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An Ode to Chris Davis

Posted by Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who could have ever known?
That on the 30th day July of the fine year 2011
An angel was going to be sent to us
As if he came directly from heaven.

Yes, he actually arrived via the big Lone Star
But for O’s fans he would soon become
The ONE young man who could
Totally raise the Major League bar.

It started one Spring Sunday
In faraway land called Fenway Park
A serious lead had already been blown
The day was looking extremely long and dark.

For the young designated hitter
Wearing the number of nineteen
Five strike outs were now behind him  
But, what came next, he could have never foreseen.

The score was tied at six to six
When our wise skipper approached
With what he was certain
Would be just the fix.

Seems back some years ago
This first baseman threw a ball or two
Into the waiting glove of a catcher
At some Junior College named Navarro.

After 16 or so other arms had tired
It was time to find out if he could indeed inspire
A team of frustrated and worn out men
To take this game and put it to the winning end.

The first batter he faced
Was in such shock and awe
That all he could muster
Was a few swings not even close to the ball.

When the Red Sox tried a little of the same
I was incredibly saddened
To hear hometown fans booing
And Mr. MacDonald, that’s a terrible shame.

We O’s fans stood at home
Clapped loudly and cheered
With pride and hope in our hearts
That number nineteen would be FEARED!

After 17 long and tiring innings,
The Oriole’s indeed persevered
Teamwork it seems
Would be the key to winning.

He may have been the one
To throw the last of the pitches
But in Birdland, we know
It is the hearts of our boys that bring home the riches.

What was done on that day
Is a personal accomplishment
Like none other, and
That is For Sure!

But, Chris Davis,
What you taught your team,
Your fans and all of baseball alike
Is that the Orioles’ spirit will always ENDURE!

Side note: If you happen to read this Mr. Chris Davis, do you have a single older brother? Just askin’!!!


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