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It’s NFL draft week.  I do not follow college football, so the draft is not something that I highly anticipate but I do enjoy watching it.  I find it exciting when you learn who picked who, who traded what and so on.  I find the reactions of the draftees to be sincere and the emotions they express are heartfelt. 
On occasion, draftees will be drafted by the team where they are from but not often.  Moving and living in a new place is hard especially if you are moving from one coast to the other.  I love it here, it’s just different.  Like Terrell Suggs and Todd Heap, I too am from Arizona.  The hubs is from Baltimore, born and bred so I looked at moving as an adventure and I wanted to share my insight with the future Ravens draftees in hopes that they would look at it as an adventure as well. 
Dear Newly Baltimore Ravens Draftees,
First off, let me congratulate you on being drafted by the best team in the NFL.  You are now a Baltimore Raven which we as fans consider an honor of the highest caliber.  Now, it is time for you to embrace the City of Baltimore which has so much to offer.  As a transplant myself, I wanted to share with you the things that I have learned so that living here is not a complete culture shock.  Look at this new chapter in your life as an adventure and keep these following tips in mind: 
1.        Old Bay is used on everything.
Old Bay is used on meats, seafood, wings, fries and I’ve even seen it in chocolate.  We have a friend who actually carries Old Bay in her purse!  Try it, I promise you will like it!

2.        Not all words are as they appear.
When we first moved here I pronounced “Towson” and “Ellicott City” and no one knew what I was talking about.  How are you to know these things if you don’t live here?  You don’t.  You live and learn.  I always get a little pay back though; I have people try to pronounce “Huachuca”, “Saguaro”, or “El Camino Real” correctly.    

3.        Seasons do change.
There are actually 4 seasons and you actually have to have 2 separate wardrobes:  Summer and winter.  Make sure you add a few hats, jackets, and gloves on top of your existing wardrobe because not only can the summers be very humid, winters can be brutal.  It has been known to snow in April. 

4.        DO NOT hiring a Mayflower truck to move your belongings here!
This is a must!  If you are too young to remember the Colts leaving Baltimore then I highly suggest you Google it before you even get here! 

5.       Learn about Maryland Blue Crabs
This is a must.  If you’re a seafood lover you will not be disappointed.  Make sure you ask where the best places are to get crabs (and I’m not talking the kind you get from being promiscuous) and try them all.

6.       Lacrosse is an actual sport.
I still have no idea the rules of this sport, but it seems to be really popular here.  Kids seem to get lacrosse sticks before they can even walk.  I myself am still undecided on my like for this, but you might enjoy it.

7.       Practice parallel parking. 
They teach you this when you are learning to drive but most of us never have to use it.  Here, you do so make sure you practice.  Or you can do like I do and double park and make someone else do it for you.  It’s a heck of a lot easier than popping a tire on the curb or hitting a parked car. 

Baltimore is a full of life, culture, and pride.  You will find that Baltimore has the best fans.  They are brutally honest to a fault but their devotion is unconditional.  Just remember to Play Like A Raven and I am sure that in no time Baltimore will be home.  Good luck!



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