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Irrational Ravens Fans!

Posted by Friday, April 20, 2012

Ravens fans are funny sometimes. I get that the position of quarterback is arguably the most highlighted of all positions in all of sports so change to that position will inevitably trigger a knee jerk response.

And in some cases, the response is without the knee.

I ventured over to the Ravens 247 Facebook page (which is a lot of fun I might add) and read a few of the comments after the page posted the news of the Curtis Painter signing. Here are a few of the “gems”:

· Oh good god... fumbles, ints and dropped snaps. What a terrible signing :(
· Boller is better than this clown. Guess Caldwell made this decision
· WOW, really !!!! Do they not see the record the Colts had last year
· FOOOOOOOOOOR WHAT!! Why not Vince Young?
· I want Pryor!!!!

These are the same yahoos who cheer the injury of their own struggling player and boo the hometown team.

Prior to last season I’ve gone to training camp each summer and one thing that has always stuck out for me is how little the third string quarterback is involved. He does very little and it seems that the only reason the guy is around is to give the other two quarterbacks an occasional rest.

Soon the Ravens will be conducting mini-camps and when they do, they’ll need another arm to toss around the rock if for no other reason than to maintain the seasonal tread on the arms of Joe Flacco and Tyrod Taylor. So why not bring in a guy who’s familiar with the new QB coach, Jim Caldwell?

Makes sense, right? Makes for a smoother practice, right?

Besides, when September 10 rolls around, who’s to say that Painter is even on the final 53 man squad?

Painter is no Rembrandt at the quarterback position. But for now he’ll do.

Sort of like that guy you asked to go with you to that wedding you really didn’t want to attend in the first place.

Sorry boys, no next morning walk of shame for you!


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