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The 4 F’s of life: Nothing else matters

Posted by Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I woke up this morning and dragged my butt to the gym.  This is a big accomplishment for me considering I am not a morning person.  It will usually take me 4 hours to actually wake and feel normal but this morning I was on the ball and out the door in 30 minutes.  While I was continuing my love/hate relationship with the treadmill, I began to ponder my happiness this morning.  Although I’m not really thrilled with the early morning wake and I debated kicking the treadmill instead of running, I felt good.  I’m happy.  I have everything that I need at the moment.
What are these 4 F’s that I am referring to you may ask?  I’m talking about Family, Friends, Food, and of course Football.  I will not go as far to say that these are the essentials of life but its pretty close.
The 4 F’s are:
FAMILY ~ I cannot tell a lie, my family is dysfunctional and crazy.  The hubs and I bicker, my boys are spawns of the devil but I wouldn’t have it any other way.   For the second time in our 12 long years of marriage, we are surrounded by family.  It’s a love/hate thing (just like me and the treadmill) since it is something that we are not entirely use too.  Some find it great when family lives close, others find it annoying.  Some are lucky to have family close while others are not.  As for me, I might complain about it, but I still enjoy it.  Unfortunately, you cannot pick who is your family but you except them dysfunction and all.
FRIENDS ~ I really do have some amazing friends.  They are all dysfunctional and crazy which is probably the reason why we flock together.  The hubs and I are blessed to have friends all over the world, from all walks of our lives.  It does not matter if you have a handful or hundreds; they are there for you and want to be a part of your life.  They are your friends.
FOOD ~ I love food!  I’m a picky eater, but I still love it.  If you were to look at my pins on Pinterest, you’d see for yourself.  I tend to find new things I want to try, it comforts me when I’m down, and it gives me excuses to socialize with others. 
FOOTBALL ~ I know it’s not football season right now, but it’s still a part of my happiness.  I blogged a few days ago with a letter to Ray Rice and it received more attention and support than I could of ever imagined.  I have been given an opportunity to share my opinions and thoughts and people are reading and listening.  My team is one of the best in football.  My team has the best fans and the best players in a sport that is not only exciting but challenging.  Football is the magnet that brings the 4 “F’s” together. 
Family, Friends, Food, and Football:  the 4 F’s of life.  Where can you go wrong if you have these four things in your life? 

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  1. Stephanie Says:
  2. I can so relate to this!


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