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Ravens Sign 3rd String QB

Posted by Friday, April 20, 2012

It was a rough 24 hours for Ravens fans. Yesterday news broke that the team worked out three backup QBs including former Steeler Dennis Dixon, former Colt Curtis Painter and former Raven Kyle Boller.

The news that Boller was back in Baltimore caused quite a panic and Ravens fans were ready to jump off the Key Bridge! Boller was a Ravens first round pick in 2003 and was the starting QB for several seasons and released in 2008. He was very good at throwing picks and never developed into the elite QB we hoped he would be.

It was weird hearing Boller's name again, he was an awful starting QB and no good could possibly come out of him being a back-up QB. We definitely didn't want him back in B’more.

So the Ravens had three options for a 3rd string QB and as much as it pains me to say this, I would have chosen Dixon. Yes, he is a former Steeler, but he is a good QB and I would have accepted him as a Raven.

In the end the Ravens went with Painter, the same QB who stepped in for Peyton Manning when he was out last season due to neck surgery. Painter had zero wins as a starting QB and had a rating of 66.6. Wow, 66.6 is a scary number!

In Ozzie Newsome I must trust and I'm sure there is a good reason why the Ravens decided to sign Painter to a one-year contract, but I can't say I agree with it. I can only pray that I will never have to see him on the field because it scares me to death to think about what would happen if he had to actually suit up.

I suppose the good news is that Painter is reunited with his former coach Jim Caldwell who is now the Ravens QB coach so maybe Caldwell had something to do with it?

Last season the Ravens had one back-up QB and they don't always carry three QBs on their roster so there is a chance that Painter may not be there when the season starts.

Since I don't get a say in who the Ravens sign, I will have to deal with this and see how things pan out during training camp this summer and hope for the best outcome possible.


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