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Ola Chicas!

Can believe it’s the end of February!

Other than the extremely mild weather there is not a lot to cheer about this month! Football fans are left to guessing upcoming trades, draft picks, waiting on player signings and watching the combine.

I’m not a real fan of the NBA, NASCAR or golf! I do enjoy College B-Ball and so I’ll follow March Madness. Though I find all of the brackets and conferences so confusing! I usually watch just the second half of the games. The scores go up and down so often that I don’t invest hours on end watching game after game. You gotta be a big B-Ball fan to do that. I find that watching the final minutes of a game will get me in the game and give me all that I want to know!

But all is not gloomy.... February is the beginning of a very exciting sport season that is near and dear to the hearts of many Marylanders.

Often called “The fastest game on two feet”, Lacrosse is abundant here in the “land of pleasant living.”

It has taken a long time but lacrosse, a game first played by Native Americans, is finally getting the national recognition it deserves. If you haven’t experienced a game I suggest you check out a game at your local high school field.

There are also plenty of great college teams here in town to check on! You can watch a game on TV but like going to a football game, there is nothing like watching it on the field. It has everything a football fan likes; its fast, its rough, it’s tough, it’s over in less than 2 hours and there is plenty of talent. Whether it’s a recreation league, high school or college, you won’t be disappointed. Lacrosse is a natural fit for many fanatic football fans.

The game is interesting because it has two very distinct set of rules, one for men and one for women. Men’s lax plays just like you would imagine they play physically rougher and with more aggression. Women’s lax, though certainly a bit more aggressive than in its early years is much more of a graceful finesse game. Watching the women make quick passes and use skillful ball control while running with a stick with a small mess pocket is remarkable.

Ask any lax fanatic and they will tell you women’s lax is a much harder sport to master. Thus another reason for Ravens Chix to love women’s lacrosse!

So Chicas if you are bored (Sheila that includes you) and need some sporting enjoyment I suggest you get out to a lacrosse game. The weather is warming and you can enjoy the sunshine and the local athletic talent.

I promise after one game you will have found your second favorite sport to Root Rant and Rave On!

Only 6 months ‘til Football season!

Rave On

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The sporting world today is just a snoozefest! Without the NFL I find myself incredibly bored with weekend sports programming.

I can’t get into college basketball. Maybe a block pool in March will help but that’s almost a month away. Terps, c’mon turtles! Give me a reason to think you can actually make it to the dance. I know, I know, next year.

NBA? Not!

Golf = Ambien.

The Orioles? Has their nickname “O’s” ever been more appropriate.

It’s gotten so bad that I find myself watching highlights of the NFL Scouting Combine.

February really sucks. Thank God it’s the shortest month and oh by the way, I hate leap years. Really, what’s the point of that anyway? Why not add another day to summer? June 31 sounds so much better than February 29.

What to do?

Well, only 16 days until the free agency period and the NFL’s new year begins.


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New Look for 2012

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So now that the 2011 NFL season is officially over thankfully with the pretty boy walking off the field with his head down, we have big changes to look forward to during the offseason.

Not only is there all of the debates of what free agents we will sign and release and who we will draft in April, but there is another big change…NEW UNIFORMS!

In case you missed it, Nike unveiled the new Vapor Gloves during the Pro Bowl. You can see all the looks here on the NFL’s Facebook page.

Ok, so sure new player speculation is fun but I have to admit I make an attempt to be a fashionista, so the new look Nike is bringing to the NFL in 2012 has got me really excited.

Several months ago fans thought the new looks had been leaked, which we later learned were just a creative fan’s vision not the real deal. These looks spawned criticism that they resembled college uniforms which to some are a little too flashy, but in my eyes the dramatic change was refreshing and if Nike puts out anything along these lines I think they will be a hit. With uniforms like these the players could not only be faster with the new technology used in the fabrication process but they can also look a lot more appealing. There are new collections strutting down the runways each season so why can’t the NFL update their look to this century?

Professional sports teams always go through a change at some point, basketball players got rid of the booty shorts and you rarely see a baseball player wearing stirrup socks anymore. I’m sure fans of the iconic teams like the Packers, Cowboys and Raiders would be unwilling to give up their traditional looks but they can just look forward to games where teams decide to put on the throwbacks.

The real changes are still unknown and an NFL spokesman pointed out that teams and the league determine their logos and distinctive markings, not Nike, but either way the suspense is killing me. I just want to see what the players will be decked in come September!

And good news for football fans that like change, come April we get to go shopping for new jerseys to wear next season!

And ladies can we really turn down an opportunity to shop?

