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Posted by Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ola Chicas!

Can believe it’s the end of February!

Other than the extremely mild weather there is not a lot to cheer about this month! Football fans are left to guessing upcoming trades, draft picks, waiting on player signings and watching the combine.

I’m not a real fan of the NBA, NASCAR or golf! I do enjoy College B-Ball and so I’ll follow March Madness. Though I find all of the brackets and conferences so confusing! I usually watch just the second half of the games. The scores go up and down so often that I don’t invest hours on end watching game after game. You gotta be a big B-Ball fan to do that. I find that watching the final minutes of a game will get me in the game and give me all that I want to know!

But all is not gloomy.... February is the beginning of a very exciting sport season that is near and dear to the hearts of many Marylanders.

Often called “The fastest game on two feet”, Lacrosse is abundant here in the “land of pleasant living.”

It has taken a long time but lacrosse, a game first played by Native Americans, is finally getting the national recognition it deserves. If you haven’t experienced a game I suggest you check out a game at your local high school field.

There are also plenty of great college teams here in town to check on! You can watch a game on TV but like going to a football game, there is nothing like watching it on the field. It has everything a football fan likes; its fast, its rough, it’s tough, it’s over in less than 2 hours and there is plenty of talent. Whether it’s a recreation league, high school or college, you won’t be disappointed. Lacrosse is a natural fit for many fanatic football fans.

The game is interesting because it has two very distinct set of rules, one for men and one for women. Men’s lax plays just like you would imagine they play physically rougher and with more aggression. Women’s lax, though certainly a bit more aggressive than in its early years is much more of a graceful finesse game. Watching the women make quick passes and use skillful ball control while running with a stick with a small mess pocket is remarkable.

Ask any lax fanatic and they will tell you women’s lax is a much harder sport to master. Thus another reason for Ravens Chix to love women’s lacrosse!

So Chicas if you are bored (Sheila that includes you) and need some sporting enjoyment I suggest you get out to a lacrosse game. The weather is warming and you can enjoy the sunshine and the local athletic talent.

I promise after one game you will have found your second favorite sport to Root Rant and Rave On!

Only 6 months ‘til Football season!

Rave On


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