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Ola Chicas,

This week after months of secretly designing the NFL team uniforms Nike unveiled the new line. The line was displayed in a press conference that was a typical sport media blitz with hype and no luster. Though they had a player from each team (our Ray Rice was our star) model the new team uniform, there was little else to get excited over.

The reveal fell short in both design and production.

It certainly was not the explosive sexy runway show that a female football fan would have enjoyed. There was no eye popping decorative staging, it lacked tons of fashionably attired celebrity guests and chilled bottles of champagne and caviar where nowhere in sight. Music pop artist LMAO wasn’t invited to sing “I’m Sexy and I Know it” nor did they play the Rocky movie classic “Eye of the Tiger”.

Had Nike and NFL consulted me there would have been every hot NFL player in the league, lots of beautiful women strutting their stuff to energizing pumping music down a smoke covered runway surrounded by a back drop of admiring NFL fans from around the country!

Let’s put the NFL on the Victoria’s Secret runway? Why not?

This was a chance for the NFL to show their female fans a little love. Hosting an off season hyped up commercialized TV show for the 48% of high heeled football fans would have been nice! Ladies you know what I’m talking about. A primetime show where Nike introduces NFL uniforms on a fashion runway would be amazing! 32 buff players and tons of sexy fashion models!

Oh come on now, it’s not that crazy of an idea.

The NFL and fashion already have a partnership - Brady and Gisele.

I’m sure the other 51% of male football fans are having a panic attack at this suggestion. Having presented such a silly notion they probably don’t think of me as a “real fan”.

Fair enough!

The boys enjoy football from a much more limited perspective than us girls. They are locked and loaded on the field like a sniper’s scope.

Women however, are multi- tasking while watching the game – they are watching the play on the field and then checking the sideline attraction. Ladies don’t deny - we all watch the game and in between scan the player’s abs, biceps and yes even the behinds. So this concept of an off season event tailored to the female perspective is not inconceivable.

Who would watch a two hour primetime show featuring the NFL front and center in early April, right before Draft Season? Hmmm… how many women in this country would watch?? Add Sports Illustrated models to the show. Hmmm… would male fans watch? What else are they going to do?

Neither NFL nor Nike would object to an idea that would capitalize on their products. It sounds a bit nutty but let’s just think about the other crazy things the NFL invests in:

· First there is the Pro Bowl. Why? No one plays and no one watches.

· Second, look at the endorsements by NFL players. I‘ll start and end with Joe Namath and the pantyhose commercial. Who would have thunk it? Is walking down the cat walk really out of the question?

· Then we have the draft coverage. I’m not talking about the actual drafting process; I’ll save that for my Ravens24x7-ers. Do we really need to have the hours of hype followed by the boring coverage? Why does the NFL allow that to be covered? It’s all about the Cha Ching! Women could spin that process and give it some pop!

· Finally, there is the Super Bowl. How many people watched this year? All of us! And nationwide fewer people remembered what teams played than those who remembered the halftime performance of Madonna. For the NFL the revenue generated from that night was really what mattered.

So why not throw some cheerleaders on the runway, have players work their signature game day moves and add some Victoria’s Secret models sporting their line of NFL fan wear? Call me crazy but it’s a no brainer to me!

Oh and about the new Nike uniforms- not much has changed except that Nike appeared to follow Victoria’s Secret’s design theme… the uniform is a lighter in weight, tighter, more form fitting and with pops of brighter bolder colors!

Sounds like a comment heard from this year’s spring fashion runway!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


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