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Who Needs Guarantees?

Posted by Thursday, January 5, 2012

I guarantee we will win the Super Bowl!

Sounds like a pretty bold statement, yet three years in a row the boisterous Rex Ryan has made that claim for his NY Jets. Yes he went to the AFC Championship two years in a row but this season things went in a downwards spiral faster than Charlie Sheen’s career. After the Jets lost on Sunday (which I have to admit I enjoyed watching a little too much) it just showed everyone there are no guarantees, especially in the NFL.

The third time wasn’t a charm and instead of bringing a team together Ryan’s comments seemed to drive the Jets apart; when you have your captain getting benched on a possible game winning drive, and another captain giving reporters the bird it shows that you have a team full of a bunch of “me’s” instead of “we’s.”

Just think about where we would be if the Ravens had hired the aforementioned Ryan, and then realized that the fiasco that has erupted in NY is exactly the reason why we didn’t. I for one at this point in time couldn’t be happier that we hired Harbs who brought our team together instead of Ryan who drove his team out of the playoffs.

Yesterday, my day was brightened when I heard that Balls So Hard University Founder, Sizzle was going to be on First Take. Now for those of you who have never watched the show, don’t start. Skip Bayless has to be one of the most senile sports commentators on television, he wouldn’t know a football if it hit him in the face, actually hey Flacco why don’t you try that one out.

Anyway, the always entertaining Suggs went at it head to head with Bayless defending our Ravens for the umpteenth time. Bayless likes to poke and prod Sizzle, trying to get him to admit he doesn’t believe in Joe Cool, as well as trying to get him to make guarantees. Yesterday was no exception when Skip repeatedly asked Sizzle to guarantee a win against the Steelers and Pats and ultimately guarantee a Super Bowl win.

Our beloved T-Sizzle was having no part in that, as always he exuded confidence in his team (Pitta for MVP). He couldn’t be baited by Skip, because Harbaugh has united this team where we don’t have to make guarantees to try to make others believe in us. We know if we play Ravens football we can beat anyone.

I have respect for the team that we have built over the last four years; everyone has each other’s back, whether they are a rookie or a veteran – thanks Harbaugh. We may never get the recognition by the national media that we deserve, like the golden boy Brady but I’m trying to learn how to accept it instead of cursing at the TV during every sports show in which we aren’t even mentioned.

This season we are 12-4, the #2 Seed, AFC North Champs, swept the division, 6-0 against playoff teams, 8-0 at home, have seven Pro Bowlers, have a top three defense and have arguably the best defensive player and running back in the league in Suggs and Rice. We have one heck of a football team that fans of the other 20 teams sitting at home this week would love to have!

Guarantees are for attention seekers.

I will just leave our playoff run and the ultimate raising of our second Lombardi trophy in God and Tim Tebow’s hands.


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  2. Love how this fan writes! Well said and a with a touch of humor. Go RAVENS!

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  4. Great blog!


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