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The New Scapegoat

Posted by Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here we go the new scandal for all the media outlets to endlessly debate.

As some are now calling it, “Bountygate” has Gregg Williams and the New Orleans Saints front and center of conversation this off season, and it’s not a good thing.

Players from the past as well as current players are giving their opinions on the issue and I honestly agree with those that are saying it’s not as big of a deal as the media is making it out to be. I don’t think these bounties really changed the outcome of any game, I still think the Saints would’ve been Super Bowl Champions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think what Gregg Williams did was absolutely stupid, but the NFL has to know this isn’t a new thing.

But, do you really think that players need the extra incentive of a few bucks to want to make a big play? With or without money players that love to hit are going to come after you, and if you are a quarterback you better believe defenses are out for your head, especially if your name is Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner or Brett Favre.

Players know if you take out a team’s QB or even their best player then your chances of winning shoot up drastically.

This is taught from peewee football up through college, what do you think those stickers on their helmets are for? That’s right for making big plays.

I don’t think these bounties gave the Saints or any other team that was involved a tactical advantage. Unlike “Spygate” which actually gave the Patriots an advantage over the teams they played. The hits that the Saints were handing out could’ve knocked out their best players, but those hits could’ve also been flagged which would’ve given the Saints a disadvantage.

Players are constantly fined for illegal hits, some of which may have offset any bounty that they received anyway. And if they didn’t get fined then the NFL considered it a legal hit, so if a player was injured on that play it was what it was.

However, I think the NFL is going to do it’s best to take care of this situation as quickly as possible. Especially since Favre has come out and questioned all the licks he took during the playoff game against the Saints a few years ago. The last thing the NFL wants is for players like him filing suits against them for the injuries they incurred while playing against the teams that supposedly had these bounties.

Even if the Saints aren’t the only organization that ran the bounty system, the NFL is going to make an example out Gregg Williams and those directly involved. We all know Roger Goodell likes to be the big man on the block and he won’t let this slide.

In the end, football is a tough guy sport.

Players are going to get hit whether there is a bounty or not.

So stop crying about it!


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