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Don’t count the O’s out just yet

Posted by Friday, April 27, 2012

It’s almost the end of April and baseball is in full swing.  I know, I know, there are still a lot of games left to determine who will take their divisions and head to the World Series in October, but just like football, we still like to make our best educated guess as to where our beloved O’s will end up.
Most of the experts have counted out the O’s before the season ever started.  After their opening day sweep, they were still counted out saying that history will repeat its self, or they just do not have the talent to contend.  Others blame it on the division being too competitive (um, we hear this about the Ravens as well) and that they are just unable to play up to the caliber of talent of the Yankees.  As you know, I love to write letters that I never send so here is one to all of those so called “Experts.”

Dear Baseball Sports Writers aka “Experts,”

I have a bone to pick with you!  Since before the season began, you have counted out the Orioles stating they just do not have the talent to compete.  I beg to differ with you on this.  I do not consider myself an expert but I do know enough about baseball to call you out.  The Orioles have a long history of talented players and great coaching staff; they just never seem to get it all together at the same time.  Yes, we have been in a drought, 15 losing seasons, and some might go as far as to call it a curse (think Chicago Cubs) but curses are breakable.  You just have to have faith and actually believe.  This is something only a true O’s fan does.

The O’s have talent, you can tell by their record considering they are tied for 1st place at the moment.  I don’t want to hear any excuses; their opponents haven’t been healthy, the O’s are just lucky, history is repeating its self; because even if that is the case, the O’s have something that ya’ll always seem to over look.  These young talented players have HEART. This is becoming more evident the more games they play.  Just look at the last series of the 2011 season, they knocked the Red Sox out of the play offs.  If that doesn’t show heart, then I don’t know what does.  They set a goal, just one goal that was possible, and they accomplished it.  This HEART is also despite an owner who hasn’t done anything to improve the ball club, which is a whole other letter!

Have you forgotten the accomplishments that the O’s have had?  What about the positives that are in their favor?  Since ya’ll love to base your theories on statistics and facts, let me enlighten you to a few:
·       Wieters and Markakis both were Golden Glove winners in 2011.  Okay so this isn’t THAT big of a deal, but Markakis had an ERROR FREE season while playing hurt. 

·       The bats are coming alive.  Wieters is a beast, Reimold started off hot, and the O’s have so much more eye candy, I mean young studs, which have yet to break out with their bats but “O” they will.

·       We have pitchers.  We have what we need, starting pitchers with depth and a strong bull pen.  When has that ever happened?

·       Buck Showalter has a track record of turning teams into winners.   I’ve heard it said “In Buck we Trust” and I do.

On behalf of all TRUE O’s fans, do us a favor:  don’t jump on the O’s band wagon when they start proving you wrong.  We are above that.  I’m not saying that they will go straight to the World Series (I’m not counting it out though) but may I remind you that the game of baseball is not only talent, it’s about HEART.  And I am not above telling you “I told you so” when the O’s show you that their hearts are bigger and stronger than those other teams. 

Let’s Go O’s!!




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