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Blankets for Warriors

Posted by Friday, April 13, 2012

As fans we believe in our team. Our undying, unwavering devotion instills belief and despite obstacles or outside influences that negatively impact our team suggesting trouble ahead, we continue to have faith guided by the lofty wings of hope.

By definition faith is a firm belief in something for which there is no proof.

Think about that for a moment…

Throughout our formative years as we progress through the various levels of education, we are taught deductive reasoning, encouraged to think logically and reach rational conclusions supported by evidence.

All of these things fly in the face of faith.

In June of 2010 I lost a dear friend and I’m left with faith and with memories to curb my sadness. Her loss remains extremely painful.

Interestingly I only had the pleasure of knowing Janine for 2 ½ years, clearly not enough time to feel the devastating loss that I felt under ordinary circumstances but for those who are fortunate enough to have known her, Janine Tolley was anything but ordinary.

This wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend courageously fought a monster called cancer. As a woman committed to fitness and nutrition, she refused to yield to its destructive powers without a fight, one that the monster eventually won. During her final days after a 10 month bout she was faced with a choice to sustain her life artificially to perhaps buy some time to discover other weapons with which to slay this monster or continue on without the support.

She refused to be dependent upon machines.

Janine suffered trying to fight her cancer but along the way, she was comforted by her blanket and grew fond of the idea of providing comfort to others like her who suffered. She wanted to develop a gifting program of blankets but unfortunately the beast inside her had other plans. She was taken before she could put her idea into action.

Those closest to her have kept Janine’s dream alive with Blankets for Warriors.

Here’s their story:

In life Janine was so many wonderful things: beautiful, kind, engaging, inviting, energetic, soulful, playful, magnetic, charming, unpretentious, humble and loving. She was the person EVERYONE should aspire to be and she made the world a better place.

The passing of this supremely fit in mind, body and soul woman is a real head scratcher and it challenges your faith. Why would our Maker take away something so beautiful at the tender age of 51 when she SO enriched the lives of all she touched?

Perhaps there was a Janine in your life…

Perhaps there’s someone you know who could use a blanket.

I know this, I am a better man having known and loved Janine for those 2 ½ years and I will be forever thankful for my time with her and allow that to overpower the sorrow I bear because that time has ended – at least in this form of consciousness.

My memories of her will live on and I pray that her lessons by example will resonate and guide me towards being half the person she was.

And she was extraordinary.

Cancer may have stripped you of your physical abilities Janine but it will never take away that hopeful mind, radiant soul and your selfless and mammoth heart.

Those will echo in eternity.

Here’s to keeping your legacy vibrant through this worthy cause.

If you are interested in helping in any way by giving of your time, make a suggestion or donation, please reach out to Krys Renzi at

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