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The Ride Ended Too Soon

Posted by Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our hopes and dreams for this season were gone in the blink of an eye.

While I was standing in Gillette Stadium surrounded by screaming Patriots fans I felt sick to my stomach. How did this happen? We were so close; we played well enough to beat the Almighty Tom Brady. Looking down at the field I felt bad for our vets, the ones that have been through all the ups and downs with us as well as all the guys that came to our team for this opportunity, a chance to make it to the show. Now unfortunately we all know that we will never have this same 53 man roster ever again.

After the loss I banned all outsider sports media. I couldn’t listen to what analysts had to say about us or what the Facebook world of Ravens haters had on their minds. We get it, the Ravens lost, Lee Evans had the game winning touchdown knocked out of his hands, Billy shanked a kick he’s made a thousand times and the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl and we aren’t.

This one will sting for quite some time. I’m so invested in this team as so many of us are. When they win it makes our days brighter and when they lose we grieve with them. It’s sad to see it end this way after so many amazing moments the Ravens gave us over the course of the season. We are allowed to take a few days to mourn. We don’t need to play the blame game; you don’t think those guys already feel horrible about what happened? I know how I get when I make an error in softball, I feel like I let the whole team down and that’s just recreational softball not the National Football League.

As I try to look at the bright side, I had so many reasons to cheer throughout the course of that championship game (except every time they played an Aerosmith song and showed Steven Tyler on the jumbotron trying to sing along).

Our rookies made some spectacular plays which gives us hope of what is yet to come. Torrey Smith’s leaping touchdown, LaQuan Williams forced fumble and the amazing interception by Jimmy Smith. Joe Flacco led our team down the field like I knew he could and Anquan Boldin, Dennis Pitta, Lardarius Webb and Bernard Pollard all made some highlight worthy plays.

We have a team infused with youth and we can put our trust in Ozzie and company to add to the talent we have in Baltimore and only make us stronger for years to come.

Thanks to the Baltimore Ravens organization and fans for a great season!


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Bet you feel bad talking all that junk about the end of Pittsburgh's season, hunh???

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. You have a deep love for the Ravens, never apoligize for your comments or your feelings. I have trully enjoyed reading your blogs. Till the 2012 season, GO RAVENS!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I doubt she or anyone ever feels bad talking junk about the Steelers. The Steelers got kicked out of the playoffs by an 8-8 team, the Ravens at least lost to the #1 seed. I find it funny that Steelers fans patrol so many Ravens boards...jealous much?

  7. RAYvens Fan Says:
  8. I will still talk junk about the Steelers cuz that's what they are....junk! And you just proved it. Go back to your own board and whine about your own problems and leave us to commizerate with our own. Thanks!

    I bleed purple and this week....I cried purple too.


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