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Prime Time Phony

Posted by Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Like many Ravens fans, I enjoy seeing former Ravens pretending to be sports journalists on networks like ESPN, NFL Network, CBS, NBC, etc. Even if they sound like nitwits I’ll cut them some slack because, well, they are our nitwits.
However, this slightly twisted logic goes out the window faster than a Randy Moss roach during a traffic violation when it comes to Deion Sanders.
Let’s just call Sanders for what he is – a narcissist. There is no one he loves more than himself with his alter ego Prime Time running a very close second. And both are as phony as Pamela Anderson.
Any man who claims to love his children would not publicly attempt to destroy their mother regardless of who is right or wrong. Even if Pilar Sanders suddenly morphed into the Wicked Witch of Texas it is so extraordinarily shameful for Deion to use his Prime Time celebrity to swing the court of public opinion in his favor and trample upon his baby momma’s reputation.
If he cared about his kids even a small fraction of what he claims, he would understand that this behavior, this unnecessary attention, this undermining of the woman who brought those children into the world, will leave scars that will never fully heal.
Regardless of who is at fault in the relationship, there’s a way to handle these things and a way not to if for no other reason than the mental stability of the children.
The problem here is that the biggest child in this scenario is none other than Sanders himself.
Whether he’s right, wrong or sharing in the blame in his relationship with Pilar, what he is doing to those children is despicable.
So the next time you see this poster child for phoniness on TV, change the channel. If enough of you do the networks might turn the lights of Prime Time off for good.
And that’s exactly where they belong.


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