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Better mind their P’s & Q’s

The post-Super Bowl hype is just as bountiful as was the pre-game buildup. Like the Super Bowl year of the Janet and Justin malfunction this year the big post-game story was not from the playing field. The misguided actions of two female celebrities grabbed the media’s attention.

First it was the halftime show with the on stage disrespectful and childlike antics of pop singer M.I.A. (Missing in Action?). Madonna went out on a musical limb (a very thin musical limb) to sing her new silly bubblegum pop tune that featured guest vocals from two young hip hop females, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

Madonna having assured the media that there would not be a “wardrobe malfunction” didn’t expect that her young protégé would over shadow her Queen of Diva’s spotlight with a behavior malfunction. Madonna’s halftime spectacular was a near flawless performance (we’ll overlook Madonna missing her step when climbing onto a bench - At 53 years, girlfriend needs to be careful dancing in such high heels!) but it was all tarnished by M.I.A.’s classless move of flipping the bird to the camera.

According to reports, M.I.A. explained her digit malfunction by being “so caught up in the excitement and so nervous” that she didn’t have a choice. Duh????

Superstar Madonna hasn’t made a comment.

If the rude halftime act wasn’t enough celebrity drama, superstar model Gisele Bundchen also shared in a bad behavior malfunction. After being taunted by a Giants fan, Mrs. Tom “Crybaby” Brady displayed a significant lack of self-control. She sounded off, a bit like her husband, blaming others for the Patriots loss. Giselle, knowing that the press was right behind her, showed a less than sportsman like attitude by publicly dissing Tom’s teammates. Neither Mr. or Mrs. Brady have made a formal comment. Maybe Gisele was upset that Madonna and other celebs were getting more attention. Or maybe like M.I.A., she was so caught up in the Super Bowl excitement and was so nervous that she couldn’t control herself. Other rumor has it that Mrs. B is Tom’s real Super Bowl jinx – he hasn’t won since they’ve been together!

I’m ashamed of both of these Chicas. Their bad behavior was disrespectful to the NFL and to the audience. They were both well aware that the public was watching them. If you are a celebrity there are plenty of ways to get attention, you don’t have to act like a child or be disrespectful to others. M.I.A. should be thrilled she had a chance to show off her lack of talent. As for Mrs. B, well she lives with Tom, enough said.

It’s Tuesday night and the media is still hyping up the crazy mad actions of these female celebrities. They have taken the attention from where it should be - on the Super Bowl Champion Giants! Chix the media world has gone bananas and looks like we are buying into their agenda!

Oh and then there is the 80’s icon Madonna! She was always thought to be the Queen of Provocative!

Wow has the table turned!

Rave On

Kosmo Krys

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Favored Sons

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Although the Ravens came up short in their hopes of hoisting the Lombardi this season, Terrell Suggs and Matt Birk were rewarded in different ways.

On Feb. 4, NBC held an award show titled the NFL Honors. The show rewarded players and coaches on their individual performances throughout the NFL season in different categories. The award show was host to many athletes, coaches, and even celebrities.

Two Ravens in particular were both winners in their own category. Ravens C Matt Birk was named the 2011 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year. The award is given to an individual who is recognized for his off-the-field community service along with their excellence on the field.

“I am grateful to have played for two organizations, the Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens, which encourage and support their players' community efforts. I have always considered it a privilege to play in the NFL and serve the communities that support our game,” Birk said.

Joining Matt in the award limelight was LB Terrell Suggs, named the Associated Press 2011 Defensive Player of the Year. There were tons of other great nominees, such as Jared Allen who had a whopping 22 sacks this season. Then again, T-Sizzle was a complete beast this past season with Ravens 3rd ranked defense in the league.

“I want to thank my teammates, especially my mentor, my brother Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. I’ve got to thank the Ravens organization because not at all times I acted like a pro, but they stayed behind me, so I take my hat off to them,” Suggs said.

Suggs also went on to thank the fans of Baltimore.

“I’ve always said that I play for our fans, and this honor is a tribute to them. I’m very appreciative of Ravens Nation and their love and support throughout the past nine years.”

Suggs is the third Raven to win Defensive Player of the Year, joining Baltimore legends Ed Reed and Ray Lewis

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I’m still bitter and I’m not afraid to admit it. Last Friday night, I had an alumni event at my alma mater. It was the first non-Purple-Friday in many months. I wore all gray to match my mood.

I know a lot of you fans still wore purple last weekend but I couldn’t bring myself to put it on. Not because I’m not proud, oh hell yeah I’m proud of our boys! Proud to be a Ravens fan! I’m not bitter at our purple warriors.

I’m bitter at reality.

