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One of our worst fears as Baltimore Ravens fans has come true.  One of our beloved players, 2011 Defensive Player of the Year, T-Sizzle; Ball So Hard; Beast mode; Terrell Suggs  is hurt and there is a chance that he could not play in the 2012 season. 
Tons of tears were shed (I admit I wanted too)and many where on the brink of heart failure as the news spread.  What does this mean for the Baltimore Ravens?  Who can step up to replace Suggs?  Do we have a chance at that Super Bowl ring that slipped through our grasp this past January?
Everyone is aware of the intensity, determination, and charisma that Terrell Suggs brings to our defense and even the experts agree that this is a devastating blow to a team that has worked so hard.  Suggs himself is saying that despite what everyone says, he will be back at the minimum October; maximum December.  Achilles injuries are not only painful but the recovery time is lengthy.  Depending on what the severity of the tear is and how Suggs responds to therapy will set the course of his return.  Luckily, Suggs has been pretty much injury free throughout his career and being that he is strong and healthy could help his recovery tremendously.  But this is not one injury to be rushed. 
Have no fear Ravens fans, all is not lost!  We have players who are not only capable but will step up their game.  Paul Kruger finally started to come into his own last season and could really step up with racking sacks with an even better pass rush defense.  We drafted Courtney Upshaw who has the versatility and the hunger to play up to the Ravens standards.  Sergio Kindle still have yet to prove his worth as a 1st round pick, but should be fully recovered from his skull fracture and given a chance could have a break out year.  Pernell McPhee has the potential to be good or better in his second year.  With Ed Reed and Ray Lewis leading the defense with their excellent leadership and intensity (along with Terrell Suggs leading from the side line) there is no reason why our defense will not continue to PLAY LIKE A RAVEN!
Not only do these players and the defense need to turn it up a notch, our offense does as well.  We cannot rely solely on Suggs terrorizing quarterbacks.  They will have to put more points on the boards, keep a steady handle on the clock and the offensive line must protect and hold. 
We as fans were crushed when we heard the news and sadly started thinking negative. But after the shock wears off and you sit down, read, and analyze, you realize all IS not lost.  We have to remember that this is a team effort.  When a man is down, you don’t just leave him and give up; you step up, adapt, and overcome.  This is what makes you a team, a family.  This is what makes the Ravens who they are:  RELENTLESS.
All is not lost Ravens Fans and if Suggs has it his way, he will be back in the Ravens uniform in no time! 
I will end this with a quick personal message to our beloved T-Sizzle:
LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTORS!  Men are horrible patients and the worst ones are the stubborn, intense, determined ones!  Take all the time you need, we will be anticipating a return that wrecks havoc on all those who stand in your way on the field.  I wish you all the best in your surgery and your recovery. ~Air


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