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In honor of Steve Bisciotti’s birthday on April 10th, I decided to take a moment to thank him for giving the state of Maryland a great competitive football team season after season.

Since Bisciotti took over full ownership of the Baltimore Ravens he has built a top of the line training facility and he has helped finance a team that has become a playoff staple.

He seems to understand what it takes to win and has surrounded himself with not only great players but a great coaching and front office staff as well. And all of this has become extremely evident since he named John Harbaugh the Ravens head coach.

Bisciotti now has an organization that is not only respected in Maryland but also around the league.

Being a person that loves sports and Baltimore sports in general I can’t thank Steve enough for giving me a reason to cheer during games instead of cry (well I can’t say that I’ve never wanted to cry…cough cough AFC Championship game) but there has been more cheering than crying over the past few years.

I would love it if the owner of the orange and black would take a class on how to be an effective owner from Bisciotti.

Once football season comes to an end I begin to look forward to blooming flowers and for the nine guys to take the field.

Baseball is my original true love.

I started playing t-ball when I was about 5 years old and continued into softball and still play to this day; I also worked for a Minor League team after college for a couple years. I love everything about being outside on the diamond whether I’m sliding into home or in the stands cheering on the O’s.

This is why it pains me every year that Peter Angelos still owns our beloved Orioles. We have endured 14 losing seasons and are the laughing stock of the league and each year I’m just praying it will end.

I am baffled however, with the amount of money that he has spent on the new Spring Training facility, the upgrades to Camden Yards and changing the logo back to the cartoon bird (I can only hope that this logo change has the same effect that taking the “Devil” out of the Rays did for Tampa).

I will support my team until the end but I’m waiting for the day Angelos will care more about the product he is putting on the field rather than how much money he is putting into his pocket.

Angelos really can’t be that insane that he doesn’t realize he could make even more money if the O’s were actually competitive…or could he be?

Maybe one day he will care that he is robbing the city and league of quality baseball (wishful thinking).

It’s amazing that a city with such a rich sports history can have two current owners that fall on totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

I would gladly set up the meeting between the two, so that Steve could hopefully pound into Peter’s head that it is ok to spend money on quality players and it is ok to succeed.

Who knows how long the sports imbalance in Baltimore will go on, but if you ever see Steve Bisciotti out on the town make sure to shake his hand and thank him for giving us a reason to smile two seasons out of the year.


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