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Hey Ravens fans, it's MOVIE NIGHT!

Posted by Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When Billy Cundiff missed the field goal that would have tied the AFC Championship Game and send it into overtime, I lost it. I can tell you without hesitation I had little confidence leading up to the kick. Maybe I’ve been programmed to think that whatever can go wrong will go wrong when it comes to the Ravens and important playoff games. And the apparent confusion and semi-chaotic state of the kicking team getting on to the field only served to heighten my expectation of disappointment.

We all know how that kick ended – a wretched duck hook left that made me think of my golf lessons and how my instructor encouraged me to get some right wrist action at the point of impact. Usually I did and usually I was playing out of the left rough or looking for my hot pink ball along the port side tree line – or worse.

Now “Cundiff” is a verb.

I feel bad for Billy. He had a stellar year in 2010 and 2011 has been anything but. We’ve been told he’s had a calf injury and judging from his accuracy and depth of kickoffs this season, I have no reason to doubt the diagnosis. It’s part of the game.

But honestly, I wasn’t as ticked off at Billy as I was Lee Evans. When Cundiff missed the kick, my immediate thought was F U Lee Evans. Had he attacked that ball and made the catch and gripped it like it was the opportunity of a lifetime (which it was), Baltimore would have some serious swagger right now, heading to Super Bowl XLVI.

Instead, we’re licking our wounds.

When Jim Nance stated the obvious, that Cundiff missed the kick (what an understatement), I got up, took a walk and went outside, dressed only in my Ravens’ Purple Haze tee-shirt. It was cold but for the first 15 minutes I didn’t notice. Eventually reality set in – I was freezing my ass off and the Ravens lost.

It sucked!

Sleep didn’t come easy on Sunday night and when I awoke the next day it took me a moment to realize Sunday wasn’t a dream – check that, wasn’t a nightmare. It happened.

Thankfully the founding father of this destination on the worldwide web opined about the loss and accompanied his editorial with the following video. Thanks TL!

After watching this video it’s hard not to think about who might not be back next season. Let’s face it, we attach ourselves to these players. They represent who we are and the ties that bind them to us are strong. And when they fail to reach the promised land, it stings a bit because you know this same group of 53 men will never ever be a team again. This is it!

And it’s hard not to like our guys. Not only are they tremendous athletes, they are also to a man, class acts who place team goals first, behave as role models for our children and are genuinely good guys.

How lucky are we?

And then there’s this – this video of Ray Lewis and his locker room speech to his teammates following the devastating loss to the Patriots. Do yourself a favor and click on this link.

How amazing is that? If you are a Ravens’ fan how can you not be a little misty after listening to Ray?

“Let’s make somebody smile when we walk out of here!”

How amazing is Ray Lewis? How blessed are we to have watched him here in Baltimore and called him our own for his entire career?


Reality bites and the 2011 season is over and done. Yet along with that cold hard truth, there’s reason to be optimistic about the future. But as the future nears, there will be change. That’s just the way it is in the NFL. I’ll leave the plusses and minuses of such change to our analytical boys on 24x7 but leave it to “Goob” to always help paint the picture with humor. If you don’t follow Goobvision (@RavenManiac on Twitter) you probably should. The guy is a hoot.

I’ll let you be the judge…

Finally, this video was brought to my attention today. It was done last year yet its humor is timeless. As a Ravens fan I can’t help but laugh at the numb-nut Steelers’ fans who don’t even realize they are being played for the tools that they are. Even funnier is their knee-jerk response to anything that challenges their team’s superiority or lack thereof.

Put a Steelers’ fan in his or her place and the automatic response is, “Six!”

Any criticism of the Steelers in the mind of a Yinzer is justified and offset by the word, “Six” as in their Super Bowl titles.

Ask an elementary student in Pittsburgh what 2 + 8 equals and they’ll say, “Six!” Teachers in the rust belt give extra credit for such responses.

Talk about some back-assward rednecks…

Anyway, on that note and to help lighten the load you may be carrying following that loss on Sunday, here’s a laugh at the Yinzers’ expense.


  1. I think we need MATT STOVER back with the RAVENS!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. I miss Matt Stover!!

  4. Deb Says:
  5. A response to the Steeler fans "Six" is to tell them it took them 40 years to get that 1st one and it only took us 5 years to get our 1st title. My ex is a Steeler fan and I've mentioned that to him numerous times and I've told him talk to me when the Ravens are 40 and see how many titles we have then - compared to their 1st 40 years.


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