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Super Bowl Chicas have Behavior Malfunctions

Posted by Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Better mind their P’s & Q’s

The post-Super Bowl hype is just as bountiful as was the pre-game buildup. Like the Super Bowl year of the Janet and Justin malfunction this year the big post-game story was not from the playing field. The misguided actions of two female celebrities grabbed the media’s attention.

First it was the halftime show with the on stage disrespectful and childlike antics of pop singer M.I.A. (Missing in Action?). Madonna went out on a musical limb (a very thin musical limb) to sing her new silly bubblegum pop tune that featured guest vocals from two young hip hop females, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

Madonna having assured the media that there would not be a “wardrobe malfunction” didn’t expect that her young protégé would over shadow her Queen of Diva’s spotlight with a behavior malfunction. Madonna’s halftime spectacular was a near flawless performance (we’ll overlook Madonna missing her step when climbing onto a bench - At 53 years, girlfriend needs to be careful dancing in such high heels!) but it was all tarnished by M.I.A.’s classless move of flipping the bird to the camera.

According to reports, M.I.A. explained her digit malfunction by being “so caught up in the excitement and so nervous” that she didn’t have a choice. Duh????

Superstar Madonna hasn’t made a comment.

If the rude halftime act wasn’t enough celebrity drama, superstar model Gisele Bundchen also shared in a bad behavior malfunction. After being taunted by a Giants fan, Mrs. Tom “Crybaby” Brady displayed a significant lack of self-control. She sounded off, a bit like her husband, blaming others for the Patriots loss. Giselle, knowing that the press was right behind her, showed a less than sportsman like attitude by publicly dissing Tom’s teammates. Neither Mr. or Mrs. Brady have made a formal comment. Maybe Gisele was upset that Madonna and other celebs were getting more attention. Or maybe like M.I.A., she was so caught up in the Super Bowl excitement and was so nervous that she couldn’t control herself. Other rumor has it that Mrs. B is Tom’s real Super Bowl jinx – he hasn’t won since they’ve been together!

I’m ashamed of both of these Chicas. Their bad behavior was disrespectful to the NFL and to the audience. They were both well aware that the public was watching them. If you are a celebrity there are plenty of ways to get attention, you don’t have to act like a child or be disrespectful to others. M.I.A. should be thrilled she had a chance to show off her lack of talent. As for Mrs. B, well she lives with Tom, enough said.

It’s Tuesday night and the media is still hyping up the crazy mad actions of these female celebrities. They have taken the attention from where it should be - on the Super Bowl Champion Giants! Chix the media world has gone bananas and looks like we are buying into their agenda!

Oh and then there is the 80’s icon Madonna! She was always thought to be the Queen of Provocative!

Wow has the table turned!

Rave On

Kosmo Krys


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