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Posted by Saturday, February 25, 2012

The sporting world today is just a snoozefest! Without the NFL I find myself incredibly bored with weekend sports programming.

I can’t get into college basketball. Maybe a block pool in March will help but that’s almost a month away. Terps, c’mon turtles! Give me a reason to think you can actually make it to the dance. I know, I know, next year.

NBA? Not!

Golf = Ambien.

The Orioles? Has their nickname “O’s” ever been more appropriate.

It’s gotten so bad that I find myself watching highlights of the NFL Scouting Combine.

February really sucks. Thank God it’s the shortest month and oh by the way, I hate leap years. Really, what’s the point of that anyway? Why not add another day to summer? June 31 sounds so much better than February 29.

What to do?

Well, only 16 days until the free agency period and the NFL’s new year begins.


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  1. Right on! And you used my photo!


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