton. But as long as Oher and McKinnie stop themselves from getting dumb penalties the Ravens could continue the success they had in the final two weeks where they only allowed two sacks.

The Texans are going to make sure that Boldin doesn’t have another big day which I can see opening things up for Flacco’s Fu Manchu soul mate Pitta. However, more than anything we all know when the Ravens give the rock to our playmaker Rice at least 20 times a game we succeed. Score points and not turn the ball over and we win plain and simple.

If Cam learned anything from attending the Texans/Bengals game it had to be stop with the conservative play calling and let your boys fly. These are the playoffs both teams are coming to play and won’t go down easily. It will come down to which team can make the necessary in game adjustments to control the line of scrimmage.

I’m sticking with guys in purple and black.

I know M&T will be rocking so here’s to a playoff win and getting one step closer to Indy!


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