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New Look for 2012

Posted by Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So now that the 2011 NFL season is officially over thankfully with the pretty boy walking off the field with his head down, we have big changes to look forward to during the offseason.

Not only is there all of the debates of what free agents we will sign and release and who we will draft in April, but there is another big change…NEW UNIFORMS!

In case you missed it, Nike unveiled the new Vapor Gloves during the Pro Bowl. You can see all the looks here on the NFL’s Facebook page.

Ok, so sure new player speculation is fun but I have to admit I make an attempt to be a fashionista, so the new look Nike is bringing to the NFL in 2012 has got me really excited.

Several months ago fans thought the new looks had been leaked, which we later learned were just a creative fan’s vision not the real deal. These looks spawned criticism that they resembled college uniforms which to some are a little too flashy, but in my eyes the dramatic change was refreshing and if Nike puts out anything along these lines I think they will be a hit. With uniforms like these the players could not only be faster with the new technology used in the fabrication process but they can also look a lot more appealing. There are new collections strutting down the runways each season so why can’t the NFL update their look to this century?

Professional sports teams always go through a change at some point, basketball players got rid of the booty shorts and you rarely see a baseball player wearing stirrup socks anymore. I’m sure fans of the iconic teams like the Packers, Cowboys and Raiders would be unwilling to give up their traditional looks but they can just look forward to games where teams decide to put on the throwbacks.

The real changes are still unknown and an NFL spokesman pointed out that teams and the league determine their logos and distinctive markings, not Nike, but either way the suspense is killing me. I just want to see what the players will be decked in come September!

And good news for football fans that like change, come April we get to go shopping for new jerseys to wear next season!

And ladies can we really turn down an opportunity to shop?


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