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Ravens Fans Need to Bring Their A Game

Posted by Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And then there were 8 – the Elite 8 as they like to say during March Madness.

Four games were played this past weekend and guess what? The home team won each of them! You know what that means B’more? Look if you are asking the Ravens to focus, not overlook the Texans and leave it all on the field, then each and every one of you 70,000 crazies better be prepared to do the same.

And all you people who spent $800 per ticket for lower bowl seats between the 20’s, don’t even think about asking the folks in front of you to sit down. Put down the wine and cheese and get up! If you want great seats and you want to sit in them, go buy a Lazy Boy and a new TV, stay home and you’ll probably still have money left over to buy a bottle of chardonnay, some brie and gourmet crackers.

How lame!

I read TL’s blog about the steps to the Ravens hosting an AFC Championship. I get the logic but fandom isn’t always logical and to suggest that Ravens fans need to root for the Steelers? C’mon TL! I think I’d rather donate an organ without the anesthesia than root for the Steelers.

But I’ll cut you some slack. Friends of mine tried to do the same thing and couldn’t bring themselves to do it. Now that I think about it, your suggestion could be a great Fear Factor challenge for someone from Baltimore.

Back to the Steelers for a sec, didn’t Ben Roethlisberger just get married? And his wife let him out of the house looking like Dick “Douchebag” Tracy. Don’t they have mirrors in the Steelers’ locker room? Oh that’s right, they opted for 16 year old girls instead.

And what’s with the different colored spikes Ben? You are such a drama queen and for all you Steelers fans who troll these blogs, don’t throw up the protective shoe theory. You don’t think that Nike could have provided a matching shoe? Go on Nike’s website and you can get shoes in pretty much any color including the lame combination of black and yellow.

Lastly, I’ve heard rumblings that the Flacco Manchu might get sentenced to death by Gillette and word is fans are concerned because it just might bust up Flacco’s playoff mojo. Really? Seriously? All these superstitions crack me up – no offense Kosmo Krys.

Some fans think that if they don’t wear their lucky jersey that somehow it can actually affect the outcome of a game. But hey, I still love you as long as you are wearing and bleeding purple.

And don’t forget, bring it strong you 70,000 Ravenmaniacs!

I better get going now. I need to get my Ravens parka to and from the dry cleaners before Saturday so I’ll have it for Sunday. Otherwise one and done is a near certainty for Harbaugh & Co.


  1. Xys Jones Says:
  2. I think I love Sheila! Come see me. I'm the guy 911 calls when they have an emergency.

  3. I read Sheila and for some reason the song Stacy's Mom pops into my head. Sheila T has got it going on! Keep bringing it strong. Oh and bring home a win on Sunday too.


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