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I’m Coming Home

Posted by Friday, April 20, 2012

When we won the home playoff spot last season and the Ravens posted the “I’m Coming Home” video on their home page, I think I probably watched it about 7,000 times in January alone. Now that I’m moving to Florida, the song has so much more meaning. And it catches in my throat when I try to sing it solo in my car and shower (where I sound really awesome, by the way).

We are so excited for our next great adventure, but “home” is where the heart is and we are from Baltimore forever. Our allegiance will never change and thankfully we’re moving to a place where everybody understands that because nobody is “from Florida”. They are all transplants, and their hearts and souls live in some other state, city, town, and neighborhood. We’re just there for the family, weather, water, and low taxes.

We’ve been so busy packing, moving, organizing, strategizing, that I haven’t had time to realize that I am actually MOVING! I’m leaving my home state. I’m leaving We are leaving a lot behind and that will probably hit me in a few weeks but I’ve always known exactly when our first trip home was going to be.

I’ve been waiting until the NFL announced the schedule. We are proud PSL owners. Even though we’re leaving the Great State of Maryland, we’re not selling our PSLs. We will sell the game tickets to loyal fans who bleed purple, but reserve the right to keep any tickets we want.

This coming season, we’re planning to come home the week of September 22-29 because the Ravens have the unfortunate luck of a Sunday game on the 23rd with their next game just four days later on Thursday the 27th. Thankfully, both are home and not travel games. And thankfully, I can work while I’m in town so I don’t even have to burn personal time while I am here.

The opponents of my home game didn’t matter much to me. Would I love to see us pummel the Steelers at home in person? Sure! But I think my Florida blood won’t tolerate a December Ravens game at home very well, so I’ll gladly watch those two Ravens-Steelers games (within 3 weeks of each other, what???) from a TV in sunny and warm Florida.

But if Boller is our QB by any off chance, my TV will stay off, thank you very much. And that whole topic is for another post, Chix.

I may not CU Next Thursday, but I’ll see you next September for sure.

And until then…

Mind your x’s and o’s.

Purple Maven


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