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Derrick Mason: A Raven in my book

Posted by Thursday, May 17, 2012

It was a dark day after the lock out ended last year.  We saw players let go, beloved players who had broken records and defied odds as a Raven.  Derrick Mason was one of them.  Although he felt slighted, he still considered Baltimore his second home, the Baltimore Ravens his team and now wants to retire as a Raven.
Will this happen? 
Mason announced his retirement from the NFL back in January of this 2012, after being waived by the Houston Texans.  In order for him to retire as a Raven, he would have to sign a one day contract after submitting his retirement paperwork to the NFL. 
Sounds easy enough.
The decision is ultimately up to the Baltimore Ravens, so I took it upon myself to write a letter in hopes that maybe someone will see it. 
Dear Mr. Ozzie Newsome,
It has been said “In Ozzie We Trust,” and believe me we do.  Now, we are putting our faith in you once again. You have done so many wonderful things for the Baltimore Ravens.  We as fans put our faith in you year after year, and you have yet to disappoint.   We ask that you please make it happen so that Derrick Mason retires as a Raven.
Even though we fans might not have liked the reasoning behind letting him go last season, we do understand that football is not only a sport, but a business. In this business just like on the field you have to protect, produce, and deliver not only to your coaches and your players, but to the fans. 
All though Mr. Mason was out spoken at times and took his release personally, he did so because of his determination to win a ring. Not all agree with the way it was done but understand it was only because he believes in his heart beyond any doubt that the Ravens deserved a championship.  That HE deserved a championship.
Mr. Derrick Mason has given us football fans 15 years of blood, sweat, and tears.  Even though he was drafted by the Tennessee Titans and played 8 seasons with a Super Bowl trip, it was once he began to bleed Purple and Black in 2005, he found a home. 
For 6 seasons, he caught passes with grace, cutting up and down the field with precision to avoid tackles and gain yards.  He holds the franchise records in both receptions and receiving yards to this day.  Also, he is ranked 11th in NFL history of all time with 943 receptions. Time and time again, he was determined to make plays that seemed impossible and delivered with amazing catches.  He played this game at the highest level but always gave more. That is what it means to Play like a Raven.
Mr. Newsome, this decision is up to the Baltimore Ravens.  Mr. Derrick Mason as expressed his desire to retire as a Raven and we fans would love for his request to be honored. No matter what happens upon his retirement, he will forever be in our hearts a Raven.  Nevermore will we see his grace on the field.  He is a true warrior and the Baltimore Ravens are lucky to have had a player of his caliber.  He is a true Raven.


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