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Posted by Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Chix are Ready!

Ola Chicas,

As I awoke each morning this week I’ve had to pinch myself! Like many fans I had prepared myself for the worst last Sunday! But our Ravens dug deep, held onto their lead and brought us home a BIG Win! How could any fan complain about 12-4 season that includes winning every home game and sweeping all 3 divisional opponents!

Congratulations Ravens and fans we are the AFC North Champions!

Last week also included another exciting event for me and many other female Ravens fans. Ravens Chix hosted a holiday celebration that brought out beautiful Ravens ladies and their wonderful friends. The evening event included a bit of all of the things that females enjoy most. There were delicious specially priced appetizers and drinks, shopping for attire and chic accessories, raffles with great door prizes, girl- friend time, and dancing. The event also included a local non-profit organization. Ravens Chix donated gently worn Ravens gear that will be consigned for Blankets for Warriors of Mercy Medical Center. The successful evening confirmed that Ravens Chix events are a great “girl’s night out!”

Ravens Chix began two years ago as a Facebook page and this blog site. Our motto says it all: “Where ladies like to root, rant, rave and shop!”

Today it has over 3000 fans and several bloggers. We are have increased our presence in the community by hosting events in a variety of area venues. Ravens Chix would like to become an organization that meets the desires of all of its female fans. We need you, our Ravens Chix, to help us grow.

We are looking for female writers that like to root and rant. Our blog is a space where we can share our female perspective of football. You don’t have to stay on the playing field! Blogs can be about anything; tailgating parties, the fans, attire, a player, whatever you think about when you think Ravens! Yes you can even write about shopping!

Ravens Chix is also an important networking resource. Chix that have services and goods to offer can come together to rave about their businesses. With well over 3,000 female Raven fans Ravens Chix events and internet sites are excellent venues to share female related services and goods.

Ravens Chix recognizes the importance of community service and support for those in need. We are interested in promoting programs and projects that improve the lives of Ravens Chix and their families. Some of the non-profits that Ravens Chix have rooted and raved for include Susan G Komen Foundation, Packard Center for ALS, and Mercy Medical Center.

So Chicas, if you haven’t done so, friend us on Facebook at Ravens Chix. Send us your thoughts and comments at the bottom of this blog, in a facebook message or in an email to Stay tuned to join in on the next Ravens Chix event (we’ll have an announcement soon on Facebook) where we’ll rant, rave, root and shop!


Kosmo Krys

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  1. Tina LaRicci Says:
  2. I was born and Raised Right in the Heart of Bmore....Hampden to be excate! I live in Myrtle Beach now, 15 yrs, But oh Boy, When My Purple birds are playing, my girls say.... Oh No! Mom's Ravens are on, Lets go upstairs, she's gonna be a screaming!! haha, oddly enough, My youngest out of the 3 10 yrs, hangs right in there with me! Oh yeah RICE RICE BABY! LEWIE LEWIE, GIVE ME HUGS SUGGS, NO SLACKO FOR FLACCO! IT'S TIME TO TURN THE BOWL PURPLE! ♥ MY RAVENS!


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