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My husband, daughter, and I went to dinner in the city last night and lots of dear old friends stopped by to wish us a safe trip as we move out of state. Yup, that’s right Chix, my family is relocating to sunny Florida. This winter was mild and pretty un-winter all around (and we were just fine with that). It actually let us sell our house a bit quicker than anticipated, so now we’re in a rush to get the house packed and we’re heading south on the Auto Train at the end of April.

Everyone we saw last night joked about us getting Bucs jerseys when we arrive in the Tampa area. We know they were joking but it still stung a little, and I felt a fervent rush of purple. I was born in the great city of Baltimore. I have lived in Maryland (Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and now Anne Arundel County) most of my life except for the 4+1 years I went away to college and thought I could make it on my own with no job for a year. Maryland is my blood but, unfortunately, my blood prefers temperatures above 70 degrees. Anything below that and I become a pretty miserable person to be around.

So Chix, I can promise you I’m not going anywhere. The internet makes our small world even more compact, so I can still enjoy all of you even if I’m 1,000 miles away in a little Main Street USA town called Safety Harbor. We will be working our magic to convert some more places into Ravens bars and will let you know when it’s safe to come down.

We are keeping our PSLs, will travel “home” to see 1 or 2 games each season, and sell the rest. We could make a profit by selling them online but we are committed to putting purple people in our two seats. We’ve lined up Ravens fans to purchase the other game tickets at face value.

In the meantime, once we finally buy a house, we’ll be getting DIRECTV so we can get the Sunday Ticket. You can always come to our house if you find yourself vacationing on the Gulf Coast any given Sunday this coming season, and the Ravens game will be on. If you’re into the road trips, you can meet up with us in Miami next year, or come see us in Tampa in 2014.

Now…where did I put my Ravens flip-flops?

Purple Maven


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