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B'more's Best Eye Candy

Posted by Friday, May 11, 2012

So what do you think ladies?  Who has the better eye candy here in Baltimore?  Is it the relentless playing Ravens or could it be the hard hitting Orioles? 
We can all agree to disagree on this one but the one thing we can agree on is we have some really nice eye candy here in Baltimore whether it be on the side lines or in the dugout.  This makes watching games from the stands or the comforts of home even better!
Eye Candy is not the only reason we women like to watch sports.  In football, we love the competitiveness, the hard hits, and the tightness of the uniforms.  In Baseball, we love the atmosphere, the friendliness, and the sex appeal.  Football has our views obstructed by helmets and pads while baseball gives us a clear view of the whole package. Then again, baseball shows the humility and grace of a man (the softer side) while football shows us dominance and power (the bad boy side). 
No matter what type you tend to lean towards, not one woman can resist a little eye candy right in front of her!
Here are my top ten of what I like to call “The Best Eye Candy of Baltimore.” 
1.   Intensity that reels me in and I can’t get enough of Ray Lewis (Ravens)
His eyes just melt me!  He gives off this vibe that makes you want to see just how intense he can be!
2.   A good boy that makes you want to do bad things is Brian Roberts (Orioles)
Ladies, this guy actually blushes, I’ve seen it. 
3.   The guy I’ll let catch me anytime  Dennis Pitta (Ravens)
I would gladly tackle him anytime.  Just don’t mind my hands, they might wander…………….
4.   My Greek God of baseball  Nick Markakis (Orioles)
The scruffier he is, the better he looks.
5.   Put me in coach, I’m ready to play………….with you  Coach John Harbaugh (Ravens)
I think he is the best looking coach ever!  He is so passionate on the field I bet he is off of it as well.
6.   Utility player……………..utilize me Chris Davis!  (Orioles)
This guy can do it all; 1st base, hit, pitch, and look extra sexy while doing it!  He seems to be a man of many talents………
7.   A man who wears his heart on his sleeve, Ray Rice (Ravens)
He is genuine, caring, and sexy as hell!  It’s those quiet ones you have to worry about ladies!
8.   Hollywood good looks, could you play my Knight in shining armor Pedro Strop?  (Orioles)
He could play the lead role in the movie 50 Shades of Grey, I would not mind one bit.
9.   All American Man Matt Birk (Ravens)
This guy has it all; class, a big heart, good looks……..what more could a girl ask for?
10. Where ever you may go, I will follow you  J.J. Hardy (Orioles)
Short stop, 2nd base…………….I’ll roll around where ever with you.

Oh the fantasies that continuously runs through my mind. 

Not only are these two teams great to look at, but they play their hearts out for a city that they love.  Whether you’re a Ravens fan or Orioles fan, you have to admit that Baltimore has the best eye candy!  Just remember one thing ladies, you can ALWAYS look but you can’t touch!

So, who’s your favorite eye candy?


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