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A Texans invasion at The Bank?

Posted by Saturday, January 14, 2012

Have you heard all these reports of Houston Texans fans coming to M&T Bank Stadium? Grrrrrr!

My first reaction was to get really ticked off and to start hurling expletives towards those wine and cheese fans who sit in the club level and lower level sipping their chardonnay and are more concerned about their cell phones or who else is there or if they painted their nails the right shade of purple.

You know who they are. They sit nearby you I’m sure. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not everyone in those sections who display such obvious traits of narcissism. But these empty Capri-pant-wearing trophy wannabes and their whipped male sidekicks don’t supply energy anyway.

Thankfully the cold weather weeds out some of these poser fans but in the process, it opens the door to visiting fans.

I get that opportunity and capitalism drive our country; supply and demand can pave the way to fame and fortune. But why would a Ravens fan who vents his or her spleen throughout the season supporting the team sell out to the highest bidder when opportunity is knocking at your door? Where are your principles? What happened to your code of fan ethics?

Those few hundred dollars of profit, are they really worth your newly-earned reputation as a sellout? Years from now, should the game be an epic and the experience of a red-letter day in your life lost, where will those couple of Benjamins be then? Loooooooong gone baby! Mwah, kiss those bucks goodbye.

Boy that chaps my Ravens’ tattooed a$$!

And then there is the issue of ticket brokers who buy up all of these PSL’s and when the playoffs roll around, there they are to test your loyalties and drain your wallets.

Or sell the tickets to visiting fans willing to overspend…

When I think back to the last Texans game in October, I may have seen a couple of Arian Foster jerseys, perhaps an Andre Johnson but overall I could count the fans on 2 hands. So I can’t believe that suddenly we’ll have a Yinzer-like invasion like those of the late 90’s.

So here’s what it boils down to – just go nuts at the game. Every one of you! Give it all you’ve got as a fan. Make it so painfully uncomfortable for Houston’s QB TJ Yates that even if there are thousands of fans dressed up like Heinz Ketchup bottles in their “Battle Red”, if Yates is struggling and the Ravens are rolling, they’ll be as quiet a Steelers’ fan taking a verbal IQ test.

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  1. Kathi Says:
  2. I whole heartedly agree with everything you just said...............GO RAVENS... would love to hear the sounds from M&T all the way down Sparrows Point LOL


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