There are so many “what ifs” from that game; I can’t blame any one of them for our loss.

Moving on, I’m not one of those people who want to see the AFC team win the Super Bowl. I missed last year’s Super Bowl because I couldn’t bear watching Ben win again. So I missed their big loss to the Packers. In hindsight, I wish I had seen it.

If there’s any QB I dislike more than Ben, it’s absolutely Tom Brady. So, this Sunday, I guess I’m hoping the Giants win, but once again, I’ll miss the Super Bowl. I’ll catch up on the best commercials on Monday. So, I’ve been brainstorming on what I’m going to do Sunday night and thought I’d share some of my ideas.

1. Catch up on football research and bank some blog posts for the off-season. (You know you want me to bug you all year.)

2. Watch paint dry (since grass isn’t growing right now and my husband did just paint our bathroom).

3. Watch The Godfather trilogy that someone gave us as a gift last year. (Of course I’ve seen them, many times, just not all in one sitting.)

4. Organize and backup all my digital photos and iTunes libraries. (This one is so overdue, it might just win.)

5. Clean out my internet cache and temporary files. Oh and run a defrag too. (As soon as someone tells me exactly what all that means.)

6. Write (by hand) letters to my out-of-state friends who I’ve been out of touch with over the years. (Although they probably wouldn’t be able to read my handwriting after 20+ years of typing everything in my head.)

7. Shred old bills, one sheet at a time, in my tiny personal shredder. (This would have to include many years of unused Ravens playoff tickets. Yup. I save them.)

8. Clean behind the fridge, stove, washer, and dryer. (Apparently we’re supposed to do this once or twice a year? Who knew?)

9. Watch the 10-hour, star-studded, football-free movie extravaganza on Lifetime TV for Women. (OK, if I’m gonna watch chicks going postal, I’ll just watch Brady in the Super Bowl.)

10. Start drinking Bloody Marys at breakfast and keep drinking enough to pass out by 6pm. (This really is my best idea to date, and the clear winner in my opinion.)

So, Chix, are you watching?

If not, what are your plans?

Clearly, I need some fresh ideas.

Mind your x’s and o’s

The Purple Maven

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They say if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it. This may have been the Baltimore Ravens philosophy when they decided to keep offensive coordinator (OC), Cam Cameron on their roster next season. Cameron, who just completed his 4th season with the team, was awarded a contract extension and will remain the OC.

The Ravens reached the playoffs in each of the last four seasons, all with Cameron as their OC. They just completed an impressive 12-4 season, making it all the way to the AFC title game where they lost to the New England Patriots.

While the Ravens have never been an offensive powerhouse, a powerful defense is their thing, but aging players will be cause for alarm in the coming years and the Ravens will need to find a way to evolve their offense and put more points on the scoreboard.

That’s where Cameron comes into play (pun intended). Throughout his tenure as OC, he has been criticized for his vanilla and predictable play calling. While his play calling can be blah and QB Joe Flacco has had his share of ups and downs, the offense shined in a few games and boasted impressive wins including the 35-7 victory over AFC North rival the Pittsburgh Steelers and the win against the Arizona Cardinals, when the Ravens were down by 21 points at halftime and came back to win the game 30-27.

While it would be awesome if Cameron’s play calling resulted in high scoring wins on a regular basis, that isn’t going to happen and he must find ways to develop plays that will put the ball in the air and into the end zone. A powerful running game will only get you so far and the offense must take it to the next level to increase their chances of making it to the big game.

This week the Ravens added an important piece to their coaching staff by hiring former Indianapolis head coach Jim Caldwell to be the Ravens quarterback coach.
I wasn’t surprised when I heard that Cameron was staying put, while the defensive coaching staff has seen its share of personal changes, Cameron, along with head coach John Harbaugh, have been constants in the Ravens coaching staff and they work well together.

I agree that Cameron’s play calling can be lackluster and predictable, but more often than not, it gets the job done. A 12-4 record in a defense heavy division is hard to come and yet somehow Cameron’s mediocre offensive play calling got it done to win the AFC North.

The Ravens offense has greatly improved since Cameron came on board and Flacco became the starting QB and I believe that we will see more improvements in 2012. Unlike last season, there will be OTAs and a full training camp, giving Cameron (and Caldwell) more time to work with players and develop game plans for the regular season.

The Ravens aren’t destined to be an offensive powerhouse and Cameron doesn’t try to make them into something they are not. His play calling isn’t the best, but it is far from the worst and I know what to expect when the Ravens take the field. At least with Cameron, I know that we stand a chance of reaching the playoffs; replacing him would have been a gamble.

And that’s a bet I’m not sure I’d want to make.

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