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Draft Day!

Posted by Saturday, April 28, 2012

As I sit and listen to the pre-draft show, I remember a time when I never thought about this aspect of the NFL.  I watched my games, and that was about it.  As a young girl, I watched my father coach football, and watch every football game that he could on our one television with access to three channels.  

I just dated myself, didn’t I?  

At that young age, I could not fathom why my Father would watch all of the various teams.  Wouldn’t an episode of Mash be more fun?  Now, looking back, I realize just how passionately my Father loved football, and my siblings and I have followed suit.  Today I can’t imagine not watching, listening and following the draft.   In my mind, Football is the “American Pastime”, not Baseball.  No offense baseball fans, but unless I’m sitting in Camden Yards drinking a beer and carrying on with the fans, watching baseball on television is about as exciting as watching paint dry.  I guess I’m an adrenaline sport girl.   

I enjoy the behind the scenes stories you discover as you hear about various players in the draft.   Who can forget the year Michael Oher was drafted, and the touching story of his life.  I was literally brought to tears watching such an amazing story.  While not every player has such a dramatic story, just imagine that each one of these young men is realizing their dream; the dream he has visualized his entire life.  Imagine, the day when everything you have worked so hard for becomes a reality.  That is why I listen, watch, and share in the excitement as I watch not only our beloved Ravens draft the next great line of players, but also those players our Ravens will face. 

I remember really liking Chad Henne years ago, and wishing the Ravens had picked him up.  In hindsight I’m glad my wish didn’t become a reality because I am oh so “Wacko” for our Flacco, and know without a doubt that he will lead us to the Promised Land. “In Ozzie I trust” COMPLETELY!  So, as I await our pick at 29, I’ll hold Ozzie in light, and hope that once again, our 1st pick, will be a high caliber MVP. 

I’m also awaiting Joe’s contract.  


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