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I Love Bleeding Playoff Purple

Posted by Monday, January 16, 2012

Let’s d0 it all year Hon!

We live in a great football town! Everyone has been painting Baltimore with purple excitement. This is one time when I don’t mind our local news stations going overboard on their coverage! I could listen to hours of Ravens Fever!

The city government even steps up and lights up the city in a purple haze. All of the radio stations are hosting fan contests, interviewing players, fans and just chatting everything Ravens! Photos of fans young and old wearing jerseys, purple hair, face paint and the new chu fantashes are being posted all over the internet and television. Bars, restaurants, businesses and even grocery stores are hosting Ravens pep rallies and parties.

The Ravens super fans are roaming from one side of town to the other spreading goodwill. The Playoff Purple Friday caravan of cheerleaders was out and about yesterday greeting fans and rallying support. Ravens Chix were at Looney’s Pub North to host their Let’s Bleed Purple Party. On hand were a roomful of beautiful purple adorned ladies who came to rave, root, shop and enjoy each other’s company.

Yes Baltimore has Ravenmania and I love it!

I vote to have this level of fan enthusiasm all season long. I truly love the exhilaration and the sense of being connected to something so positive and huge. The energy and excitement has even touched the ever so critical local sports media and their fans. It is so refreshing to have all the talking heads and the Monday morning QBs say positive things about our team! Thank goodness!

Baltimore is fortunate to have a great football team on and off the field. The Baltimore Ravens organization is one of the best in the league. They work hard for the fans and the community. They really do give their fans a quality product. We need nothing but good mojo from here on out!

Being a fan in Balwmer is so much fun it can bring out the HON in yuse! Anything goes and does. Take the Flacco Fu Manchu… it is now a piece of purple felt! And on Sunday it will be pasted on every fans upper lip. Only in Balwmer hon.

Need pants? Oh the purple camo are just da ones to get! Don’t furget to wear a purple Natty Boh or Balls So Hard tee wit em! Oh yeah hon paint your face half black and purple and top it off with a purple construction helmet that’s got a hole fur yur beer! Yep you’re a Baltimore Ravens Fan now!

On to the AFC Championship baby and we are only getting started!

Rave On

Kosmo Krys


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